It was pointed out to me (in the early development of this fic) that Kiba frequently said, "Yahoo!"; I just thought the one I created was a tad bit sillier. I also place blame on Destiny's Child and one Black Eyed Pea for this insanity.

All of Kishimoto's characters will be lightly-bashed and OOC.


It was an average day outside the fair village of Konoha. Amidst a backdrop of lush, green grass and tall conifers, Team 8 was returning from a C-class mission and could now see the familiar walls of their homeland from a distance.

The trek back had been relatively tranquil, save for the sounds of nature, the crunch of gravel under their shoes, Kiba's occasional observations, Akamaru's barks (from inside Kiba's jacket), and Hinata's modest outputs. Shino was Shino, which meant that that he was being taciturn as usual.

The quartet continued padding along the dirt path until Kiba started to mumble random atrocities to himself, or to Akamaru, no one was quite sure, until the Inuzuka's complaints grew louder and louder.

"GUWAAAAH!" he screamed, pulling at his hair while crying anime tears, while Akamaru hid himself from plain view. "I WANT ONE, TOO!"

Hinata cowered behind Shino, terrified by Kiba's outburst. "U-Um, want what, Kiba-kun?"

Kiba pulled Team 8 into an emergency huddle, looking directly into their eyes. "This is bad! Like, a matter between life and death bad!"

Shino raised a brow. Hinata shrank nervously under Kiba's intense gaze.

"Guys, I need... a catch phrase!"

Shino and Hinata could only stare at their bewildered teammate, as crickets chirped loudly in the background (even though it was only mid-morning).

"I mean it, guys! If Naruto has 'Dattebayo', Lee has 'YOSH!', and Shikamaru has 'Menduksee', why can't I have one, too?" Strangely enough, Kiba had performed some great impersonations of all three (even doing Lee's fiery eyes dead-on).

"..." Shino was at a loss for words, giving Kiba his patented "WTF" face, which looked like every other face he made because Shino was an expressionless person.

"KUSO!" Kiba cursed in disbelief. "Even BUG BOY has a catch phrase!"

"...!" Shino bit out indignantly, violently removing Kiba's arm from his shoulder.

"I-I don't quite understand," Hinata spoke, although hearing 'Dattebayo' made her heart skip a beat.

"A catch phrase, Hinata! You know, like, 'You're fired,' he started, poking the air with his hand. "Or, 'I know you are, but what am I?'"

The formerly quiet bug nin couldn't take it anymore and was forced to break his vow of silence. "I think you're a moron."

Kiba grinned. "I know you are, but what am I? HAH! You TOTALLY walked into that one! So who's the moron now, Shi-MMMPPHHH?"

"S-S-Sumimasen, K-Kiba-kun!" Hinata had quickly assessed the situation by stuffing a wad of onigiri into Kiba's mouth. She knew it was a mean thing to do, but theoretically, the less Kiba spoke, the less disgruntled Shino became.

Kiba didn't like how Hinata rudely cut him off with food, but he chewed contentedly nonetheless, savoring the tasty bite. "Hey, Hinata! This is delicious!"

Suddenly, he paused, as a light bulb went off in his head.

"Wait- it's not delicious," he froze, for dramatic effect (while Hinata berated herself for being a failure again- was her cooking that awful?), "-it's kibalicious!"

"..." replied the Hyuuga and Aburame in unison.

"Kibalicious! It's gonna be my new gimmick! It's AWESOME!" The proud Inuzuka smiled a toothy grin in celebration of what he thought was his greatest accomplishment ever (next to teaching Akamaru how to pee and spin in the air at the same time). "And Hinata's going to help me spread it around, won't you, Hinata?"

Hinata obediently nodded her head, working the four syllables on her tongue with a slight blush on her face- Kiba had said her rice balls were 'kibalicious'!

Shino rolled his eyes- it was too easy for Kiba to wheedle Hinata into another one of his harebrained schemes. Truthfully, if he or Kiba were to ask Hinata to jump off a cliff, she would most likely comply, not wanting to hurt either of their feelings if she said no. The already aggravated Aburame pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to ward off the impending migraine he got from spending too much time with his feral teammate.

Was it too late to switch teams?

"Kiba. Of all the retarded-"

"Oi, Shino!" Kiba interrupted, waving a finger in his face. "Don't be jealous because MY catch phrase is so much more... kibalicious than yours, right, Hinata?"

Hinata was too busy trying to say, "Kibalicious!" without her stutter, and was therefore unaware of the little argument her friends were having. And Kiba, seeing that Hinata was in support of the new expression, ruffled her hair happily while Shino brooded behind his collar.

Maybe, just maybe Shino was a smidge unhappy about how catchy "kibalicious" was. He'd have to discuss this with his therapist in his next session.

Minutes later, the Hokage monument was within sight.

"Hey! We're finally home! Let's get out there and leak kibalicious all over Konoha!"

"K-kibalicious!" cried Hinata, who then covered her cheeks and admonished herself for her speech impediment.

"ARF!" barked Akamaru, which, in doggy terms was loosely translated as "kibalicious"!

"...," groused You-Know-Who.

It was going to be a long day.

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