Disclaimer: Superman Returns is not my creation and I acknowledge that the credit for the movie goes to Bryan Singer and Warner Brother's Studios. I am only borrowing the characters for a short little story.

Summary: Jason's thoughts on Superman shortly after the events on the Gertrude. This is a One Shot

Authors Note: Okay I got this in my head and it would not leave me alone. It isn't connected to my other two stories although it could be. Let me know what you think. As Always thanks to Beeto for the beta reading...

My Mommy kissed Superman

Mommy said it was time for me to go to sleep, and even though I asked her to read me another story, and even said please she didn't stay with me. My door stays open so that if I have trouble breathing her and my daddy can come and help me, but I don't have to worry about that anymore. When we were on the scary boat with the bad man, after the piano fell out of my hands and hit the mean man who was going to hurt mommy, I didn't need to use the inhaler. My daddy, Richard, came and got us off of the boat but then it broke and we were in a big bunch of water. That was when Mommy hurt herself and I was really scared but I didn't let them know that. The boat part we were in filled up with water and we were under the water. I tried pushing the door open but couldn't and then Superman came. He got us out of the water and helped us into my daddy's plane.

We were going home when mommy woke up, but she made daddy turn around because she was worried about Superman. We flew to the mountains in the ocean and I looked down and found Superman but he was in trouble. I guess mommy knew that which was why we went back there. When mommy and daddy got him on the plane, he was really hurt. Mommy pulled some of that green stuff out of his back, the kind of stuff that the bad man showed me. It made my tummy hurt but she threw it out of the plane. After Superman felt better he left and told mommy good bye, and that made her sad.

I didn't have to go to school after that and everyone at the Daily Planet was sad. Even the people in the TV were sad for Superman and that was why I drew Mommy my picture. I showed it to her and she hugged me. Daddy told her that she didn't have to stay at the Planet, and after that we got in the car and went down the streets until the car couldn't move. There were lots and lots of people standing around and when my daddy stopped the car, I told mommy I wanted to go with her.

It was kind of scary walking around all of the people so I held on to mommy extra tight. My daddy was right because when we got to the hospital doors, they let me and mommy go inside. I wanted to walk then, so mommy put me down and held my hand. I knew she was still sad so I held on to her hand and didn't feel like a baby because she needed me there.

"This way, Ms. Lane." That was what the doctor told my mommy, and we went into the room where Superman was sleeping. He looked bad, and I was afraid for him. I asked mommy if he would get better and she told me she hoped he would. I like Superman, because he helped mommy and daddy and me be safe. When she went over to the bed, I went over to the chair where Superman's suit was resting. I put my hand on the S and traced around it, wondering what it would be like to be him. I bet it would be fun because he can fly and he is really strong. I thought I heard mommy say something and when I turned around she was still standing next to Superman. I turned back around and kept my hands on the S, wondering if Superman would wake up soon. Daddy told me he was really tired because he had to take the mountains into space, but I think the green stuff made him sick.

I turned back to Mommy and watched her as she kissed Superman on the mouth, and then looked back at his suit. I don't know why my mommy kissed him, because she only kisses my daddy that way. I think she kissed him like that because her kiss would help him wake up, sort of like what happened with Sleeping Beauty, but Superman is a man not a girl. I tried to figure that out but then mommy put her hand on my shoulder and it was time to go. We started to walk to the door and I thought about that kiss, and decided that he needed one from me too. I let go of mommy's hand and ran to his bed and lifted myself up there where I put a kiss right on his forehead. He felt warm and as mommy and me left I wondered if someone should give him some Motrin.

I still don't know why my mommy kissed Superman but I woke up that night and he was outside my window. Mommy said he is a very special friend and told me that he would probably visit us again, but she made me go back to bed. Sometimes I think he watches after me, and I don't know why, because he has lots of people who need him to take care of them. Mommy and Daddy told me he helps people all the time, but I don't know why he likes us more. I guess I need to go to sleep. I have to go to school in the morning but I'm going to have fun because we get to go to the Aquarium. Goodnight.