Ben leaned against the stone wall; gazing up at the cold ceiling he kept reliving the encounter in his mind, smiling.

Cough "You are thinking about Felicity," Zachary said with a smile.

"She was a vision," Nathaniel added with a long whistle.

"Pardon!" Ben exclaimed, bolting upright, ready to defend Felicity's honor. But Nathaniel didn't bother to pull himself off the cool dirt floor where he was lying under the window. "I was only teasing," he said coolly. Ben gave him a hateful stare and then became lost in his daydreams again. Ben tried not to think that many a man in this prison was probably thinking about Felicity, she had become a beautiful lady and was a vision of beauty against the stark contrast of the bleak prison. Ben couldn't help remembering the soft touch of her milky skin, and the taste of her mouth.

"Ummpf! What the?" Nathaniel peered at the small package that had landed on his stomach Jumping up both Ben and Zachary peered out the barred window, wondering where it came from. All they saw were the shoes of a small child and the much larger ones of a man. They strained to hear the conversation between the two, but it was to no avail. Giving up, they sat back down and they all turned their attention to Nathaniel and the package.

"Go on, open it," Stephen urged and Nathaniel carefully tore the paper off.

Taking it from Nathaniel, Zachary commented, "This will make fine parchment to write Sarah," and he folded it neatly for later use. As he was doing so, Nathaniel unwrapped the enclosed cloth, revealing the stars and stripes. He smiled, "Well I'll be." The other prisoners in the adjacent cells all came close to the bars on their cages to peer at the flag, smiling at the once ragged material, now beautifully mended. Many cheered and others said a few words of prayer. This symbol meant so much to them and it meant even more that it had been once destroyed, forgotten and forlorn, much like they felt trapped in their dismal cages. The flag had been revived out of the depths of despair, much like they hoped to soon be.

"But where did it come from?" John questioned. But Ben knew. Glancing out the window, he smiled and whispered, "Thank you, Felicity."