Destined Childhood

Destined Childhood

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Chapter VI

Sunlight streamed through the gaps of the dark blue curtains giving little light into the cold dark room. The rays of light reached one sleeping figure touching her face. Slowly her eyes fluttered open revealing blue and purple orbs. Fuuko looked around her familiarizing herself with her surroundings. Ah yes…I'm in Mi-chan's room…and still she placed the back of her hand on her forehead then continued her thoughts…sick. She stifled a yawn at the same time did some stretching. While doing her stretching something tickled her nostrils…a sweet aroma. Breakfast! Sure does smell good! I bet it's Mi-chan's doing. Without further ado she jumped off her bed…(Mi-chan's bed rather) like she was never sick at all walked to the closet and rummaged around to find something to cover herself and proceeded down to the kitchen by following the scent.

After a few minutes she reached the kitchen. She was amazed on how pristine the kitchen looked. The kitchen wall, ceiling and the cabinets were white which made the kitchen bright. In contrast the counter was made in marble colored grey. The table and chairs were in black giving an impression of masculinity. The kitchen paraphernalia were arranged neatly. Just as expected from the Mr. Perfect…almost perfect. Fuuko was busy admiring the kitchen that she was not able to notice the presence of a man leaning against the kitchen counter.

"Why are you out of bed monkey? You're sick. You shouldn't be prancing around barefooted and…without decent clothing." Came a cold voice reprimanding her. Cold glaring eyes scrutinized her from head to toe giving a disapproving look.

"Geez Mi-chan! Why are you so cold in such a beautiful morning? And for your info I am no longer sick!" Fuuko frantically waved her hands. Tokiya raised a brow and simply shrugged her off. He pushed himself away from the counter grabbed his plate passed by Fuuko and went straight to exit the kitchen door. Before he could fully get his self out of the kitchen Fuuko called out to him.

"Oi! What about me?!"

"The food is already cooked. You really don't expect me to serve you all the way? Besides…you said so yourself, you're no longer sick so I suppose you could help yourself in doing such a simple task." With that Tokiya marched off.

"What the hell is wrong with him?! Grr!! He is such an ass!!" Fuuko mumbled then proceeded to get her plate and utensils and got her share of food from the pots on the stove. After getting what she needed she joined Tokiya in the dinning room who was silently eating his share. When Fuuko came in he had a grumpy look on his face. Fuuko could not help but laugh as she placed her plate on the table.

"Why the hell are you laughing Kirisawa?" Tokiya barked. Fuuko laughed even harder. Tokiya grew annoyed even more.

"M-mi-chan!! Relax! If you continue scowling like that you'll look a hundred years older than your age! Hahahahahahahahaha!" Fuuko said while laughing.

"I don't give a damn." Tokiya muttered. Fuuko stopped laughing then looked at Tokiya with disbelieving eyes.

"Really? Last time I checked you were the vainest member of our team and now you are saying you don't give a damn if you look a hundred years older? That's really a laugh Mi-chan!"

"I never considered myself to be vain. And hearing an opinion from a monkey such as you has no value to me at all therefore, I don't give a damn." Tokiya said as matter of fact.

"Gee Mi-chan you really know how to break a woman's heart. Is that your way of making me pay for taking away the virginity of your eyes?" Fuuko playfully asked. Tokiya narrowed his eyes. Fuuko laughed.

"You're still not over that issue monkey?" Tokiya asked making Fuuko stop laughing.

"Of course I'm over that issue! Kami it really was silly of me to react over such a little thing! I never really cared much of my dignity before so why care now?" Fuuko was about to laugh but ceased to do so.

"Maybe because your past hunts you…maybe because of a certain person named Mitsui, Akito." Tokiya bluntly said. Fuuko was aghast.

"H-how…" Fuuko trailed of.

"It does not matter. Here's a piece of advice. Don't let him get to you. I may not know who he was to you or what happened in your past but do yourself a favor and gather yourself. Being affected by such a thing as this is unlike you. It is not a sight to behold. Don't do this to yourself. Surely he wouldn't want you to be this way too." If he really was that a good friend to you. Tokiya continued mentally. Then he stood up from his seat and got his plate ready to leave when Fuuko stopped him.

"Thank you Mi-chan…I…really need that…you really know how to set me back to my self ne?" Fuuko said with a smile. Tokiya just snorted. Fuuko then continued.

