Legacy Of Power: At World's End
Part 1 – The Gathering
Prologue – A Mystic Beginning
Written By Pink-Green-White-4ever
Story Ideas By: Pink-Green-White-4ever and Marcus
Last Revised: November 17, 2006

Summary: Beginnings are usually scary, endings are usually sad, but it's what's in the middle that counts most!
Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance
Rating: T for now
AN: Ok, this chapter bounces between 4 different POV.

"Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine." -- Arthur Eddington –-

Reality is a question of perspective; the further you get from the past, the more concrete and plausible it seems -- but as you approach the present, it inevitably seems incredible. -- Salman Rushdie --

"The thing about fate is that it loves to mess up your plans. it comes at you full force when you least expect with something you didn't want at all. Yet somehow, you feel obligated to listen to fate's whispering in your ear." -- Angel --


Zordon's POV

'Everything happens for a reason, Andros,' I think when the Red Space Ranger protests shattering my energy tube, but prepares to do so at my urging.

I have known for years that my destiny is intertwined with this series of events. I have accepted that, for the greater good, I will give me life. It is nothing less than I have ever asked of my charges, who often faced death on a daily basis.

Until several years ago, I did not completely understand the scope of the sacrifice, not until I chose five human teenagers to become the protectors of their world. The Rangers I chose have not only changed the lives of those they protected and their own lives, but mine as well.

Andros swings back with his sword and I take a deep breath, waiting for the inevitable end. I nod once in goodbye and then close my eyes as Andros swings forward and swiftly shatters my tube and I feel my power explode out in all directions. Knowing this is the end, my last thought is of my Rangers. I hope they find the peace they so richly deserve.


"Welcome, Zordon of Eltar."

I blink in surprise. I find myself astonished to see so many people around me. "Welcome to the Morphin' Grid."

I stare in shock. "Raja?" I gasp, seeing my mentor.

He nods and steps forward. "You've earned a well deserved rest, Zordon. Come, relax, and watch over your Rangers as you have done always."

I can't help but to grin. I can see my original Rangers from so long ago standing together, smiling at me. Friends and allies long past have gathered to welcome me home. But I also know, somewhere deep within, my life may have been taken in vain, that the balance between good and evil has only been restored. Some day, a new team of Rangers and their mentor may be called upon to restore it should evil get the upper hand. I only pray they are as successful as my Rangers were.


The Master's POV

They think they've won. Those wretched do-gooders, the Mystic Force Power Rangers, think they've destroyed me. How wrong they are. Even as my body was destroyed, my power began to make waves. I know my destiny – the chosen will bring about the destruction of all that is good and then evil shall reign supreme.

My power has already brought back Necrolai, Morticon, and Imperius, and revived the evil that was Koragg. The stupid white witch and her red offspring may celebrate his return but soon, father and husband will be a distant memory! My followers and those like them shall make plans for the total annihilation of the world.

Other Rangers will bow before the power my destruction has wrought as the evil they once faced will overpower their universe. My prophecy shall reign supreme: death and destruction to the Power Rangers and everything they hold dear! The Rangers shall watch their reality perish and the true world, a world of pure evil and total chaos, rise from the depths of a hell they have never imagined!


3 Months Post Mystic Force
Udonna's POV

I'm dreaming. I know I'm dreaming. How I got to this place, however, is a mystery. This place is a mystery. There is a temple of white pillars and billowing curtains before me, on the edge of a cliff of green grass overlooking an ocean of blue. Where could I possibly be?

"You are where few have ever been, Sorceress," a deep, friendly voice calls out to me. I turn to my left and standing before me are two beings.

One is male, bald, with a wise face and kind eyes. The other is a female, with long black hair, almond colored eyes, and a gentle smile. Both are wearing robes, his is white, hers a pale yellow.

"Welcome Udonna."

"Thank you," I reply. I feel nothing but ease with these two beings, even though I have never met them before.

"We mean you no harm," the woman speaks, smiling brighter. "Do you know where you are?"

I can only shake my head no. "You are in the heart of the Morphin Grid, the center of power for all Power Rangers, and home of the Tribunal of Magic," the man responds.

"But how? Why?"

The man smiles at me, putting me at ease. "Because, Udonna, you have a new mission," he tells me calmly, only his tone of voice belying his sadness.

"I see. Tell me."

"Allow us to introduce ourselves," he speaks softly. "I am Zordon of Eltar."

I know I must look shocked. I have grown up knowing of the most famous mentor of the Power Rangers. Standing before me is the being who first gave five humans the power to protect their world. "Oh my."

