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This is similar to NFL shows like Inside The NFL, FOX NFL Sunday, The CBS Football show on Sunday, and the NBC Football show with Bob Costas on Sunday Night Football

The regular oval shaped desk was in the studio. The lights were dark but there was music that was being cued for play for the background.

Suddenly a light shined on Andros, the red Space Ranger, where he was in the weekly talk show called "Ranger Talk".

Andros looked wearily at the camera, almost in a daze. He had on a neck brace around his neck, and a small cast around his nose. And to add even more injury into the mix, he had a right black eye.

Andros sighed a little. "Hello and welcome to 'Ranger Talk', the show where four rangers answer a series of questions relating to all things of the great and mighty Power Ranger fame," Andros mumbled, clearly not being about to speak loudly.

Andros continued. "As you know on last weeks show, there was a problem with one of the other ex rangers, that being Jason. He knocked me and the ex green Lightspeed Rescue Ranger Joel out, and made Madison, the blue Mystic Force Ranger, cry and storm off the set."

Andros got a sip of water and continued. "But many of you asked what happened to Jason after last week's show. Well, here's what happened. Watch the video.

A clip replaced Andros with Jason. Jason was on the set of 'Ranger Talk' and was being confronted by two men in security officer uniforms.

"You can't take me away. I'm the red ranger, biotches!" Jason shouted.

The two security guards tried to grab Jason by the arms but Jason hit them on their respective throats. Both guards fell back.

Jason started shouting. "Who's the man, who's the man now! You fuckers can't stop me!"

Suddenly another guard walked over to Jason and shot him in the back with a tranquilizer.

Jason started to move slower and slower, and finally fell down and collapsed.

The clip finished and was replaced with Andros. Andros smiled at the camera. "Now Jason will only appear in the Angel Grove Psychiatric Ward. So folks, address fan mail referring to Jason on that address," Andros stated with a smile. "Oh and his cell number is 47, just to help you all out."

"Well that means if there is another red ranger team up, I can take his place," a man in the shadows said.

Andros looked annoyingly at the person sitting right next to him to his left. "And let's move on. Right next to me on my left is the second red ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Rocky. He was also the blue Zeo Ranger too."

Rocky looked at the camera. "I must apologize to all my fans out there who wanted to see me in the red ranger team up episode. I felt that it wasn't my place to go because it would have been weird to see two red rangers with the same costume on fighting in the same battle together."

Andros shook his head. "No one even called you to help us, fair and simple."

Rocky looked embarrassed. "That too."

Andros sighed and continued. "On my far left, sitting right next to Rocky, is Jen, the pink ranger from the Time Force series.

Jen had her brown hair curled. She looked at Andros. "Thanks for calling me here to do the show."

Andros nodded. "Finally we have Justin, the former blue Turbo Ranger with us."

The lights shined on at an almost twenty year old Justin, who had long brown messed up hair and a beard growing. Justin also had a bottle of rum in his left hand and had a cigarette in his right hand. Justin was trying to compose himself, although he kept on shaking his head very fast due to being drunk.

"What happened to you?" Andros looked at Justin, surprised.

"I'll tell you all what happened. My father never paid attention to me and was always working. Because of that, I went into depression and found other things to help me cope with my pain, booze and drugs," Justin said, still stammering.

Jen looked at Justin with a sympathetic emotion. "I'm from the year 3000 and we have medicine that can help you stop drinking and doing drugs."

Justin didn't want to have any help. "I've found the prescription for my pain and its booze and drugs, baby!" Justin then got a drink of rum and then proceeded to smoke his cigarette, almost causing himself to fall over.

Andros decided to move on. "Alright, are first topic is this, which villain would you want to be stuck with on an island? Goldar, Elgar, Ecliptor, or Nadira?"

"Well I have to say I would have been stuck with Elgar, since he's too stupid to do anything bad," Jen said.

"I would have picked Nadira. She became good afterwards," Rocky stated. "That and she's a woman, and I do love women."

Andros didn't buy Rocky's story. "I thought you were gay?"

Rocky's eyes shot up at Andros. "Hey, I'm not gay."

"Ya you are," Andros was positive. "I saw you holding hands with some guy this afternoon when you walked on to the set."

Rocky kicked Andros's foot, which cause Andros to cry out in pain for a second.

Justin looked on, still drinking and smoking. "We all know you're gay Rocky, so just admit it."

Rocky shot back at Justin. "You're the one who's gay Justin."

Justin stiffened a little. "I'm too far gone to care about liking anybody. I'm screwed up mentally because my father wasn't there to spend time with me. So I'm not gay," Justin drank some after his statement. "Christ, I hate my father for making me this way."

"I have no idea what we we're talking about now," Andros said. "On to topic two, what team would you want to be on, if you could choose one." Andros looked at Jen.

"I always wanted to be on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team," Jen stated.

Andros looked on at Jen. "Need I remind you it had this guy for a team leader, Andros said before pointing Jen to look at a picture of Jason who was being shot with tranquilizer gun by a security guard.

"Aw screw it," Jen shrugged her shoulders. "I already did it with two people from the same family, Wes and Alex."

"Two family members?" Andros almost gagged. "What a slut!"

"Ooooo, two family members," Rocky mumbled to himself with a smile on his face.

The others caught Rocky day dreaming until Rocky noticed everyone was looking at him and quickly regained himself.

Rocky cleared his throat. "I wouldn't have minded being on the Ninja Storm team."

"But Ninja Storm had a female blue ranger," Jen informed Rocky.

"I've always wondered how I would look in a skirt," Rocky tried to visualize what he would look like.

Andros stepped in. "Okay this is getting out of hand!" Andros looked over at Justin. "Which ranger team would you want to be on Justin?"

But by then Justin was passed out from drinking and had his head on the table, sleeping.

Andros shook his head. "This is the second week this show has sucked. What in the hell is wrong with all of these ex rangers anyway?"

Andros was about to move on to topic three before he saw Rocky putting nail polish on his fingernails.

"What are you doing!?" Andros's eyes lit up.

"Jen over hear gave me some of her nail polish and I was just comparing how nail polish from the year 3000 was like to nail polish from 2006," Rocky said, continuing to put more nail polish on his fingernails.

"And you see, the red nail polish would look great in that red dress you told me you had," Jen looked at Rocky.

"Red dress, red dress?!!" Andros started to panic.

"Okay, I'll admit it, I'm gay," Rocky said in a more feminine voice. "I like to pretend I'm the women in the relationship."

Andros started to freak out. He quickly got up and ran away in terror.

Rocky and Jen watched as Andros ran away from them.

Jen looked at Rocky. "What's his problem?"

Rocky sighed. "I guess he can't handle the fact that us girls are acting all girly on his macho male show."

Both started to giggle, with Rocky more so giggling like a little girl than as a man.