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NOTICE: Jack and Sally have been happily married for two years, then Sally finds out she is pregnant. They go to doctor Finkelstien to make sure.

"But, will Sally get hurt?" Jack asked.

"There are some risk factors, yes. The worst case scenario is Sally dies, but it's a very still a slim chance that will happen." Dr. Finklestien replied. Jack looked over at Sally and saw a bewildered look on her face. Finally he said, "Sally?"

She looked up and said, "Jack I have to." in an unusually firm voice. Jack stared and said, "Okay then." He tried smiling at her, but she could tell it was shaky. She said. "I'll be fine, Jack, and it is for our baby, you know."He whispered "I know" She looked over at the doctor and said "We'll do it." Dr. Finklestien replied, "Splendid! We'll have to wait until a little farther in the pregnancy to do it, so the baby will be strong enough to live through the shock. I'll need a bit of DNA from both of you to check for hereditary diseases and the such." Sally asked, "What should we use for DNA?" "Oh, anything will do, some hair, a fingernail, a bit of skin..." Jack started to open his mouth to speak then Dr. Finklestien said, "Or a bit of bone for you Jack." Jack looked relieved. The doctor then said, "I'll give you two a couple of minutes of privacy." and left the room. Jack immediately turned to Sally "Are you sure? This sounds dangerous." He had a worried look on his face, and Sally laughed "This coming from the King of Thrills himself?" "Sally, I don't want you to get hurt."

"I'll be fine Jack, I've lived through more before." Then she added, " Jack, abortion is simply not an option, and if we put it up for adoption everyone would know who's child it was, are there any other options?"

"No, its not that, I, I don't want you to get hurt. You heard the doctor, you could DIE Sally!!" Then he pause, "I don't know what I would do if I lost you."

Sally scooted closer to him, "Jack you won't lose me, besides, its not for me, its for the baby."

Then she looked into his eyes, "You do want to be a father, don't you Jack?"

He looked straight at her and said, "Of course I do." she smiled as he chipped off a bit of bone from his right wrist. She then snipped off a lock of hair. Suddenly Dr. Finklestien came into the room. "All done then, you two?" "Yes." they replied at the same time. "Can you explain this to us one last time?" Sally inquired. "All right, if I must. Well, since you, Sally are half dead, and Jack is half dead, and half+half make a whole, your child is technically dead. However, the soul is alive and ready to live inside the body. All we have to do is use the 6,000 volts to wake up that body and you two will have a healthy whatever-it-is. Of course, the baby will be inside Sally, so she will have to receive the shock too. We can give you some sleeping gas to numb the pain Sally. If all goes well, Sally will be fine and your baby will be healthy." "And if all doesn't go well?" Jack asked. "Sally will be dead and we will lose the baby." he paused, "but the chance of that happening is very slim."Then finally both men looked at Sally, who hadn't said a word. Her lip was trembling, and she said, "When can we do it?" There was a single tear in her eye.

CHAPTER 2 The Mayor's Visit

"Well, we can technically wake it anytime, but I suggest we wait a couple weeks to be fully prepared. How about you come here once a week for 3 weeks to do a small checkup?" "Okay." said Sally. Jack took her hand and they left the lab, silent until they were in a the deserted alley. "Sally, I want you to know I support you, and I am glad we're finally having a child. Nervous, but glad." "Me too, but unlike you I'm terrified. What I'm a horrible mother, what if I screw it up, what if.." "Sally, I think you'll be a great mother." Jack said reasuredly. " I wish I was so sure." Sally replied, "But it means a lot that you think that Jack." She gave him a light kiss on the cheek. By now, they had reached Skellington Castle, where Jack and Sally lived (No pun intended). Jack unlocked the gate, held it open for Sally, then they went through the doors, and as soon as they got inside, Sally said, "Jack, we're going to need a nursery!" She yelped, as started making plans in her head. "We should probabley have it near our room, Don't you think Jack?" He agreed. Suddenly, Jack remembered he had a Halloween Planning meeting he was supposed to go to, If he didn't show...a bloodcurdling scream came for the front door. "Oh, that's the door, I'll get it." Sally said. "Uh wait no, you should be resting, yeah resting!" Jack said. "Don't be silly Jack. Just sit your tall self into that chair." Jack did so obeidiantly, but cringed his face knowing as soon as Sally opened that door..."Bloody Hell Jack!! Where have you been?! Oh, sorry Mrs. Skellington, Where's Jack?" Sally said, "right in here I believe.""Ah, Jack old boy, why are you not at the meeting?" Jack saw the mayor's smiling face but knew the Mayor was furious. "Um, I better get going then." He walked over to Sally and said "I have to go, take it easy okay?" He gave her a quick kiss and headed out the door with the mayor literally at his heels. "Don't forget our date tonight, Jack Skellington!" Jack smiled back, she knew he could be forgetful, "Wouldn't miss it for the world !"

