Made this fiction up out of irritation of Shikamaru's new habit. Spoiler for manga 330.


Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto.


© ArAshiMitArAshi

Everybody was present except him.

"Where's Shikamaru?" Ino whispered to her side.

Chouji shrugged. "I went to his house, but his mom said he'd left a while ago…"

"Where are you going?" He added, seeing the tall blonde was about to leave.

Ino replied thoughtfully. "I have to take care of some business."

She found him lying on the grassy field, head tilted up high staring at the clouds. She could see the smoke coming from him. The grey substance floating lazily in the air, disappeared and was replaced again. She frowned. She hated to see him so down like this.

She knew he knew she was there. She was sure he sensed her presence.

But he didn't acknowledge her. He kept on staring at the clouds, blowing smoke after smoke, lost in his own world. She inched closer until she arrived just a foot away from him.

He tilted his head just enough to catch a glimpse of her and then focused back on the clouds.

She studied the cigarette between his lips, his empty stare and his emotionless face. Her heart ached.

She settled down beside him and wordlessly, she took the burning cigarette from his mouth. She twirled it between her fingers for a quick second before she crushed it on the ground.

"You shouldn't smoke," she said quietly. "It's bad for health."

He grunted in response. She knew, the muffled sound meant "I don't care…" or "Whatever…" or any phrase in similar meaning.

He slipped his hand inside his pocket and pulled out an old cigarette pack - the one belonged to Asuma, and a lighter - also Asuma's. But before he could take a single cigarette and lit it, Ino grabbed the two items calmly from him and put them by her side.

Shikamaru raised his brows questioningly at her and she swore she could see the look of annoyance hidden deep in his dark eyes. His hand made its way on the ground to reach the pack again, but silently she stopped his moving hand and placed it on his chest. He tried his action again for a few times but still failed under her observation.

Finally, he gave up and tucked his hands back behind his head. A displeased look painted on his face. "Troublesome…" He muttered to the sky, which actually directly meant for her.

He bit his lip. His mouth itched, feeling the need to smoke. He sighed heavily, wanting the young woman by his side to notice how uncomfortable he was feeling right now. And she wasn't dumb not to notice.

"You better stop while you're at it." She meant about the smoking thing. "It'll become a habit."

"Tch…" He smirked teasingly. He knew that one day she'll come to him and confront him about the new liking he picked from Asuma, but he never knew that it was this early. Ino sure was going to keep her promise, about her taking care after him and Chouji.

"Let's go to the funeral, Shikamaru."

He glanced at her. There were lines of dry tears marred on her face but the look of confidence was still in place. She was going to dominate him and want him to comply to every of her demand as he always did before but right now, he didn't have the heart to just go with her flow.

"Let me smoke first."

Ino frowned. His eyes insisted.

"No." She replied.

He said nothing but his hand roamed on the ground once again to reach for the pack. This time, he got what he wanted. He quickly pulled out one out of the five remaining cigarettes, slipped it between his lips and lit it. He gave a heavy sigh of relief once the he blew away some smoke from his mouth.

He expected to hear a yell or a scream but surprisingly, he heard nothing. He glanced up at her and saw her sad face.

"Don't smoke, Shikamaru." She bit her lower lip. "The act, the smell, the smoke… You remind me of him."

"So what?" He retorted.

"And it's not good for health."

"Tch…I don't care."

"It'll become a habit."

"Let it be."

She didn't advanced further in their little argument, instead, she leaned her face closer to his.

"What can I do or say to make you to stop smoking that thing?" Her voice was barely audible in his ear.

"Nothing." He replied, eyes fixing on the sky. "Stop bugging me."

Again, he expected to hear a yell or a scream, a slap or a punch, or probably a kick but what she did next shocked the hell out of him.

Wordlessly, she took the cigarette away from him and kissed him fully on the mouth.

"Let's try this, Shikamaru…" She spoke after breaking the kiss. She studied his expression silently. His eyes were wide and his face was slightly pale due to the unexpected mouth contact. "If you promise to quit smoking, I'll let you kiss me. Just consider a single kiss in exchange for a single cigarette. What do you say?"

"You're crazy…"

"I don't mind, really. If this method could make you stop, could make you quit, then I'll gladly do it. I'll be your cigarette. Whenever you feel the need to smoke, just come and see me. Anytime, anywhere. Day or night, busy or not, I don't mind." He examined her face. Confidence? Check. "And you can kiss me as much as you wanted. It's unlimited."

