Summery – A group of teens always happened to be an odd number, until a certain pink haired girl comes fills the empty space. Love that has been locked up forever finally gets out and love blooms. Pairings : SasuSaku,NejiTen,NaroHina,ShikaIno.

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Why Even Numbers Rock

Curiosity Killed The Cat


Inner Selves


"Crap!! First day at a new school and I'm already running late." Hurano Sakura mentally screamed as she ran as fast as she could to the bus stop where all Tokyo High students were told to meet.

Sakura was extremely nervous because she didn't know anyone at her school and she might not make any friends. She saw a group of girls stampeding toward the bus stop as the bus arrived. Just as she was going on the bus, she was pushed over by the group of girls crowding on the bus who seemed like they were in a big rush. She quickly picked herself up and headed on the bus.

When the bus arrived to school, the group of girls stampeded out the door and stampeded to a black and white limousine and crowded the door. About 10 men walked out and put barricades around the limousine. A French made dressed lady walked on top of the limousine with a mic in her hand.

"Ahem" said the lady.

Chatting. Glare.

"AHEM " screamed the lady.

That apparently got their attention.

" I now present to you, the great, King of ALL sexy, most POPULAR boy in the WHOLE school, Sasuke Uchiha!!!" said the lady.

"AAAHHH!!" screamed the fan girls as a raven haired , onyx eyed boy walked out the limousine with 2 huge men with bulldogs on the side of him. "WE LOVE YOU SASUKE!!" screamed the fan girls.

Oi, He is SOO kawaii!! screamed Inner Sakura.

3 girls and 3 boys walked behind Sasuke. Out of nowhere, confetti started raining from the sky. Sakura watched this all from a far after realizing that she wasn't late. As Sakura was walking and got caught up in her thoughts and didn't realize where she was walking. A sapphire eyed blonde was walking in the same direction as Sakura and Sakura accidentally bumped into her. Sakura snapped out of her thoughts and saw the girl on the floor.

"OMG! IM SO SORRY!!" screamed Sakura and held out her hand to the blonde.

The girl took Sakura's outstretched hand.

"Don't worry about it, hey, I'm Ino , Yamanaka Ino." said Ino. Ino smiled at the worried look on Sakura's face.

"Hey! I'm Hurano Sakura, I'm new here." said Sakura who smiled warmly at Ino.

Soon, A white eyed girl and a slightly tall girl who's hair was in 2 Chinese buns ran up to Ino and Sakura. The white eyed girl had a small blush on her face. Both girls looked at Sakura with smiles on their faces.

"Tenten, Hinata, This is Sakura, she's new here. Ooh and isn't her out just so cute?!" exclaimed Ino.

"Hi Sakura! I'm Tenten! I hope we be good friends!" said Tenten.

"H-hi S-sakura , I-I'm H-hinta." stuttered Hinata.

"Hey! Um.. where do I find what class I'm in?" asked Sakura.

"Right over there." Ino pointed over to a bulletin board.

They all walked over to the bulletin board where four boys were located reading the names of the classes. There was one blonde boy who looked very excited, one who's hair was in a pineapple hairstyle, one who had pearly white eyes like Hinata and had long coffee brown hair that had a rubber band at the end of it. Last but DEFENTLY not least.

The one, the only, SASUKE UCHIHA.

All the guys turned around when they heard their names being called from Ino.

"There's someone we want you to meet! We think you'll like her!" yelled Ino from not very far. "Ino , what did my ear do to you to deserve such harsh treatment." The pineapple hair styled boy said. " Troublesome" he muttered.

"Who do you want us to meet?" asked the blonde boy.

"Well, this is Sakura, Hurano Sakura. She's new here , can she be apart of our clique, group , gang thingy?" said Ino pointing at Sakura.

"Hn." said Sasuke.

"Whatever." said the coffee haired boy.

"Yeah, yeah. Troublesome." said the pineapple hair styled boy.

"Sure!! Hi Sakura! I'm Naruto Uzimaki!! This is Neji," Naruto pointed to the coffee haired boy. " this is Shikamaru" Naruto pointed to the pineapple hair styled boy. " And I guess you already know who this is. But if ya don't , This is Sasuke." said Naruto.

"Hi Neji, Shikamaru, Naruto and Sasuke." said Sakura as she smiled and waved at them.

"Hi." said Neji in a monotone.

"Hi" said Sasuke in a emotionless tone.

"Hi" said Shikamaru in a bored tone.

"Uhh.. Guys, I think we should go to class now." Said Tenten.

"Kay" all the girls and Naruto chorused.

They all walked to class together and as usual Kakashi-sensei wasn't there.

"So, is Kakashi-sensei is always late?" asked Sakura.

"Yeah, and when he comes, He always has some lame excuse" explained Shikamaru.

Finally after a hour, Kakashi showed up with his favorite book up of all time in his hand.

" Sorry I'm late, I got lo-"


"Sheesh, okay okay, this time to make it exciting, on the count of 3, everyone grab a desk make a group of any number. Okay? 1,2,3!" said Kakashi.

At this, everyone jumped in and grabbed a desk, some just did it a little more violently then others.

"Owww!! MY EYE!!" exclaimed one boy.

"OMG I BROKE A NAIL!!" screamed one girl.

Meanwhile, Tenten, Neji, Naruto, Ino, Sasuke, and Shikamaru were in a group.

"Sakura-chan, Hinata-chan, over here!!" yelled Ino while waving her arms in the air.

"S-s-sorry, T-there were just s-so m-many people in the w-way." Stuttered Hinata.

"Looks like someone's got fan boys, may not be a lot, but that's a lot of perverts" said Tenten.

"Lets go help her" stated Sasuke. To this, everyone's eyes went big. Sasuke never cared for girls that much, or at all. But Sasuke saw she wasn't like his fan girls, she was a little different and he was a little curious to find out about her a little.

Everyone went over to help poor Sakura who was being harassed by pervert boys. One boy tried lifting dragging her and her desk to his group but Sakura squirmed away. Ino decided she would play matchmaker with Sasuke and Sakura so she took Sakura's desk and put it next to Sasuke's desk.

Sasuke helped Sakura up. She smiled.

"Thanks" she said.

"Aa" He replied.

This made Sakura curious. She wondered why he was so quiet and hardly ever talked. She was very curious about him. She wanted to know why he never really interacted with everyone else. And she was going to find out if it's the last thing she does.

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