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Two Worlds

As the afternoon sun shone brightly overhead, a blonde sat still on her assigned bed, staring out the window. Her green eyes were open, yet not watching. Her mind was elsewhere as she sat there pondering. All that she has done and all that she will do. A soft sigh escaped her pink lips as she closed her eyes and breathed in the warm air. Children's laughter could be heard from below as she strained her neck to take a look, chuckling at their antics. How long has it been since she's done something like them?

Just then, a knock sounded on the door and she turned to look.

'Mihara-san, someone is here to pick you up,' the nurse gave her a smile. 'The same boy.'

A grin appeared on the blonde's face and she nodded excitedly, her hands grasping the blankets that covered her waist down. The door opened once again and this time, a boy with bushy brown hair entered.

'How're you feeling today?' He asked with a wave of his hand, placing a wrapped package on her lap. 'Sora got you that by the way, some clothes if I'm not wrong. Why don't you change into those?'

'Thanks,' Aiko gestured to the gift. 'I'm feeling a lot better actually. Thank you for coming to visit me all the time.'

With a shrug, Taichi shoved his hands into his pockets. 'It's no big. So,' he said with a tilt of his head, 'how's Jyou's book?'

An amused sparkle seemed to light up in her eyes before she reached over to take it from her side. 'Intellectual and engaging but at my level it's rather difficult to understand.'

Laughter sounded from the brunette as he shook his head. 'I knew it!' Turning around, he murmured, 'Jyou, you owe me five bucks.'

Returning his glance towards the girl, he clapped his hands together. 'Well, why don't you go change and I'll help you pack the remaining into your bag? After that we'll head out.'

'Sure, I'll just be a minute.'

Staring at her retreating back, Taichi laughed softly. 'Right…one minute, I'm sure.'

Turning to face the wardrobe, he shook his head with a helpless grin. 'This is going to be so awkward.'

'This feels good.' Takeru spoke with a groan as he stretched, crossing his arms beneath his head while he lay on the stone bench.

A giggle sounded beside him and he'd recognise that sound anywhere. Continuing to close his eyes, he pretended that he was asleep.

'Come on Keru, I know you're awake.' She smiled as she poked him in the stomach. 'Get up; it's time for the party.'

Mumbling something in audible, Takeru allowed a smile to creep onto his face as he extended his arms towards her. Opening his eyes slightly, he gave her a sleepy grin. Sighing, she held his hands in an attempt to pull him up. All of a sudden, Takeru leaned forward slightly and using all his strength, he pulled her towards him, wrapping his arms around her as he lay back on the bench. Squealing with joy, Hikari slapped him on the chest.

'Come on sleeping beauty! Stop fooling around, let's go!'

'Sleeping beauty eh? So you think I'm handsome.' A cheeky grin sat on his face and Hikari smiled. Giving him a quick peck on the lips, she pulled away.

'There, let's go.'

Takeru laughed in disbelief as he sat up, jogging a few steps to catch up with Hikari who was already on her way out of the park.

'Hika!' He called out. Smirking slightly, he pretended to gasp out in horror. 'I don't believe this! You're trading with me? A kiss for a trip down to Sora's apartment? It wasn't even a real kiss!'

Stopping suddenly, Hikari turned to face him and without a word, placed both hands on the sides of his face and pulled him towards her. At the same time, she stood on her toes as she tilted her head and slipped her tongue into his mouth, her lips covering his. For a moment, the two sunk into their own world as they caressed each other's face, their lips playing with each other. Pulling away slowly, Hikari breathed deeply as her nose touched his.

'How was that?' She whispered.

Giving her one more kiss, Takeru hugged her tight. 'Loved it.'

Meanwhile, at Sora's apartment, Jyou was helping her set the dishes out on her study table. Shifting her books and laptop aside, Sora smiled as the blue-haired teen approached her with a plate of omelettes. He chuckled as he placed the plate down.

'That's the problem of not having a proper table Sora.'

Laughing alongside with him, she nodded. 'Yeah I know. But there's no point in me having one when it's just me alone, you know?'

Just then, a crash came from the kitchenette and Sora ran to the door, stopping abruptly when she raised an eyebrow at the scene in front of her. Looking at the shattered light bulb on the floor, she looked up to see both Mimi and Koushiro on her ladder. It was an awkward position for Koushiro she would say.

On one side of the ladder, the redhead was trying to fix a new light bulb in while keeping his eyes fixed on the ceiling, a fierce blush covering his entire face. Beads of sweat were sliding down his face as Mimi dabbed them away with a piece of tissue. Holding back a smile, Sora shook her head. Poor Koushiro would not be perspiring so much if the brunette was not in such a close proximity she would say. The darling girl was on the other side of the ladder, the top of her head just below Koushiro's chin. Looking up to watch him, she smiled happily. Yet, whether she was unaware that her cleavage was obvious to the redhead's view or not if he looked down was unclear. Still, Sora had a suspicion that she was doing that on purpose. Chuckling, she waved to Mimi.

'Come on Mimi, why don't you help me carry the rest of the plates out?'

With a pout, she tackled Koushiro around the waist suddenly, causing the boy to turn into a deep shade of red. 'But I want to stay with Koushiro.'

Before Sora could say any further, the doorbell rang and seeing Jyou walk towards the door, she followed suit. Upon opening the entrance, she smiled when Takeru and Hikari came into view.

'Hey, nice decorations,' Takeru commented as he stepped in, his hand locked with Hikari's. 'Love the ring streamers.'

'Well you should tell that to Mimi, she was the one who made it.' Jyou gestured to the kitchen with a tilt of his head. 'Although I won't say that this is a good time.'

'Ah I see,' Takeru winked at Hikari as they chuckled.

No sooner, the doorbell rang again and Sora beamed. Opening the door, she welcomed her guest with a hug.

'I'm glad you're here,' Sora pulled back with a smile, 'Aiko.'

'How could I miss it?' The blonde sighed with a smile. 'You organised this party just for me…besides, I can't turn away a friend. Thank you Sora, for everything.'

Staring at the girl before her, she nearly teared. So much has happened, so many changes. As she watched Taichi enter her apartment and gave her a nod, she looked around at all her friends' faces. The group photo at the last concert sat at the table, staring back at her. She knew that everything was going to be just fine.

Yamato…you should really see Aiko now...

'Hey Sora…' Yamato whispered as he hugged the redhead from behind, his arms circling her waist tenderly. The last concert in Odaiba was finally over, and the Teenage Wolves were off to a fresh start – acting.

'Yama,' she whispered back, tilting her head slightly to see his face.

However, he buried his head into her should and sighed.

'I'm going to miss you.'

Hearing his confession, she turned around slowly and this time, she embraced him tight.

'I love you Yama…now and forever.'

I love you…

End of Epilogue

End of Two Worlds