She rose from her seat, bringing the cigarette pack and lighter together with her. She stared down at him and added, "I'm serious, Shikamaru. Think about it."

As Ino studied the scroll before her, she couldn't stop thinking about their meeting a few days ago. She had not seen him since that day. He didn't come to see her and every time she set her feet to find him, he seemed like he knew her every movement. He was good in hiding himself from her; she gave him credit for that. She wondered if he ever took her offer seriously or just let the matter slide and kept on smoking behind her back.

Asuma had asked her to take care of those two clumsy teammates and she was going to keep her promise no matter what. Nothing could stop a determined Yamanaka Ino to do what she wanted.

She rose from her seat and went to change her clothes. The night was slightly late for a walkout but she knew that if she didn't make her move now, then it'll take forever for her to finally have a chance to see him. Hoping he would be at home, she headed for the exit.

"Where are you going?" Inoichi, her father asked her as she passed through the living room to the door.

"Out." She said simply as she put on her sandal. Her father raised his brows questioningly. "I'm going to see Shikamaru." She explained. Inoichi nodded. He understood about her daughter's growing concern toward her male teammates. Since their sensei's death, she'd been taking care of the two more protectively than ever; to make sure they didn't do anything stupid.

"Okay." He gave her the permission to go. The Naras' house was nearby anyway. "Don't stay out too long."

"I will." Ino answered and left.

She arrived in no time. The sight of Shikaku greeted her first thing she arrived.

"Ino-chan," he addressed. "What brings you here?"

"Is Shikamaru home?" She asked politely. "I know it's late but-"

"Ah…" He welcomed her in. "You're lucky. He's upstairs." Ino had been to his house so many times to see his son but every time she came, Shikamaru always wasn't home.

"May I go see him?"

"Of course." He smiled at the young woman. Ino caught the sight of Yoshino as she walked into the house and gave her a polite bow.

"Shikaku-san…" Ino spoke nervously. "Can I ask you something?"

Said person raised his brows.

"Did he ever do anything weird in these past few days?"

"Like what?" Shikamaru had been playing shougi alone outside the house and he had become extra hardworking for a lazy ass. Shikaku wondered if those things considered as weird.

"Like…" Ino searched the right words. She didn't want any of her remark came as an insult to Shikaku. "Like smoking…" She knew Shikaku was a smoker.

"Oh…" Shikaku smiled amusedly. If that was the case, he honestly didn't know. "Why don't you go ask him, Ino-chan? He's in his room. You know your way."

True. She had come to this house for countless times it was easy for her to find his room with her eyes closed.

She gave a few knocks before she opened the bedroom door herself. What Shikamaru had been doing right at the moment she entered kind of surprised her.

The lazy bum was on his desk, studying a few scrolls.

Shikamaru sighed heavily upon detecting her presence. She had caught him this time. Why he ever let his guard down?! No matter how far he run away or how many brilliant strategies he planned in his mind in attempt to escape from her grasp, he knew there was no use. If Ino was determined to see him, sooner or later she'll get what she wanted.

"How are you?" Her voice echoed in his ears. She walked toward him and flopped down casually on his bed.

"Fine." He didn't look at her.

"Have you been smoking lately?"

Right on business, he noted.

"Have you?"

"It's none of your concern."

As usual, he expected her somewhat banshee acts regarding to his bitter response but much to his surprise, she didn't do anything. Again, what she did next shocked the hell out of him.

Speedily, she appeared by his side and pulled his face to face her. Without a word, she took his second kiss.

Ino's eyes clouded with invisible tears the moment she broke free from him. Still holding his cheek, she studied his face thoroughly.

"Why…?" She wanted to cry. "Why don't you come see me?"

He tasted nothing like nicotine. He tasted like…Shikamaru.

"Why don't you come see me?" She repeated her words. "I've been waiting for you. I meant what I said…"

Shikamaru didn't smoke at all even though his father was around to provide him cigarette.

He pulled his face away from her grasp. "Tch…" Staring at the opened scroll in front of him, he complained about how troublesome it was for him to go find her. What a pain, wasting my time, not worth my effort, he said.

"So, I guess I should be the one who come to you, huh?" Ino smiled. She kissed him again before she left his room that night.

If her kisses could make him to quit that bad habit, she was more than glad to be his cigarette.

Like she had said, she had come to him.

