If Sokka Were Married to Azula

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Summary: Have you ever wondered what would happen if certain members of Avatar got together? Me too, this is why I decided to write this story. It's all for fun and humor. So if you don't have a sense of humor please don't read this because I will be making fun of every pairing imaginable! AU, possibly OOC.

Disclaimer: Marriage is a fine institution, but I'm not ready to be institutionalized yet- Mae West

Dedication: Any shipper who can take a good joke.

Chapter One: If Sokka Were Married to Azula

If Sokka were married to Azula, it would be a study in insanity. Really I think that people from all three remaining nations would get together and try to observe this couple in their many habitats. Their personalities would clash so often that every week Azula would have to take money out of the royal treasury to pay off their neighbors' home repairs then they'd have to pack up and leave.

Think of it, Sokka has described himself as a 'meat and sarcasm guy' and Azula… well Azula is a sociopath. This would be a bad idea from the get go, they'd kill eachother sooner or later. And I bet that getting married wasn't even their idea. I bet that they were in the middle of a battle and someone, probably Ty Lee, decided to play an impromptu game of Truth or Dare and Azula chose dare and Ty Lee said I dare you to marry Sokka. Yes I bet that's exactly how it happened.

But what about Suki? You know, that female warrior from Kyoshi Island? What would she do? Or for that matter Zuko and Ozai. And while I'm thinking of it, what would Katara do when she found out? I can't imagine anyone else would be related. If I was Zuko or Ozai I'd blame… Sokka. But hey if I was either Katara or Suki I'd blame… well I'd blame Sokka.

Hey, I just realized that since Azula is a princess that would make Sokka a prince! The prince of the Fire Nation no less! Oh the irony. The guy who Zuko called a peasant from the Southern Water Tribe with no bending skills what so ever is now in line to be the next Fire Lord and Zuko's brother-in-law. Fire Lord Sokka… yeah. Sokka in charge of the Fire Nation and he's not a bender. Who wants to make a friendly wager that Sokka is just going to be a figure head… that is if Ozai doesn't kill his son-in-law first.

Seeing that Sokka is not exactly the most romantic type I shudder to think of what he'd get Azula for her birthday or for their anniversary. He'd probably try for a moonlit ride on Appa, but Appa would remember that Azula is the one who tried to attack him so he'd toss Azula on the ground. Sokka would probably give Azula his very first boomerang and one of his drawings of Appa to make up for it.

So if Azula and Sokka get married they'd probably decide to have a kid, but what are they going to name it? Actually first are they going to have a boy or a girl? Wait… no forget I asked that question, Azula would obviously be the leader of the relationship so they'd have a girl. And Azula would name her. She'd probably give her daughter a name that imitates her paternal grandfather and being that she's not exactly the creative sort- New Ozai anyone- their daughter would be named Ozaila. Yes, Ozaila, get used to this name it will come back.

Yes, I can see it all now, Azula out rampaging the world and Sokka at home with Ozaila, packing lunches, cleaning the castle and doing other menial tasks. And when Azula comes home to unwind Sokka will start complaining about how she doesn't seem to have time for him anymore, and how Ozaila has started to set fires at pre school. Azula would be pissed and fire bend at Sokka. Since it's Azula she'd probably throw in some lightening and they'd have to move again.

So in conclusion if Sokka were married to Azula it would not be a good thing for anyone involved.

The Beginning

This was so random, but I hope everyone enjoyed it. If you liked it, please review and give me ideas for other pairings to spoof.