If Sokka Were Married to Azula

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Note: Okay I lost my stuff for the cabbage man/ ticket lady chapter. And I know that the finale has already aired in the US and it's been almost a year since my update, but thanks for waiting. And I still have more pairings to spoof. Also there are some spoilers in this chapter that have to do with the Sozin's Comet finale. So if you haven't seen that yet, maybe you should skip this.

Summary: Have you ever wondered what would happen if certain members of Avatar got together? Me too, this is why I decided to write this story. It's all for fun and humor. So if you don't have a sense of humor please don't read this because I will be making fun of every pairing imaginable! AU, possibly OOC.

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Chapter Eight: If Toph Were Married to Zuko

If Toph were married to Zuko, I don't know who would be more shocked. No really. There are a lot of people who would be shocked because no one would ever expect those two to get together. But maybe after everyone was done catching flies, they'd all get over it. Or maybe not.

I really wonder how everyone would react to this occurrence. Let's start with Toph's family.

If I were Toph's mom, I would be in extreme denial. Then maybe I would come to terms with it since my daughter did marry up. However if I were Toph's dad, I'd blame the Avatar then seethe with anger since I couldn't do anything about it.

As for Zuko's family well Ursa is MIA and his father and sister aren't exactly in a position to say much of anything. Iroh would probably just be slightly shocked, but since he likes Toph, I doubt he'd be upset. Shocked yes, but not upset.

But what about Mai? I mean Mai and Zuko were dating and they've known each other since they were children. Wouldn't Mai be upset? What would she do? Would she get really upset and start throwing sharp objects at Toph and Zuko? Would she get totally depressed and go into therapy over being dumped for a blind Earthbender? Would she take it out on her parents? Would she ask her mom for relationship advice? Personally I'd go for the second choice.

So, now you have two angry parents and one ex-girlfriend in therapy who probably also blames Aang. But now you have to wonder how did those two get together. Which is a good question, I'm glad you brought that up. It's Sokka's fault. I don't know how, but it is.

Okay so now you know the reactions and you know how it happened, but how would their relationship pan out in the end? Well I can picture that now. Toph would take advantage of the fact that she never got a very good soul searching field trip with Zuko and start telling Zuko about how she kept running away from her parents when she was little and how she wished she could have gotten their love instead of everything else. And how they never understood her.

Zuko would try to say something smart, like maybe she should tell her parents how she feels. But then they'd remember that neither of Toph's parents were speaking to her because she was married to Zuko now. And so Toph would get mad and remember how she'd never quite gotten back at Zuko for burning her feet- even if it was by accident. So then a bending war would start up.

All in all it would be a very intense marriage that would result in serious injuries from time to time, but no deaths.

Marriage for Dummies. When is that book coming out?

Well everyone, thanks for waiting. Feel free to read and review. I think I'm going to do Katara and Zuko next. Then maybe find someone else besides Zuko to pick on.