She had come to him since that moment. Everyday, day and night, whether she was busy or not, she never failed to give him the replacement cigarettes. She gave him the burning kisses as much as she thought a normal person could ever smoke a day. He never said anything about the thing, so she couldn't tell whether he was pleased or not. But he never complained or resisted her, he never tried to avoid her again so she thought he was okay with the deal. He never smoked a single cigarette again since she first kissed him. He only smoked…her.

Even so, he never was the one who look for the cigarette. She always was the one who come to him.

But that only happened on the first few weeks.

Soon, she found herself was not the one who come to him anymore, instead, he was the one who come to her. She found him in her room so early in the morning, stealing the morning kisses from her half-awaken body. Not only that, she always found herself was pinned against the wall in the middle of her walking and was kissed roughly by him – of course this was done in the dark alleyway because Shikamaru wouldn't dare to kiss her in public. And often, whenever they attended any meetings with the Hokage and the rest of the ninjas, even in the middle of heated discussions, she always found him feeling the need to smoke. He will give her a meaningful look and then departed from the room after giving the Hokage any acceptable excuses and she knew she had to follow suit. The moment she stepped out from the room, he was already waiting for her and without wasting any second, he took her to the nearest hidden room and kissed her as much as he desired.

Looking at the amount of kisses they shared since the first one, if Ino exchange herself with the real cigarettes, Shikamaru probably died from lung cancer by now. He smoked too much.

Kissing her had become a habit.

She always wondered when his new habit will stop. Seriously, they couldn't be doing that forever.

But then again, it was her fault anyway. She was the one who responsible on his new habit.

And not long after the kissing deal began, she found out that Shikamaru was truly addicted to her. His hunger for her burning kisses never seemed to cease, in fact, it was increasing in a frighteningly rapid pace day by day.

On days without mission, the number of their kisses was quite normal. But whenever she or he had to leave for missions, the numbers doubled, tripled and sometimes it almost reached infinity.

And she didn't know that those kisses could lead to something else.

It was the longest mission she had since the kissing deal started. She had been gone from the village for almost two weeks. As she rushed her way home, she couldn't stop thinking about him. If she was lucky, that guy hadn't gone crazy missing her.

The moment she stepped into her dark room, she found it empty as usual. But she knew that he'll come anytime soon and as predicted, she was always right.

Before she had a chance to take a step into the shower, he pulled her into his arms and pinned her against the cold bathroom wall. She didn't hear or see him coming at all. Only the rush of breezy air greeted her as the sign of his presence.

His breath was rough on her skin and without wasting any moment, he kissed and kissed her deeply. His kisses now were wild and full with desperate hunger. He didn't even give her a second to catch her breaths. She felt weak in his arms like she always been every time he held her close. She clutched the fabric of his cloth tightly, as a support for herself if she began to fall. She was really tired and barely had any strength left to comply with his undeniable mouth contact so she just let him do whatever he wanted with her mouth for she had said that the amount of kisses was unlimited. She began to feel dizzy from his intoxicating taste and her mind was fully blank she couldn't think or do anything when…

His lips shifted to her neck.

And traveled down, down to the peak of her breasts, her navel, her core…

She didn't remember when all her clothes were stripped off from her body, revealing her killer figure to his naked eyes. She didn't recall the time he laid her on bed. She couldn't figure out how he suddenly ended on top of her, bare-naked, kissing her all over. She couldn't remember the pain throbbing between her legs the moment he entered her over and over again that night…

Because all that she remembered was the feeling of living in heaven, full with pure ecstasy.

The moment she opened her eyes the next morning, he was there right beside her. His body was turned to face her, his arm slung loosely around her waist and his eyes were looking at her intently.

"I'm sorry." He murmured apologetically to her. His face was full with guilt. He knew that he already crossed the boundary. Sex was not part of the deal.

She searched for any angry feeling rested within her heart but found none. She questioned herself whether she was mad at him or not, for taking her virginity so easily just like that but figured out that she didn't mind at all.

"Don't be." She leaned closer to his lean body. "I didn't regret it."

His face lit up a bit as their skin was in contact with each other's once again. She could feel his smirk when he kissed her good morning. They made love for the second time.

And they always did that since then.

What are they really? Ino always questioned herself. The term "teammates" surely couldn't be used to portray their current relationship. Teammates didn't kiss each other as often as they were doing right now. Teammates didn't have sex so easily just like that. They couldn't possibly lovers for heaven's sake!

