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Chapter Five

Harry was in the room of requirement, lying on a bed that had appeared in the room, he had been sleeping in the room, instead of his own, afraid of going back to his own room in Gryffindor tower. He didn't want to run the risk of being cornered again by Seamus. He had also begun to avoid Draco, feeling as though, if the blond knew what had happened to him, he would be disgusted.

Harry got up and walked out of his sanctuary, he needed to go to the library, just because he wanted to be alone, did not excuse him from the homework he still had to do.


Seamus lay in his bed, in his room in Gryffindor tower, he had not seen Harry around the dorm since they had spent those few precious hours together in an abandoned room, still Seamus thought that Harry loved him now they had spent time together, without anyone else nearby. Seamus smiled when he thought of Harry, as he always did. He got up off his bed and walked out of his bedroom, leaving Gryffindor tower in search of his true love.

He walked along the corridors, spotting Harry as he walked around the empty corridors, Seamus followed the brunette, keeping his distance, and until he could be sure that they would be alone, he would stay away. Harry turned a corner, going towards the library, Seamus smiled, knowing that he would be able to watch his love, he knew that Malfoy was outside at Quidditch practice and Ron and Hermione were still in the dorms.

He walked into the library, following Harry as he chose a desk near the back of the vast room, he quietly approached, keeping to the shadows as he the settled down to watch and wait, to wait for the perfect time when he would be able to be with his love once again.

He sat in wait for almost an hour, when he growled as he say Malfoy walked into the library as well, he watched as the blond walked over to his love, and kissed the brunette. He watched in glee as he saw Harry flinch at the kiss. He knew, he just knew that Harry was his now, that the Boy-Who-Lived would want no other touching him.

He was going to shout out to call Harry to him, but was silence when dean shouted his name.

"Soon my love, you will be by my side, and nothing, no one will be able to pull us apart.


Harry shuddered a little as Draco kissed him again, though the shudder was mainly because he knew that Seamus was in the room, thanks to dean shouting his name.

"Hey, Love, how are you?" Draco asked as he sat down next to his lover.

Harry somehow managed to smile at him and said softly, "I'm a little tired, but fine."

"You don't look it Harry, are you sure, maybe we can go and see Madam Pomfrey, just to make sure that you and the baby are fine." Draco said seriously as he looked at his partner and saw the darkness underneath his eyes.

"I'm fine, Draco, honestly, I'm fine." He said one again.

Draco smiled at him and said softly, "I'm sorry Harry, I am just worried about you, I can see that you are tired, and I want to make sure you are well."

"I know Draco, and I love that you are so concerned about me, but I do know what my body need most of the time, I know my limits, and I promise to be careful." He reassured the blond.

"As long as you do, I shall try and stop being such a mother hen, I feel as though I haven't seen you in so long, I have missed you Harry." Draco said as he pulled the small teen into his lap.

"Draco," Harry hissed, embarrassed and frightened when Draco refused to let him go, "we are in the library, please let me go." He almost begged, a slight tinge of fear in his voice.

Draco shot another worried look at Harry and let him go, "are you sure you are alright, normally that wouldn't have bothered you at all."

"I'm fine, I'm just a little touchy because of the pregnancy." Harry lied, all he wanted was to rush back to the room of requirement and lock himself in.

"Alright then, my mother was the same, would let my father near her." Draco smiled.

"I wonder about my mother, was she the same." Harry said, glad that the lie had worked.

"You can always ask someone, I am sure they would know." He suggested.

"I think I will, thank you, I should go, I really need some sleep." Harry begged off staying any longer.

"Alright then, want me to walk you to your dorm."

"No, I am alright on my own, why don't you go and see your friends." Harry suggested back.

"I think I will haven't talked to Blaise in a while, I know he has someone new." Draco smiled, as the two got up and left the library.

As they reached a spilt in the corridors, Draco went to kiss Harry once again, Harry ducked out of the way.

"Harry?" Draco questioned.

"Sorry, I just,"

Draco sighed, he had been feeling a little abandoned by Harry over the last two weeks, he had though, as Harry had told him just that it was because he was feeling tired, but maybe it was something else.

"Harry what is wrong, please tell me, has it got something to do with me?" he asked the smaller teen.

"I just cant do this, with you, I just cant," he cried as he then ran off, startling Draco.

"Harry!" he called as he gave chase, unfortunately, Harry knew the secret passages of Hogwarts and was able to get away. Leaving Draco along, and out of breath in a corridor.

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