"Sometimes you really are useful as a best friend." Fuuko jokingly said which earned her a glare from Tokiya. Fuuko giggled and said, "I was merely joking!" She stood up from her seat went to where Tokiya was standing encircled her arm in his then poked his serious face. "Hey! I said I was joking!" Fuuko continued then playfully punched Tokiya's arm.

"I did you a favor, you insulted me. You thanked me and then you punched me. How grateful of you." Tokiya sarcastically remarked. Fuuko pouted then smiled.

"Mou! Mi-chan! That is so unlike you!" Fuuko then laughed. Tokiya remained unmoved. Fuuko then continued.

"Alright! Alright! If it will make you feel better. To make it up to you I will make you my date for the reunion party…IF you want to." Fuuko didn't know what made her say that. Thinking about who her date would be was last on her list but actually saying it in the spur of the moment was highly unheard of not to mention towards the wrong person! But then again she should not worry for she knew well the answer to that and she was actually hoping that it would be so…that he would say no…

"Yes, I want to."

It was that plain and simple. Mikagami, Tokiya effortlessly confirmed that he is willing to be Kirisawa, Fuuko's date on that one special night of her life. Fuuko just stared at him with disbelieving eyes. Fuuko was just planning to take it back when…

"And don't you even think of taking it back. I said I would be your date. This is the only way you can repay me for taking you in and helping you back up…and for your foolish actions for the past days." With that Tokiya shrugged Fuuko's arms off gathered his plate and walked off to the kitchen leaving a bewildered Fuuko behind.

Mi-chan?! My DATE?! What the hell! Shit!


Fuuko was left alone in the Mikagami household. It was almost noon. Fuuko was sitting in one of the high stools of the kitchen counter. Damn that Mikagami! How dare he order me to stay home! Still sick my ass! And since when did he become like a mother hen?! Fuuko was muttering to herself as she recalled the events that happened early that morning after the Tokiya being her date incident.

After Tokiya's unexpected answer earlier that day…

Fuuko's mind was in shambles as she pondered on what just transpired between her and Tokiya she did not notice how much time has passed. She was jolted out from her reverie when she heard footsteps padding down the stairs. She peeked out of the dinning room and looked up the staircase. Tokiya descended down the stairs clad in his school uniform bag on his right hand.

"Where are you going Mi-chan?" Fuuko asked lost in thought. Tokiya rolled his eyes and decided to make Fuuko wait for his answer. As he reached the bottom of the stairs he approached Fuuko then said coldly replied, "Open your eyes monkey so you could have the answer to your stupid question." Fuuko glared at Tokiya.

"I know very well that..."Fuuko stopped as she realized what he meant she gave Tokiya a sheepish smile and said, "Of course! You're going to school! After all it is a Tuesday! I was merely playing with you…how dare you dress up without telling me that we should be going to school now. Were you intending to leave me?"

"Yes I intend to leave you especially now seeing you are still obviously sick since you keep on spacing out and being more stupid than you were before. Now if you'll excuse me I don't plan to be late because of your childish behavior." Tokiya walked right away after he said his piece.

"Oi! Mi-chan! You can't just leave me here! I told you I'm fine! I have to go to school!" Fuuko called out. Tokiya turned his head and said through gritted teeth.

"I would appreciate it if you could turn your voice down just a little bit for I am not deaf. Do what ever you want but you cannot set foot out of this house. You have to stay here to recuperate. Your mother would not appreciate it if I bring you back to her unwell."

"As if you could make me stay! I could go to school by myself!" Fuuko retorted.

"Try if you can without your uniform and a proper change of clothes…not to mention undergarments." Fuuko stopped with her protests as she realized that Tokiya was right. Tokiya made a satisfied smirk and headed out of his house. After a few more seconds Fuuko screamed on top her lungs.



In the end it did not work. Of course why would he believe me? If I burn down his house he could file arson against me and make my family go bankrupt…not that I think my mom would support me...she would definitely side with Mi-chan seeing how much she has come to like him like her own son...Fuuko sighed in defeat then went back to her thoughts then after a moment of silence…

"Damn him!" Fuuko screamed at no one in particular. Fuuko was about to scream out another set of curses when a cold voice came from behind her.

"Are you done cursing me monkey? Or is that your frustration for not having the guts to burn down my house?" Fuuko's eyes widen in shock. What the hell is he doing home early?! Nevertheless this time I won't let him get to me. Fuuko huffed then prepared herself then with one big huff she swiftly turned her stool around to face the owner of the voice.

