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On the Quiet

Prologue: The Final Battle

The final battle was now upon the wizard and witches of the side of Light. Dumbledore and Harry were at the front of those willing to sacrifice their lives. Not only for the good of the Wizarding World but also for the Muggle World which had also been affected. It was the beginning of Harry's seventh year at Hogwarts and the war had been ongoing for the almost three years, starting when Harry was just fourteen.

The opening feast had only just begun when alarms sounded telling all inside that Voldemort had come onto the school grounds. Students had been taken to their dorms, except for those willing to fight for the light. The Order had taken to staying within the castle, when Dumbledore had found out that Voldemort was going to attack the school soon, but was unsure of when the exact day would be.

Voldemort had come to Hogwarts with the intention of killing Harry, Dumbledore and as many of the light side that he could as well as taking over Hogwarts. He had brought with him almost 300 Death Eater's and the Dementors that had once guarded Azkaban Prison. He had failed to get the Vampires on his side as well of the werewolves. Both of them had stayed neutral in the war, as neither Dumbledore nor Voldemort was willing to help them reclaim their rights within the world that had made them less than second class citizens with essentially no rights.

Harry had just stunned another Death Eater that was about to try and kill him, although he had heard Voldemort yell at them all that he was to be left for Voldemort to try and kill. He looked over as he heard someone shout the Cruciatus curse and saw Charlie Weasley get hit. Harry's heart jumped into his throat as he watched his secret lover writhe in pain. He sighed in relief as Bill Weasley stunned the Death Eater.

He watched as Bill helped his brother get up from the ground. He saw the two get back to fighting the Death Eaters. He could see his friends Ron and Hermione over the other side battling together as a team. They had become a couple during the summer holidays last year, and despite all the arguing, they loved each other. It was even more of a surprise when they told Harry, during Christmas last year, that there was a third in their little love nest - none other than Draco Malfoy. He had gone against his father and stayed at Hogwarts, refusing to go home to be marked.

Draco was with his godfather Severus, fighting a group of five Death Eaters. Severus Snape had taken to helping to train Harry, Ron, Hermione and Draco during the last year so that they would be ready to fight in the final battle. The quintet worked well together, though Draco still worked best with his godfather as did Ron and Hermione.

The seventeen-year-old wizard carried on, slowly making his way to where Voldemort stood watching over the raging battle. Voldemort stood alone; his right hand man Lucius Malfoy was fighting Dumbledore a hundred yards from where the Dark Lord stood.

"Hello Tom." Harry said softly as he came to the feared wizard.

"Don't call me that insulting Muggle name Potter." Voldemort hissed at the young wizard.

"You are Tom Marvolo Riddle, and that will never change. You were born that and you will die that." Harry said calmly as Voldemort shot a killing curse Harry's way.

Harry dodged the curse and started to shoot other spells back, trying to weaken the aging Dark Lord.

"I am LORD Voldemort!" he screamed into the night.

Harry shook his head and finally managed to get the dark lord in his grasp. "Animus Attero (1)" Harry intoned as the purple light shot from his wand and hit Voldemort in the middle of the chest.

Voldemort screamed in pain as his soul was torn from his body and destroyed. The body of Voldemort dropped to the hard ground and didn't move again. It was over. Voldemort was destroyed. Harry was left with one last thing to do. Harry levitated Voldemort's body high into the air. The fighting around Hogwarts stopped as all eyes went to the floating body of Voldemort.

"Sparsum Is Somes Ut Quattuor Ventus (2)" Harry said as the body burst into a glittery shower and was scattered to the winds.

The light side quickly bound the surviving Death Eaters, while other helped the injured to the hospital wing, or helped transport them to St Mungo's. Harry helped take people to the hospital wing and hoped he would see Charlie as he walked around. He hoped that the only thing that had hurt the older wizard would be the Cruciatus Curse he had seen hit him.

Five hours later and everything was done. Death Eaters were in the Ministry holding cells awaiting their trials. There would be some that had been under the Imperious curse, while others were forced to fight because out of fear for their families. Harry walked into the Great Hall and looked around. Those that were uninjured, or only had small cuts and bruises had been taken to the Great Hall to eat and drink before they went to rest.

Harry couldn't see Charlie and walked over to the Weasley family. He couldn't see Ron, Hermione or Draco either. He saw Molly Weasley turn. She was smiling, so Harry knew that none of the Weasley family had died this night.

"Oh Harry dear, so glad to see you are alright. I didn't think my brood would escape death tonight. Charlie and Fred are in the hospital wing as are Hermione, Ron and Draco, though only one of those is actually hurt. Arthur was taken to St Mungo's but he will be right as rain in a couple of weeks." She told him.

"That is good news." He smiled tiredly. "I'm going to the Hospital Wing then. I'll be back a little later."

Molly nodded as she turned back to the rest of her children, making sure that they were really all right. Harry smiled and walked away and headed to the Hospital Wing. He opened the doors and found the place quiet. Most of the patients were sleeping, a few were awake talking quietly with their visitors, while others were eating and drinking. He walked over to the triad's bed first, and noted that Draco was in the middle. Hermione was the only one awake and she smiled as she saw Harry come up to them.

"Hey Hermione. What happened?" he asked softly as he sat down on the chair that was next to the bed.

"McNair and that bitch Pansy Parkinson got him. She is still sore that she will never get Draco that's why she did it, I just know it. Anyway they slashed him up quite a bit. He's lost a lot of blood, and he will have to learn how to walk again, but he will be fine. He didn't like the fact that his spine was damaged, but at least he will walk in time. He also hated it that he will have scars." She answered with a tentative smile. "Me and Ron only had a few cuts so we are alright." She added she knew that Harry was going to ask after them as well.

"I'm going to check on Charlie and Fred." He said as she left her so she can get some more sleep.

He walked over to Fred and saw that he was sleeping. He looked around seeing if he could get someone to tell him what was wrong with the prankster. "Bone crushing hex to the chest. Done his ribs in, but he'll be fine, they have already fixed them, no damage to his lungs." Came Charlie's familiar voice.

"What about you?" Harry asked Charlie as he went over to his bed.

"Couple of slashing hexes and one bone crushing hex to the leg. Nothing too bad." He smiled. "I've had worse from the dragons at the reserve."

"I know, now get some sleep." Harry smiled at his lover. "I love you." He whispered quietly so no one could over hear him. He wanted to give the Dragon tamer a kiss, but could not risk it. They were not ready for people to know about them yet. Charlie saw the longing in his young lovers face and smiled as he scooted down the bed. Within minutes he was asleep.

Harry smiled and got up. He hated to leave him alone, but knew people would talk if he went to sleep next to Charlie. He left the hospital wing, having a quick look at Hermione, and seeing she was asleep. She and Ron had their arms wrapped around Draco as though to protect him. He walked to the room Dumbledore had given him and laid down. Within minutes he had fallen asleep, exhaustion from the magic he had used to destroy Voldemort and just plain physical exhaustion had made him beyond tired.

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(1) Animus Attero means Soul Destroy in Latin.

(2) Sparsum Is Somes Ut Quattuor Ventus means Scatter this body to the four winds in Latin.