"Till Debt Do Us Part…"

Voldemort has been vanquished. A beseiged Harry is ready to leave the Wizarding World when his life is saved by his Potions Master. This unleashes a series of events that will leave Harry bonded to the one and only Severus Snape.



Chapter one. Rescued.

a week after Voldemort's demise...

Draco couldn't believe his ears. He had heard the rumors but had refused to believe them, He loved her…he had been brought up believing that he and Pansy would marry. They had been… together! "You're ending the engagement then."

"I'll always love you!" Pansy declared.


"I have a responsibility to my Family! You know that! You have to understand!"

"I understand that you gave me your word! Your Word!"

"It's not that easy! I'm expected to make a good marriage!"

"A good marriage? With whom?"

"Let's not!"


"Crabbe's father has spoken to my father. The matter was settled yesterday," Pansy announced shakily. "He's ….he's the only that's willing to ignore the fact that I'm no longer a virgin."

"And the child?" Pansy had told him that she might be pregnant.

The girl shook her head sadly. "I was mistaken. Please don't hate me! What would you do if my family were disgraced? Would you marry me? Would you stand up to your Father?"

Draco shook his head. Everything was gone!

"Then I guess it's all settled." Draco turned on his heel and walked back to Hogwarts. His life as he knew it was over. He had always loved Pansy but in the world they lived, love wasn't enough. He wanted to kill someone, to hex them into oblivion. When he entered the dungeons and saw Harry Potter flanked by his friends he couldn't help himself.


Pansy crumbled to the ground. She wanted to scream the truth to him but fear of her parents stopped her. If they ever found out they would make her get rid of the child. She couldn't take the risk. She hated Crabbe and knew that her life would be hell but what could she do? She wasn't strong enough to live the life Draco offered.


in front of the Potions lab...

"Get out of my way Malfoy!" Harry whispered clenching his fists. Did Draco have a fucking Death Wish!

"What? Don't you like the attention?" Draco asked tauntingly looking at the students surrounding them.

"Leave him alone you bastard!" Ron shouted stepping close to his friend.

"You still need Ronnikins to hold your hand….some things never change," Draco smiled knowingly.

"You're so sad." Hermione whispered. Draco had told anyone that would listen that Ron and Harry had been together. Thank Merlin the bastard didn't know the details of what had actually happened or Harry would have no peace.

"Just shut up and leave me alone." Harry turned to leave but Draco grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him back. The brunnete pushed him off and would've used his wand but it had been destroyed in his battle with Voldemort.

Draco pressed in, "You're so disappointing…the great hero…Ha! …Can't even stand up to me without your boyfriend and his fiancée to help you!" he shouted while the crowd shifted nervously. Most of the students were Slytherin and although they hardly spoke to Draco anymore the Blonde was still part of their house. "You're a fucking joke! Heard about your muggle relatives, poor Potty boy! Lived in a cupboard! Wow! Where do you sleep now in a broom closet! I bet being tortured by the Dark Lord was no big deal! Hell! I'm sure you probably got off to it!"

Harry's face was impassive but his blood was boiling, "Yeah I'm pretty sad not being able to stand up to a second rate Pureblood! You're a waste of space! Too poor to get anyone to marry you! Heard about you and Pansy. She broke off the engagement, didn't she? But who wouldn't? I mean with Dear old Dad in Azkaban and Mummy in St. Mungus there's not much to offer, is there? Why don't you get on your knees and kiss the hem of my robe. You might get some of your status back. I mean that's what your parents used to do to Old Voldie?"

"The higher you get, the harder you'll fall."

"Speaking from personal experience Draco?"

The blonde took a step forward but stopped when the Potions Master pushed his way through the crowd of students.

"What's the meaning of this?"


Snape was coming around the corner and saw the crowd before he heard the unmistakable voices of his Godson and Potter. DAMNT IT! NOT AGAIN!

Without warning he pushed himself through the crowd of six years. Potter was clenching his hands while Draco stepped forward. The Weasley boy and the normally calm Granger looked ready to tear the Slytherin apart.

"What's the meaning of this?"

Draco stopped and smiled dryly, "nothing Professor. Nothing at all."

Harry breathed deeply and unclenched his hands, "Everything is fine Sir."

"Really?" Severus looked from his Godson to Harry, neither one spoke or moved. "Everyone inside! Potter and Malfoy sit in the front by yourselves!"


in the potions lab...

Harry sighed, one more month and he'd be finished with the school year. One more month and he'd be able to leave Hogwarts and disappear. One more month! He couldn't wait! Ignoring the blonde in the next aisle he concentrated and stirred the volatile potion carefully.