"Not yet…you came home early to hear the rest iceman?" Fuuko challengingly said as she narrowed her eyes. Tokiya equaled her gaze then replied in a bored tone.

"I see you've become well…and my house is still standing. That's good then. At last I get to dispose you right away." Fuuko was starting to fume inside but she tried to contain it and tried to think of a good comeback. Oh I would love to start burning up your house right now with you in it. Fuuko thought.

"How caring of you Mi-chan. But you don't need to worry about my disposal because this trash was already planning to leave this trashy house and its owner who has a stinking attitude anyway." Fuuko said as she pointed to herself proudly. Tokiya glowered.

"Good then. I appreciate it if you pack away your things as soon as possible and leave my trashy house without leaving any of your dirt and monkey fleas behind." Tokiya retorted without any care at all.

"Fine!" Fuuko barked as she crossed her arms in front of her chest. Tokiya smirked.

"It's good that you understood. I thought I had to repeat myself again to let it sink into that Pentium one brain of yours. Don't forget to lock the door when you leave monkey." With that Tokiya turned on his heel and headed towards his room leaving a fuming mad Fuuko.

"MIKAGAMI YOU STINKING TRASH! YOU GET BACK HERE!!" Fuuko screamed then followed after Tokiya to his room.

Tokiya was about to close the door to his bedroom when it was kicked open by the wind goddess. Fuuko stood at the doorway her hands on her waist, eyes throwing daggers towards the Ensui wielder and breathing like a mad buffalo. Tokiya took a side way glance at Fuuko then simply shrugged Fuuko off as if she was not standing there fuming mad. This caused Fuuko to steam more.

"MIKAGAMI…" Fuuko said in a threatening voice. Tokiya acted as if he did not hear her. Fuuko was about to blow up. She marched to where Tokiya was currently standing which was in front of the bathroom door. Tokiya could feel Fuuko's hot breath on his nape.

"What is it that you want monkey?" Tokiya asked in a bored tone.

"I. WANT. YOU…" Fuuko started to answer word for word what she wanted from Tokiya but stopped when Tokiya started to take his school jacket off and unbuttoning his shirt. Fuuko's eyes widened. He's undressing in front of me!

"W-what t-the hell are y-you d-doing?!" Fuuko asked in panic. Tokiya turned to face her which made Fuuko take a step back.

"What do you think am I doing?" Tokiya asked back with his brows raised as he casually continued to unbutton the last few buttons of his shirt.

"W-what?" Was all Fuuko could say. Tokiya smirked then took a step towards Fuuko. He then leaned in closer so that their faces were a mere centimeters from each other. Fuuko' eyes even grew wider as she tried to push Tokiya away but Tokiya was like a rooted tree on his spot.

"M-mi-chan!" Fuuko nervously cried out.

"I'm undressing. What does it look like to you?" Tokiya said in a teasing manner. Fuuko's face turned red due to the close proximity they were having. Then Fuuko tried to regain some of her composure and glared at Tokiya.

"I know that! But why are you UNDRESSING when you know that there is a woman in this room?!" Fuuko hissed as she made her point. Tokiya leaned in closer towards Fuuko. Fuuko took another step back when she felt the edge of the bed bump the back of her knees. Fuuko gasped and started to panic mentally and even panicked more when Tokiya closed the gap between them and leaned towards her ear and whispered in a husky voice.

"I thought this is what you want." Fuuko's eyes widened her face turned the reddest shade possible as she shouted out her reply as she tried to push Tokiya away trying not to touch Tokiya's bare chest.


"Now you're the one who's doing the dirty thinking here. First you barge into a man's room without permission. And then you demand for a reason why he is undressing in front of you. Well, my dear monkey…I should be the one demanding an answer from you. Why you suddenly barged into my room when I was about to take a bath."

"Take a bath?" Fuuko asked in confusion.

"Yes. A bath. You said a while ago that I stink and I thought maybe you were right since I had too much contact with a stinky flea infested monkey like you…even though I don't really smell…the thought of sharing my house with a monkey makes me feel dirty all the time. So now if you'll excuse me I'll be having my bath now." Tokiya was about to walk away when Fuuko's hand jerked him back. The force was too strong that Fuuko found herself lying back down on the bed with Tokiya on top of her. Fuuko was breathing heavily while Tokiya remained indifferent even though he was sprawled on top of Fuuko…at a very compromising position at that. Tokiya's face rested at the base of Fuuko's neck as if he was kissing her there. His right hand pinning Fuuko's left hand on the bed when he tried to get hold of Fuuko before they fell on the bed. His left hand resting beside Fuuko's right hip. Tokiya's whole weight was pressed on Fuuko while Fuuko tried to keep the distance between her and Tokiya using her right hand to push away Tokiya's bare chest from her. She was definitely flushed as she felt heat emanate from Tokiya's bare chest to her hands. Tokiya groaned as he tried to push himself up from the bed and Fuuko. Fuuko felt Tokiya's hot breath on her neck which sent chills down her spine. Kami…Fuuko thought helplessly. Tokiya managed to push himself up from the bed but he remained on top of Fuuko as he called out Fuuko's name whose eyes were shut obviously avoiding contact with him.