"Udonna, we need your help," the woman starts. Something inside of me is struck with a feeling of familiarity, like I would feel upon seeing one of the Mystic Rangers. "That's because I was a Ranger myself, once upon a time. I'm Trini Kwan, the original Yellow Ranger of Earth."

I can't stop the tears that come to my eyes. A lost Ranger? One who had to have served the power proudly, who must have brought honor to her color, is gone from Earth. There is an indescribable sadness in my chest.

"Even though they were Rangers, they are still human, and still prone to human affliction."

Zordon's words are no comfort to me, even as I nod, knowing how true that statement is. I focus my attention on the words that were spoken just moments before. "A new mission?"

"When the Master was destroyed, his power ignited a series of events with repercussions we had hoped we'd never see," Trini sadly murmurs.


"For now, the why and how will have to wait. We want you to gather every Ranger on Earth at Rootcore," Zordon starts. "Those not on Earth we will contact for you. In two weeks time, use your Snow Staff and concentrate on calling me. You'll learn the rest once everyone is gathered."

"Of course, but how will I know how to find those who came before?" I can't help but worry about such a monumental task. To contact every Ranger team could be very difficult, not to mention trying to persuade them to come to Briarwood, and eventually Rootcore.

"Do not worry; Trini can be very persuasive when she needs to be."

I chuckle, as does Trini, before she smiles. "Very well."

Before I know it, I'm sitting straight up in bed, my love sound asleep next to me. Shaking off the last of my dream, I carefully crawl out of bed, grab my robe, and move to the Xenotome in the main room.

When I enter, I find Nick and Madison sitting on the steps near the Xenotome. Nick's back is against the wall while Madison is sitting with her back to his chest. His arms are wrapped around her, their fingers intertwined. The pair has been inseparable since this morning when we returned from visiting Nick's adopted family.

"Udonna," Madison's soft voice surprises me. I kneel before them and reach out to touch Madison's face.

"It's alright, I'm just checking on something." Madison just nods and settles back against Nick, careful not to wake him. I can't help but smile at them before I climb over them and move to the Xenotome. My son is finally happy with a woman that not only he loves and respects, but one I do as well. Standing in front of the great book, I take a moment to look around and see what wonders Clare and Daggeron and Jenji have done in cleaning up and restoring Rootcore before I take a deep breath and clear my mind. Chanting softly, I silently ask the Xenotome for guidance. A smile and a good surge of shock spread through me when the ancient text begins to appear.

'The first to appear will be the ones who are represented by the blazing lion, soaring eagle, surging shark, raging bison, noble tiger, and howling wolf. Guiding them will be the Princess of the Island of Animaria. With them will be those from a bay with the power of light and speed on their side.'

I quietly conjure a piece of parchment and copy the words the Xenotome has told me.

'The next to come will be eleven from three, aboard a vessel capable of inter-planetary flight. The Samurai and those represented by Thunder and Wind will follow with five who represent the great lizards of old. A group of warriors from two futures will come next, though only four will be familiar to two rooted in the present who shall come from a land of silver hills. Finally, the reluctant ones, those who have touched the Great Power, will answer Destiny's call. Two of their own will be the keys to restoring the balance of power and the peace that has been so desperately sought.'

"Oh my," I gasp, reading the words over and over again.


"You're kidding, right?" Nick asked Udonna later that morning as the Mystic Rangers and their allies met in the main chamber of Rootcore.

Chip and Vida stood side by side, looking surprised while Xander and Clare shared looks at the tone of voice Nick was using with his mother. Daggeron and Jenji stood with Phineas, quiet, while Lianbow held Udonna's hand.

And then there was Madison, standing next to Nick, one hand holding his while the other rested lightly on his forearm. Nick squeezed her hand while Udonna tried to explain her dream and their new mission.

"I know we all thought our fight was over, but we're being asked to step up once more to protect not only Earth, but our entire universe."

"In a fight we know nothing about, with other people we don't know," Nick shot back at her.

"Nick," Madison murmured in his ear. The former Red Ranger turned his attention to his sort of girlfriend. "We're Power Rangers, Nick. We saw our fair share of horrible things during our time in a uniform, but so have the others. Think about what this is like for them, what it's going to do to them."

Vida stepped forward and nodded, while staring deep into the eyes of the man who her sister loved; the man who had grown from a boy who had led them to ultimate victory. "Most of them have families now," Vida told him. "If they're giving up a normal life to take up their Ranger duties, some of them years since they were first in uniform, can't you do it, less than three months later?"

