Title: Loyal to the End

Author: Calenlass Greenleaf

Disclaimer: I don't own the Lord of the Rings. I don't own the Mellon Chronicles.

Spoilers: LOTR in general and MC.

Rating: PG for angst only. No romance.

Summary: Written with 'Remember How to Smile' in mind, of reminiscing the past. The poem is meant to tie up the series. Yes, this one is quite overdue.

A/N: The poetry muses have not visited for a long time, as you can tell. I've moved on to prose, rather than poetry, though I can't deny that I still hold a place in my heart for it. This won't be the last poem I write, but don't expect too many of them in the future.

This is either in Aragorn's POV or Legolas' POV.

Loyal to the End

When the end draws nigh,

And all's been said and done,

Can I look back with satisfaction in your eyes?


The road was a long one,

A trying one,

Winding uphill always

Never downhill.

It steepens with each year,

The rocks in the path more numerous.


Yet was I giving my all?


Was I faithful in my promises,

Truthful in what I said,

Careful in what I did?


Did I remember to look out for others,

To live for others and not myself,

To risk my all to save another?


Have the dreams been fulfilled,

The tasks completed,

The wishes come to pass?


No-one stays the same,

Personalities changes,

Sometimes for better,

Sometimes for worse.


Yet did I do my best?


Was I thorough in my deeds,

Wary of slip-ups,

Cautious of everything?


Did I remember to smile,

To laugh at the little pleasures of life,

To share the joy of others?


Have the tears been shed,

The pain wiped away,

The sorrow accepted?


The days fade,

The years ebb,

What was once young becomes old.

The earth changes,

And things become new.


Yet have I stayed the same?


Was I loyal to the end,

The higher purpose,

The calling?


Did I remember those that taught me,

The lessons recited,

The practices I've done?


Have the things that I honored still in view,

My wisdom increased,

My childishness put to the past?


There were moments when I failed,

When the weakness seemed so clear to others,

Days that were filled with grieving,

Years of guilt and self-blame.


But did I learn to stand up straight,

Take what life throws at me,

Learn to duck,

And forgive myself?


Did I learn to fight for a cause that no-one cared about,

Straining heart and body for such,

Suffering quietly,

And be passionate and whole-hearted in everything?


Did I meet people that I learned to trust,

Became my friends,

And even, perhaps family?


Can I say that I have been loyal to the end,

In everything,

To everyone,

To myself,

And be truthful in that?



I can.


I Veth

A/N: And thus this series is ended, and will no more be updated. I'm hardly leaving the fandom, though. This is simply moving on to different styles of writing, because my prose has changed.

What does my prose look like these days?

Tithen Maethor was the first venture into non-poetic prose. It was better received than I thought it would be.

What I Live For was the second, written in the midst of an annoying headache that (oddly) helped me.

The Steward and the Lady was the third, written for Roses of Sharon, whose prose is far better than mine.

FFVII Soundtrack: OST, "The Prelude" was my fourth attempt, and the one I put the most effort into. Only three reviews, though. *shrugs* I throw something together (Tithen Maethor took two/three days) and get sixteen-some reviews, while something I toiled with (OST took a week and a half) is barely given a glance. Quite ironic. :P

Well, I need to get back to my stories…before I get buried again in RL.