Chapter 3:

The Chase

Ian Rider's POV

The buzz of motorcycles notified me of company.

"Great. All I need." Ian muttered. "But this is no ordinary man you're chasing. You forget that."

He passed his hand over the CD player in the car, and it swivelled to reveal a touch sensitive panel. Ian pressed a finger to the panel, activating the small missiles stored in the back of the BMW.

The missiles quickly found and locked the motorcycles heat and soon, the riders were faced with two flying explosives. They swerved to try and shake them, but the missiles closed in fast. Then hit.

The missiles exploded leaving nothing of the motorcycles but a smocking crater of tar and dirt.

"Told you so." Ian said, then gunned the car faster along the highway.

Yassen Gregorvich's POV

"What do you mean destroyed?!" I exploded at the guard who had brought me the news that his chase squad had failed. I swore for a bit in Russian. "If I have to do this myself, then I will."

I walked hurriedly towards my room. I whipped the two smaller guns from the case and tucked them in the holsters on my belt. I then headed back towards the airstrip.

I marched down the airstrip, towing a guard by his collar. The guard got the general drift, and jogged along beside me.

"Helicopter, now!" I growled. "I trust you know how to fly a helicopter?" The guard nodded. "Good, in."

The man jumped in, followed shortly by me. Soon, the sleek black craft rose into the air. I pulled the gun from my belt, and made sure it was loaded.

They flew over the wall of the compound, and towards the highway. Soon, the smoking crater of what had been the chase team was in sight.

"Can't be to far now." I said. I opened the storage cupboard, and selected a thick piece of rope that would normally tie the helicopter down in bad weather. I tied it in a slip knot around my ankles, securing the other end to a metal hook on the helicopter wall. I tested it, leaning against my weight against the hook. It held.

I peered out the windshield, and saw we were coming up on the silver BMW. I quickly devised a simple plan in my head.

"Go lower." I said. The guard dropped the craft until it was roughly ten feet above the car. We were still behind it.

"Match his speed." The pilot edged the chopper forwards until we were matching the car inch for inch.

"Keep the chopper steady. It'll jerk when I jump. Wish me luck." I muttered, then opened the jump door on the side. I jumped out of the chopper, into the rush of air below.

Then, time seemed to slow, almost stop.

I fell for a moment, and then the rope sprung taught, jerking the chopper a little. I hung beside the car now. The man turned his head, en did a double take. His pale eyes widened. I knew what he was seeing.

Ian Rider's POV

I heard the quick thud of a helicopter, and nudged the speed up. The chopper dropped to ten feet above me, and matched my pace. Then, something dropped from the sky to hang beside me. I glanced at it, then snapped my head back towards it, double take. Yassen Gregorvich hung beside me. He pulled two sleek silver guns from his belt, and aimed them at me. He hesitated, maybe taunting me, letting me stare into his cold, emotionless eyes, the eyes of my killer.

Yassen Gregorvich's POV

I hesitated, for a split second, then years of training took over, and I hardened my stare, and pulled the trigger. Two bullets exploded from the barrels of the guns, and sped the man to his death. I tucked the guns back in my belt, and climbed back up the rope.

Below me, the car swerved off the road, and into the trees lining the edge of it. I pulled myself from the frozen space below me, and into the helicopter. We then turned back towards base.

Two days later.

Yassen stood by his window, watching the sun rise. Only a day ago he had killed the man, not knowing who he was. He found out when the next day, he had killed Ian Rider, John Rider's brother. Yassen remembered now, that John had a son, Alex. When John had died, Ian took Alex in. now Ian was dead. He was now even more in debt to John.

He just thanked God Alex didn't know.