"Nick, why are you so set against this?" Lianbow asked his son, catching Nick's attention.

The former Red Ranger sighed. "I've got a bad feeling about this entire mission," Nick murmured, his eyes meeting his father's. Unspoken words passed between the two before Nick reluctantly nodded his agreement to help.

"So, when are they coming? I want to know how long I have to clean Rootcore?" Clare started.

"We must find them and gather them in the next two weeks," Udonna spoke, her fingers lacing together with Lianbow's as she and Nick stared at one another. She had to smile – her son may have become one of the most powerful Rangers, but he was still as reluctant as ever.


"Are you alright?" Madison asked as the pair walked along the path from Rootcore to Woodland Village. Nick held her hand in his, their fingers laced together. His mother had re-conjured their morphers and they'd agreed to go back to wearing their wizarding uniforms while in the forest just that afternoon. They had decided against wearing them in Briarwood for fear of scaring the citizens unnecessarily.

"I'm worried, Maddy, especially about my father."

The Blue Ranger nodded. She knew telling him not to worry wouldn't do any good; he was bound to worry no matter what. "Your father has been through so much, if, and I do mean if, trouble heads his way, he's capable of handling it. Besides, things are different now – your mother is a renowned sorceress, Daggeron and Jenji aren't going to be somewhere else like before, and there are two other elements to add to the mix."

"What's that?" Nick asked, trying to humor her.

"Clare, and us," Madison grinned at him. "You, me, Vida, Chip and Xander."

Nick chuckled and nodded. He tugged Madison's hand, halting their progress. Madison looked startled, her eyes searching his face. Nick stared at her, his eyes zeroing in on her lips. Reaching up, the Red Ranger cupped her cheek with his free hand before leaning forward and kissing her softly.

Madison's eyes fluttered shut as she gave herself over to the kiss. They'd both been reluctant to show affection this way in front of their teammates, especially since their relationship was still very new to them, but now, when they were alone, it wasn't so much a problem.

After several long, sweet minutes, Nick pulled back from her lips then pulled her into his arms for a hug. "As long as I have you, I can get through anything," Nick murmured in her ear, making her sigh.


"Why so glum chum?" Chip nudged Vida, who was sitting on the steps leading up to the Xenotome, chin resting on the palm of her hand.

Vida shrugged. "Honestly, I don't know."

Chip pursed his lips and nodded. "You didn't want to start training again, did you?"

"Not really," Vida told him. "I don't know if I'm ready to do this all over again, Chip. The first time was a hard lesson to learn."

Chip grinned. "Come on, V, it'll be an adventure, and we both know you like adventures. Besides, look at it this way, you'll get to meet all the other Pink Rangers who came before you."

The Pink Ranger glared at her childhood friend. "They're all probably a bunch of girly-girls who worry about their hair and clothes and looking good in front of boys," Vida grumbled.

"You'll have to wait and see, won't you," Chip grinned. "I'm looking forward to meeting all the other Yellow Rangers."

Vida rolled her eyes and leaned against his shoulder, sighing. "Did you see Nick's face when he and Maddy left earlier?"

The Yellow Ranger let out a breath. He'd seen the anger on Nick's face; it hadn't been something one could miss very easily. "Yeah I did. I just hope Maddy can calm him down."

"If anyone can, it's Madison!" Xander butted in, flopping down in his seat at the table in front of them.

Vida and Chip eyed the Green Ranger carefully. "I thought you were helping Clare?" Vida asked him, confused.

Xander made a face at her then folded his arms on the table, his chin resting on top of them. "I was. She told me to come in here, because I was in the way."

The Pink and Yellow Rangers laughed. "Wow, it's not often Clare puts you in your place," Vida grinned at him.

The Green Ranger merely stuck his tongue out at his friends and went back to staring at the crystal in front of him. Lianbow and Udonna had closed themselves in the library, Daggeron had taken Phineas and Jenji to someone in a search for information on the other Ranger teams, Leelee and Necrolai had been contacted and had said they would contact Itassis and Toby, Madison and Nick were on their walk, Vida and Chip had been monitoring the city with the computers, and he'd been trying to help Clare clean. Now, he had nothing to do, and he hated feeling useless.

"Relax, Xander, I'm sure Clare will need your help sooner or later," Chip told him.

"You know what, I'm going to go into the city, see if I can dig anything up on the other Ranger teams. You two coming with?" Xander suddenly announced, standing up.

"Sure, why not. There's nothing else we can do around here," Vida told him. The three grinned at each other before taking off for Briarwood.