Title: A Bond of Friendship

Author: Calenlass Greenleaf

Summary: Two friends reminisce. Non-slash, this is a very short fic about Aragorn and Legolas. When I mention love, it is platonic love.

Spoilers: None.

A/N: This is a prose, non-rhythmic piece that was written in about two hours when my muse attacked me. Rather crude, but I had to write it.

A Bond of Friendship

You knew the path that you would take

You knew what lay ahead,

You knew what it would cost you,

Yet you chose that path.


For while, you walked alone.

A lonely path you trod,

A quiet life you led.


A chance encounter with you was all it took,

And our lives were changed at that moment.

At first I distrusted you, even scorned you.

But you showed me what friendship was,

What you would do for me.


You taught me something important,

That not all men were alike.

You taught me not to judge by appearances,

But to look into the heart.

You opened my eyes to show me that some good still exists on this earth.


You gave me hope when I had thought mine was spent,

You gave me courage when mine was failing.


You stood with me in all our trials and mishaps,

You saw my worst, yet you were there with me.

You cared for when I was hurt, in pain.

You were with me in all things.


I am proud to call you my friend.

I am proud to call you my brother.




You had been on your own for a long time,

You were hardened by what you saw you saw on this earth.

You had seen much in your life,

All the evilness and hostility.


You had a painful past.

You did not trust easily,

Especially of my people.


Our meeting was abrupt, informal,

I admired you, and said so.

Yet you pushed me away.

You distrusted me, and said so,

But I taught you to let go of the past.


You then accepted me, accepted me with all my blunders,

And stood for me when the world was against me.


You supported me in the midst of my fears, when my courage failed.

You carried me when my strength was spent,

When I could not go on.

You held me in your arms when my world came crashing down,

When I was in my darkest hour,

And you reminded me of our friendship.


You encouraged me to claim my right,

To reach for the impossible goal.

You pushed me on when I was in despair, and I thank you.


We are more then friends, you and I,

We are brothers.



Two halves making up one,

Together, we are a fellowship,

Two unbreakable links of a chain.


We stand for one another in all things,

When we face opposition or threats to our bond.

We support and give each other hope and encouragement,

When the outlook is grim.


We walk a road to together,

Taking whatever comes our way.

Many times have we both looked upon death.

But though the path is rough,

And the ordeals many,

We remember that while one may be defeated,

Two may conquer.


Although we may be different in many ways,

In personality, preferences, and race,

Our love for each other will never change.

Because it is not similarities that make up a friendship,

Rather, differences molded over time to fit a single perfect pattern.


Forever our friendship will last,

It will withstand the tests of time.

Never are we alone,

Even in death.

-Aragorn and Legolas

The End