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Victims Shame

Chapter one: Prologue

Harry's fifth year was a very exciting year for the fifteen-year-old wizard, and that was even before the school year had even started. Harry and the rest of the golden trio had found out that the Malfoy Family were not the evil family they made themselves out to be. They were actually soy's for the light, like their potions master Severus Snape. It had taken a few talks but the golden trio and Draco had made their peace and became friends.

Their friendship was a dangerous one as things with Voldemort had become so bad that there were spies for the Dark Wizard almost everywhere, especially among the students. So Lucius had gone to Voldemort with a plan saying that his son would try and befriend the golden trio. Voldemort had thought that it was a wonderful idea and that they could try and turn the Boy-Who-Lived, so he had allowed the friendship to happen. Dumbledore had told Harry that they were giving Draco some information that could be sent in letter form to his father so it could be given to the Dark Lord so that he would believe that the young blond as well as the older one was loyal to him.

Draco had been their friend since the summer for real but to Voldemort he had been their friend since January. Pretending that he was a light wizard while gathering information for Voldemort. He had been part of the DA and had helped teach some of the group alongside Harry, because he had a lot of knowledge of how dark wizards worked because of what he had to pretend to do. He had also gone with them to the Ministry of Magic. He had been a lot help to the younger brunette as he grieved for his fallen godfather Sirius Black.

Harry's sixth year started with an attack on the Hogwarts Express, thankfully Dumbledore had an early warning of the attack thanks to Lucius. He had teachers, Auror's and Order members on board with the students to help protect them. The DA had also helped the adults in the short-lived battle, as the number of Death Eaters was not that large. The ferocity and number of light wizards that had been there to fight had soon defeated them. The following months till December wee quiet as Voldemort was nursing his wounds from the failed attack.

During a Hogsmeade weekend, just before Christmas, Harry had been kidnapped but Voldemort's Death Eater's. He had been tortured for almost a week until he had decided to show Harry how truly evil he was. Voldemort had taken hostage a muggle family. He had the parents shackled to the wall; their seven-year-old daughter was made to stand among a group of death eaters that was to torture her. Her parents begged and pleaded for them to let their baby go.

When the first Cruciatus curse hit the innocent little girl, Harry had felt his magic well up inside of him. His magic released it self into the gathering and stunned the death eaters and broke the magical bonds that had held the little girls parents and his own to break. Moving quickly as he could with the injuries he had received other the six days, he gathered the magic inside and around him and gathered it in his hand, a moment later the pure white ball of magic hurtled towards and hit Voldemort. He didn't have time to scream as he disintegrated into dust, which sparkled into nothing a second after it had settled onto the ground.

The family had been healed and oblivated and then taken back to their home, where they were made to believe they had been on a holiday. Harry had been exhausted physically, mentally and magically. Dumbledore thought it would be a good idea for Harry to recover away from Hogwarts, so he had decided to allow Harry. Ron, Hermione and Draco the use of his seaside cottage for a month or two. So that Harry could recover with his closest friends around him.

It was during this time away from the hustle and bustle of Hogwarts that Harry and Draco's relationship changed. They started to go out with one another alone, walking along the beach, where they shared their first kiss. It was February when they went back to school. Dumbledore threw a party to celebrate Harry's return to Hogwarts, as well as the defeat of Voldemort, because he could not attend the ones straight after Voldemort's defeat as he was in the hospital wing recovering.

The truth of the Malfoy family and professor Snape came out for the world to see and hear of their brave deeds. Harry was awarded the Order of Merlin First Class, as well as the Malfoy's and Snape for their part in the war. Life was quiet and peaceful now that Voldemort was destroyed and his Death Eater's were in Azkaban under lock and key as well as the Dementors.

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