I'm just his cigarette… She decided as she closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.

Her statement that night proven that it was true after all. She realized that soon after Tsunade-sama had given her a mission to be accomplish with her new formed teammates.

Her mission this time was a bit different from what she always received. She wondered what kind of reaction Shikamaru would give once she told him about it.

Finished in packing her things, she slipped out from her room and sneaked into his room as usual. She found him sleeping peacefully.

She shook him awake. "What?" He asked groggily.

"I'm leaving for a mission tomorrow." She answered quietly. "It's a long one."

His sleepiness vanished in a second. How long? He wondered thoughtfully. Two weeks was the longest time they've been separated and it that range of time, he almost gone crazy without her burning kisses. His addict kicked in uncontrollably.

Perhaps more than two weeks… Maybe three weeks… He guessed silently. I could stand it, I think…

"How long will you be gone?" He voiced his thoughts.

She looked quite unsure to answer his question. She bit her lower lip hard and sighed heavily. He knew her worries for him.


"It'll probably take months…" Her answer was like a bomb exploded in his ears. "Perhaps a year or two, I don't know. I'm not sure."

"What kind of mission is that?!"

"Spying. Information gathering." She explained about how the mission will work but before she had a chance to finish in telling him everything, he had her pinned on the bed.

"Shikamaru?" Her eyes were wide.

"You talk too much. You're wasting time." He savored her mouth fully. "I'm taking a year supply."

So… She thought silently as he began to release his addict on her. I'm just a cigarette to him after all…

The moment she arrived to join her teammates on the next morning, she knew they all were flabbergasted seeing her appearance.

She looked tired and beat, and her lips were slightly swollen from the countless rough kisses Shikamaru planted on her the night before. Not to mention the visible red marks and light bruises were everywhere on her fair skin.

"Are you alright, Ino-san?" One of her teammates raised a question out of concern toward her condition. She replied with a simple "Yeah" and a glare to prevent further question. They shrugged in response, didn't dare to ask for more information.

"Let's go, guys."

His mouth itched.

It only had been three hours since she left him at dawn but he felt like it had been three weeks. He glanced at the clock rested on his desk and it showed 7am sharp. He groaned lazily. He was not ready to start the day yet.

He needed to smoke. Desperately.

But without his cigarette there, he knew that thing was impossible to do.

Wait a damn second…

His gaze fell on certain things beside the alarm clock. An image of a long, not seen items appeared in front of his eyes. He balled his fists tight. His logic mind debated with his longing heart.

His thoughts flew straight to Ino.

"Here," she handed the two items she stole from him just before she left his room.

He stared at her hands. On her right was Asuma's old cigarette pack and the lighter was on her left. He never thought that one day Ino will give the two back to him.

"What for?" He was confused.

She put the two items on his desk after he made no move to receive them. "I will be gone for a long time, Shikamaru. You probably could not stand a day without smoking. That's why I give the cigarettes back to you."

"You're not angry if I start smoking it back?"

"Why should I feel angry?" Her words contained hidden meanings. She paused at his window, looking at him long before she took her leave. "Besides, you've been smoking all these times, right?"

And just like that, she left him.

Seriously, what do you mean by that, Ino?!

He took a cigarette out from the pack, put it between his lips, lit it and inhaled…

And coughed.

The stick tasted horrible. He frowned, not liking the nicotine taste of it. How could he possibly like smoking that thing before?!

Ino's burning kisses tasted way much better than the burning cigarette.

"…you've been smoking all these times, right?"

His eyes bolted out, slowly understood what she actually meant in her words. He closed his eyes and sighed. The cigarette hung limply between his fingers.

You got me wrong, Ino. I never thought of you as a cigarette. Not even once. You're not a tool to release my addict. For me, you are…

The woman I love.

That's right. I love you, do you know that? That's why I'm willing to quit smoking just so I could kiss you. I'm not addicted to cigarettes just like you assumed I was. The truth is, I'm addicted to you.

I could go crazy without you.

And what about you? Did you let me kiss you only in order for me to quit smoking? Out of concern? Just because you cared for my health? Tell me, Ino…

But his questions left unanswered.

His gaze fell on the burning cigarette in his hand and the cigarette pack resting by his side. He made up his mind. No matter how itched his mouth felt, no matter how desperate his addict could be, he will wait for her return.

He will wait for her burning kisses.

He will wait for the answers.

And until then…

Cigarettes be damned.

Personally, I like this story.