"Why, Kirisawa…I didn't know that you wanted me this way." Tokiya whispered in a very taunting manner. Fuuko's eyes shot open.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAY…." Fuuko started to retort but had to stop as she saw Tokiya staring at her in a very creepy way. Tokiya's gaze was boring through her. Again she felt chills run down her spine. Fuuko could no longer bear the weight of the situation they were in. She had to do something. In one swift motion Fuuko brought her legs up in between her and Tokiya and pushed the Ensui master using her legs at the same time shouting at her former comrade, "GET OFF ME YOU PERVERT!" Tokiya who was caught off guard found himself on the carpeted floor of his room with a soar back. He did not show any flicker of emotion though. He stood up as he dusted himself of and regained his composure then he slowly brought his gaze back towards the wind goddess who was already sitting at the edge of the bed glaring at him trying to show him that she was not pleased at all. Tokiya smirked. Fuuko raised a brow.

"What are you smirking for? Do you want me to erase that smug look on your face?!" Fuuko asked her voice raising a notch. Tokiya shrugged.

"You can't fool me with that angry façade of yours. Feeling uncomfortable with me all of a sudden monkey? I never thought that I would see Kirisawa Fuuko squirm under a man's gaze. It seems that the tomboy monkey is becoming a girl." Fuuko stood up and answered in anger.

"What do you mean becoming a girl?! I am a girl you dimwit! Are you blind iceman?!"

"No. I am just stating the obvious. Yes, you may be a girl but what you have been showing is the complete opposite. Anyway, may you be a girl, a woman, a tomboy, or whatever…I don't care…for me…you still are a monkey. Now that I think of it I just had a close contact with you. I really feel filthy now so if you don't mind I will go and take a bath now for I was rudely interrupted a while ago." Tokiya turned towards the direction of the bathroom ignoring Fuuko who was fuming once again. Before Tokiya closed the door of the bathroom completely he peeked again then said in a teasing manner, "I hope you don't barge in here seeing you are fuming mad again…because if you do I would really believe that you are interested in me. And I do hope you don't plan on staying in my room until I finish taking my shower…that would really be unacceptable if you really do consider yourself a woman." Fuuko was releasing steam now. Tokiya smirked then immediately closed the door just in time to hear Fuuko's angry scream her curses which shook his house down.


Tokiya leaned against the door of his bathroom taking long deep breaths relieved that he was out of Fuuko's grasps. No he was not scared of her he was scared of himself. He shook his head in disbelief. Damn that woman. Tokiya cursed mentally he heard Fuuko mutter a few more curses and a little growl of irritation then he heard her footsteps fading away as she walked out of his room slamming his door to a close. Tokiya sighed. That woman doesn't know what she can do to a man. I really need to take a shower.


After Tokiya had his shower he found himself alone in his house. He sighed out of relief. Peace at last he thought. He changed into his sleeping wear and immediately went straight to the comforts of his bed. As soon as he laid down he heard a sound of paper being crushed under him. He fished the paper beneath him as he looked at it he knew it was a note and based form the writing he figured it was Fuuko's. It read:

Mi-chan (dripping with venomous sarcasm which somehow sent chills to the iceman)

You may have succeeded in disposing of me this time…just you wait. You won't have the last laugh (not that you do laugh…hahahaha!) Better be ready with your death wish! I will be waiting for you! See you SOON my dear best friend!