Sally then closed the door. 'Poor Jack,' Sally thought, 'having to spend all those hours with that odd head rotating Mayor.' 'I really ought to get him something nice for our aniversery tonight. I sure hope he doesn't forget, or he'll really be in trouble.' Sally had a tradition, each aniversery she would look through the scrapbook she had made of her and Jack. Jack didn't know about it, she hid it every year, just for their aniversery. She started flipping through the pages. There was a picture of them at their wedding; Jack had actually worn a tux, and she was wearing a spidery, long wedding dress. The next page featured pictures of them at their honeymoon. They had gone to all of the worlds, but of course they spent the most time in Christmas Town. Jack had a ball scaring all the little elves. She laughed quietly to herself, he definately loved that place. Sally had to talk him out of another Christmas ordeal. She flipped the page. Next there were pictures of when they came back to Halloween town. The mayor was drunk silly. Then it showed,(badly taken) pictures of them as newlyweds. And when Sally had cleaned the entire castle, Jack said he still didn't know where all of his things were. When Jack+Sally went to their first Halloween ball together as a couple. 'Sigh, Jack looked so handsome that night.' Sally thought. He had even surprised her by buying her a new dress. She thought ' he still looks handsome, even if he is a bit rach and forgetful sometimes.' Sally couldn't help it, it seemed whatever Jack did she always forgave him. They had, had only one major fight since they had been married. Jack had been putting in 7 to 8 hours a day to Halloween planning. Sally asked him to take a night off to go to a movie he had promised to take her to. Jack snapped (he had only been getting 2 hours of sleep for 2 months) he said "What, do you think I'm made of time Sally, huh?" It was stupid really, but Sally had ran off crying and locking herself in their bedroom. Jack felt horrible. Within an hour, after he had taken a walk ( his way of cooling off) he knocked on her door and apologized again and again. She had forgiven him, and he went back to being his same old self. He took her to the movie the next day and had told the mayor off about needing his own time. Sally really hated that Mayor, always dragging off Jack, but she could do nothing about it. There were a couple more pages she looked at, then put it back in the bottom of the floorboard. Next, it was her turn to decide where they went for their aniversary. They switched every year, and since Jack had picked for their first aniversary, it was her turn for their second. She was pretty sure of where they were going. She had picked Valentine Town as the place. The most romantic place in existence. She could hardly wait for Jack to come home so they could go out to dinner, then pack. Tomorrow they would leave for Valentine Town. She just couldn't wait for Jack to come home.

Sigh, Jack was not listening to the mayor. The mayor was suggesting they hang organs from the ceiling, "Sure, whatever" Jack said. His thoughts were on Sally. He better not forget, or Sally would have his head, literally. He knew how important their aniversary was. 'I wonder where Sally will be taking me tomorrow? I'm sure it's perfect, knowing Sally. I really ought to get her something nice. She has been cooped up in the castle for far too long.' And though Jack would never tell her this: he was grateful that she was the patient, understanding wife she was. Most women would be spitting angry when he showed up 3 hours late to dinner because a meeting ran long, or if he tried all of his scares and tricks on her to see if they were scary. Sally would forgive him if he was late, or if he scared her. That didn't mean that she didn't ever get angry. 'Oh boy, when she gets angry, which is rare, I swear she could spit fireballs out of her eyes.' Jack thought. but mostly she would just get sad, or cry, and that was ten times worse than any of her anger. Jack just couldn't see her cry, it tore him apart. But she would always forgive him perfectly. 'Then again, Sally does everything perfectly, and she is so beautiful.' "Jack, are you even listening!" "Oh, right, go on Mayor." as the mayor began droning on Jack began thinking about his soon to come child. ' I wonder how it will look, like me or like Sally? I hope it's a girl. A little baby girl to call my own. But what if Sally doesn't live through the operation?' Jack couldn't bear to think of this. It was unspeakably terrifying, and not in the good way.