Disclaimer: 'Two Worlds' is a fan fiction based on characters from the anime 'Digimon'. Obviously I do not own them or I'll be bragging to you right now. XD However, I do own my own three characters, namely Jeff Maxwell, Aki Fujioka and Kyo Takase.

Summary: Enter Yamato Ishida. Teenage rockstar, popular guy. Sora Takenouchi. Average student, friend of many. When the all famous Ishida enrolled into a local high school, he found himself attracted to the lovable Takenouchi. They are of two different worlds and their paths are not meant to be crossed. But he's Yamato Ishida, there's no girl he can't get.

Note: This fan fiction includes a couple of pairings, in which you will find out in the later parts of the chapters. This fan fiction also disregards the plotline from the 'Digimon' anime. (Including the Digimons)

Two Worlds

The dark sky loomed over the small city of Odaiba, droplets of rain flooding the streets. A black limousine cruised past the traffic lights, its passengers dry and warm. Within the vehicle, four teenagers sat comfortably against the seats, cans of beer in their hands, loud music playing from the speakers.

'That gig was smashing, dude! Totally awesome!'

'Tell me about it. You still haven't told us Ishida. How on earth were you able to grab something like that?'

'Exactly! A gig at the most popular bar around here! What more can we ask for?'

As the three males chatted and laughed, a blond sat at the far end of the seat. With an arm resting against the door, he smirked. It wasn't tough to get a gig like that. He had the money. Taking a gulp from the beer can, he sighed. It has been raining for two days straight and the mood was becoming dull.

Sneaking a glance at his half-drunken friends, he recalled how they had gotten together to form the Teenage Wolves. Aki Fujioka, brunette with green eyes. He's extremely educated and has received quite a number of awards and scholarships, though he was more interested to pursue his music. Kyo Takase, black hair with almond coloured eyes. Although he's handsome, he has a child-like spirit within him. Jeff Maxwell, another brunette with blue eyes. Jeff came from America when he was just a child and has adapted to Japan really well. Speaking fluent Japanese was no tough challenge for him either. However, Jeff is quite the womanizer. Last but not least, who could forget the all-famous Yamato Ishida? A handsome blond with bright cerulean eyes, he was the leader of the band, also the one who is most sought after.

Sliding further down the seat, Yamato rested his head against the window. His head was pounding tremendously, putting him into a foul mood. The rain wasn't helping either. Taking a glance at the dark surroundings outside, he scowled.

'Don't worry dad, I'll be fine, honest! Yes, I know. Yes, everything is alright. I know dad, no partying. Yes, my project is progressing well.'

In the dark compartment, an auburn-haired girl was talking on the phone as she went on all fours, reaching under her bed to retrieve a thick textbook. Balancing the phone between her ear and shoulder, she sighed.

'Yes dad, no the electricity is still on. No, I am not cooking.'

Heaving a frustrated sigh, the girl ran a hand through her hair. Her father was always so worried. She wouldn't blame him, but sometimes it was just too much. Years ago, her mother had been involved in an accident, forever removed from her life. Her father, on the other hand, had decided to take on all responsibility and raise her all by himself. However, in order to do so, he was always traveling out of the country for a living, leaving her all by herself at home. As such, she lived in a small studio apartment. Of course, she was allowed to design and select her own colours, ending up with white and metallic blue.

'Dad, I promise ok? I promise everything's fine. You know that. Ok bye!'

Tossing the cordless phone onto her bed with a groan, the girl moved towards her desk. Glaring at the laptop, she read the headline. A Full Biography on Albert Einstein What was she thinking when she decided to take the course? Making the decision of abandoning the essay for a while, she took a few steps, stepping into her kitchenette. Opening the refrigerator door, she froze. Her dinner! There was absolutely nothing for her to prepare. Banging her head against the nearby wall, she cursed. Of course, she finished it yesterday.

Stomping back into the main room, she shrugged on her Odaiba High sweater before leaving the apartment. Looking around for her umbrella, she clenched her fist as she scanned her room. Everything was neat so it wasn't difficult to spot what she was looking for. Just then, it dawned on her.

'Damn! The umbrella's with Taichi! This day can't get any worse!'

Rushing out of the apartment, she locked the door behind her and stared at the curtain of rain before her. Taking a huff, she brushed her hair away from her eyes and ran out into the rain.

I bet dad will have a fit when he finds out about this!

'Hey man! What are you thinking dude?'

Turning slightly to face his band mates, Yamato blinked. 'What?'

'What's wrong with you Ishida?' Aki smirked. 'You look dazed there.'

'Thinking about a girl?' Kyo added.

'What girl?' Yamato sniggered. 'Just something's on my mind. Nothing much, what were we talking about?'

'About the next gig. Do you think you can grab us a nice one again dude?'

'Sure, no problem.'

'You sound confident Ishida.' Aki frowned.

'Of course I am. I have the money, so why wouldn't they give me the spot?'

'Well, if you put it that way.'

'No worries Aki. I'll handle everything. What do you guys think about-'

Yamato broke off when the limousine skidded to a halt all of a sudden, sending Kyo and Jeff sprawling on the floor.

'Ouch, that must hurt.' Aki commented as he helped Kyo up.

'What the hell's going on?' Jeff shouted as he brushed himself.

Spontaneously, Yamato pressed a button, sending the divider down.

'Hey Jack. What's up man?' The blond asked as he turned to face the driver, only to find it empty. 'Jack?'

'Where did that damn driver go man?' Jeff growled as he stepped off the car, effectively soaking himself.

Sighing, Yamato followed then Aki and Kyo. As soon as he left the warmth of the limousine, Yamato regretted it instantly. Frowning, he moved to where Jeff was standing. Looking over the brunette, he blinked. A girl was sitting on the ground, hands holding on to her wrist. Beside her, the driver was apologising frantically, saying how he could not see her clearly from the rain and all, seemingly ignorant that the girl was assuring him that she's fine.

Shaking his head, Yamato stepped forward, offering his hand. The girl stared for a moment before standing up herself. Beside him, Kyo stepped forward, handing her a plastic bag.

'Here, I believe this is yours.'

Nodding, the redhead smiled. 'Yeah thanks.'

At that time, Yamato took his time to scrutinize the girl. Auburn hair that stops just past her shoulders framed her face, bringing out her ruby red eyes. She looked slim and fit; though she was slightly short, such that her head only reached Yamato's shoulder. Dressed in a pair of jeans with a turtleneck, she wore a sweater on the outside. Squinting his eyes, Yamato tried to make out the words that were imprinted on the sleeve of the sweater.

'You want a ride?' He offered.

The blond watched as the redhead took a quick look at the limousine before returning her gaze towards him.

'Uh…no it's fine. Thanks.'

With that, the girl left, leaving five males in the rain.

'Come on guys, let's go. It's freaking freezing out here.' Breaking the silence between them, Jeff stepped into the limousine. The rest followed soon enough, engaging in a conversation again.

'So tomorrow we're going to a local high school yeah?' Jeff smiled.

'Bet Aki's going to be the top scholar again.' Kyo added, sending the green-eyed brunette a smirk.

'Oh shut up! Anyways, I think the high school's called Odaiba High, heard it was the best high school around.'

As Yamato drowned out the conversation, he tapped his chin thoughtfully.

Odaiba High huh?

End of Prologue

A/N: I've been trying to write Digimon fanfics but I have never been able to get them right. This time, I'm determined to see it through. In this fic, Yamato and Sora are seemingly people of two different worlds. The difference will be displayed in this fic and it will show how these two characters overcome their differences and understand each other. Please spend some of your time and R&R!

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