Loving to kill you,

Fuuko Kirisawa

Tokiya simply rolled his eyes and smiled in satisfaction. That's good. I could at least be ready to deal with her tomorrow but not tonight. Tokiya brought his arms behind his head as he lied down on his bed. As he closed his eyes the image of Fuuko squirming under his gaze with her face flushed suddenly popped up in his mind. Tokiya quickly opened his eyes. What the hell was that?! Tokiya for the third time that day took another long deep breath. I must be out of my mind. Hmph. I guess that monkey is really a she…a very attractive she monkey…Tokiya frowned as he unsuccessfully erased the 'good' things his mind was saying about Fuuko. Damn that she monkey! There is no way in hell she is attractive…and she's a HE woman! An amazon wanting to kill me and there is nothing attractive about that! Right! That's right Tokiya…just imagine Fuuko with a body of a body builder and her face crunched up in anger ready to kill those who insult her and one of those is you…Tokiya shuddered at the thought of it. Right he had to deal with a mad woman in school tomorrow. As if she would win over him. Absolutely not. What could she possibly do? Tokiya snorted at the thought of his sure victory. He plopped up his pillow turned off his bedside lamp and allowed himself to succumb to sleep.


It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon and all the students of Nashikiri high school were enjoying their lunch break except for one silver haired bishounen who was frowning helplessly as he was being lectured by the carbon copy of his beloved deceased sister.

Tokiya was leaning forlornly against a wall in the rooftop as Yanagi talked to him about the way he "maltreated" Fuuko. Apparently this was the genius plan of Fuuko to get back at him who was at that time quietly watching at the side with an amused wicked grin on her face.

Trust Fuuko to exaggerate the details and Yanagi believing every single word that comes out from the mouth of the sniveling she monkey. Tokiya wanted to roll his eyes as he listened to the totally fabricated story coming from Yanagi's mouth. Oh how he wanted to rip that little head of the wind goddess if only Yanagi was not there. Tokiya thought with great annoyance. Of course she would use Yanagi to get her revenge on me because she knows well that I cannot go against Yanagi not even when she's actually wrong. She knew this was one of my FEW weaknesses. How could I forget?! I've been spending too much time around these idiots that their idiocy is already rubbing on me. Dang it. Kill me huh? This is definitely killing me…killing my patience rather.

Tokiya stole a quick glance at Fuuko but Yanagi caught him and reprimanded him for not listening. Because of that Fuuko almost burst out laughing but she new better and try to contain her joy. Tokiya gave Fuuko a sideway glare in reply Fuuko stuck out her tongue. Yanagi once again called upon his attention and at the same time reminded Fuuko to leave the serving of punishment to her and not do anything that would provoke Tokiya to treat her even more badly. Fuuko pouted and walked towards the railings and suddenly decided to each her lunch silently. Tokiya smirked. After that Yanagi continued on for a few more minutes like a mother would lecture her child for their wrong doings. Tokiya just allowed her to speak. After all he was kind of used to it. After a few minutes it was finished. Tokiya could not help but thank God because by some miracle right after Yanagi finished she was called by one of her classmates for some errand that they have to do for their teacher. That spared him from being forced to apologize…not that he would. After Yanagi's immediate departure Tokiya swiftly walked towards Fuuko's direction who was at that time all eyes for the sudden departure of her so called 'avenger'.

Hands in his pockets Tokiya stood in front of Fuuko towering over her with an evil smile playing on his face. Fuuko glared at him.

"I must commend you. Not bad. You sure knew that you wouldn't be able to have your revenge against me with just your power. You just had to use Yanagi to get even with me. But I'm sorry to say that method does not have the same magic as it used to have on me. You better think of another plan soon my dear monkey because you won't be able to use that trick again." Tokiya turned on his heel and was about to walk away when Fuuko spoke up.

"Hah! Say all you want ice boy! You still lost! If you could only see yourself…soooo helpless! Hahahahahaha! But don't worry I will have a new plan up my sleeve!"

"Hmph. I can't wait to see that. You'll need it to be able to live through a whole night with me."

"What do you mean?" Fuuko asked with a little confusion in her voice.

"Reunion date." Tokiya replied as if stating the obvious.

"Reunion date??" Fuuko asked again more confused. It only took a few seconds and she gasped loudly in realization. Fuuko was about to speak in protest when Tokiya spoke up who was at that time already by the exit door of the rooftop.

"Don't forget Kirisawa. You're indebted to me." With that Tokiya was gone.

Fuuko closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Where the hell is this going? My childhood friend is coming back and my so called buddy claims that I have a debt to pay him for acting weirdly for the past days and as a payment he agreed to be my date…how weird can things get?! This story is getting way out of hand! Absurd that's what it is! I don't know where to look anymore! Kami…why am I so nervous about Mi-chan being my date?? What is this nervous knot on my stomach? Something is telling me something bad is going to happen…but what?! Damn it!


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