Draco sat in class trying to control himself. After Voldemort's demise his father had been thrown in Azkaban. His mother who had been mentally unstable for the last year had had a break down and now Pansy had left him. He had nothing but hatred in his heart. Hatred for his so called friends who wouldn't talk to him, hatred for Pansy who wouldn't stay by his side but most of all he had hatred for Harry Potter. The Blonde stirred his potion and wondered hatefully what would happen if he poured his potion all over Potter.

Seconds later Neville added one too many spring ruts and his cauldron exploded. Draco couldn't be happier.

Snape had known something terrible was going to happen that morning. How could it not with Neville in class?

Hoping to postpone any more damage to his Potions Classroom Snape had kept a close watch on the clumsy boy. Ten minutes and class would be over. Ordering the class to add the last ingredient and bottle the potion he went to sit down. Seconds later a cauldron exploded and Snape shot to his feet. "EVERYONE OUT! TRY NOT TO BREATHE THE FUMES! HOLD YOUR BREATH!"

Neville dragged an injured Ron out the door while Snape hung back to make sure everyone made it out. When he saw Hermione covered in burns he went to her aid. "Stay calm Ms. Granger. Can you walk?" The girl didn't answer but fainted. Damn that Boy! He had survived Voldemort to be killed by an idiot! Snape thought carrying the Gryffindor to the door.

The smoke was a murky grey and Snape could see very little in front of him. He looked back and could just distinguish Harry and Draco trailing behind, they were the last ones! Thank Merlin! "Shut the door behind you! We have to make sure the fumes are contained!"

The students that had run out collapsed onto the floor unable to breathe. With long strides Snape crossed the threshold and set an unconscious Hermione on the floor. Draco followed seconds later but Harry did not. Having trouble breathing Snape looked back, the blasted door was open! He raised his wand and with a wave slammed the doors shut and added a ward to make sure no more fumes escaped. With all the commotion no one noticed that Harry hadn't made it out. A second explosion was heard and Severus ordered everyone to move further down the hall.

Madame Pompfrey came rushing down the hall with two assitants, "What happened?"

"Longbottom," Snape spit out and moved away to check on the other students when Harry's absence hit him. "Where's Mr. Potter! Did anyone see him come out?" He asked searching for the green eyed youth.

The students looked around and shook their heads. When Snape's eyes came to Draco the blonde met his stare defiantly. "Did you see Potter come out Mr. Malfoy?"

"No Sir," the blonde replied expressionlessly. Snape looked to the dungeon door. Potter hadn't gotten out!

"Sweet Merlin! He's in there!" Madame Pomfrey screamed. The students erupted in shocked gasps.

"Away from the door!" Severus ordered casting a shield charm over his body. The students ran to the far side of the hall dragging their classmates along. Severus raised his wand and opened the doors.

"Professor you can't go in there!" Madame Pomfrey protested.

"GET THE HEADMASTER!" Severus ignored her and with a withering look at Draco stepped inside.

The Medi-witch contained the fumes with her wand until the Headmaster and Professor McGonagall arrived.

Ten minutes later Snape stepped out with and unconscious Harry.


Harry had almost made it to the door when Draco elbowed him in the face. Caught completely off guard Harry was knocked to the floor. Dazed and trying to hold his breath he struggled to his feet. He ran to the exit but the doors had been slammed shut. He tried casting a spell to open them but the fumes were burning his throat and he was unable to say the words. He cast a shield around himself but vital seconds had slipped by and the fumes had started burning through his skin. Dazed and disoriented he stumbled from the door. He was trying to take cover behind Snape's desk when a second cauldron exploded. The power from the explosion slammed the youth against the wall. He fell unconscious and his shield spell faded almost immediately. Black gooey substance sprayed the classroom burning through anything it came in contact with.


Snape entered the classroom. Desks had caught fire and other cauldrons were bubbling over. Almost blinded by the smoke he treaded cautiously until he came to the fallen youth. He bent over Harry and noticed the youth's ghostly parlor and burns. Snape couldn't levitate the youth because although his shield protected him from external injury it also blocked his use of magic. Taking a deep breath and cursing Longbottom in the process he undid the charm and took Harry in his arms. It took him seconds to secure his student but with the doors shut the fumes were too concentrated for him not to be affected. Feeling his throat going raw he whispered the shielding spell and made his way to out.


When Severus came out of the Potions Classroom with an unconscious Harry, students ran from the hall to spread the news. In less than an hour everyone in Hogwarts knew that their Snarky Potions Master had saved Harry's life. An hour after the accident the Daily Prophet got a tip and they contacted the Ministry to confirm the rumor. At four o'clock that afternoon the Minister of Magic, his secretary and witnesses made their way to Hogwarts to investigate and register the most important life debt in over a hundred years.


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