Alianne looked on in horror and fear as Dalinedry spread her wings and took off over the side of the cliff. Sure, she had been taking classes with her Aunt Daine, and her father, Nawat Crow, was waiting lower in crow form to catch her if she falls, but Aly was still frightened for her daughter. Dalinedry finished shifting and began crow-running, the mark of a first flight, and jumped into the air. At first she dropped, causing her poor mothers heart to stop beating. Then she soared high, chirping greetings and exclamations to her mother.

After an hour of flying practice, Nawat flew over to his wife and helped her to stand, her very pregnant stomach brushing across her knees. Of course I have to have twins. After all, twins run in her family, and Nawat had almost three hundred brothers and sisters. She sighed and Nawat helped her to bed.