And They Say That A Hero Can Save Us

Summery: After Sasuke left everyone just broke apart, and fallowed there own path. But now, in the dead of night a blond and a Dark hair'd shinobi return. It's Naruto and Sasuke, and Naruto's dieing. Sasuke stays for a while, but they all find out how different everyone really is. What the hell happened to everyone? As if the chaos isn't bad enough, the gang gets invites to a party, all but Naruto. But when the party turns into a jail house that leaves them powerless. How can there Hero save them when he's dieing?

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, if I did Itachi and Orchimaru wouldn't be alive


Sasuke sat on the roof of the hospital, he moved the bottle back and forth in mid air with his 2 fingers. Why did I come back after so long?

Sasuke-kun! A familiar voice rang in side his head. Damn what happened while he was gone, there all to quiet? Like Hinata. That just bugged him. Everyone is so different. Sasuke heard footsteps, and turned around to see Naruto standing there.

"I thought they told you not to walk?" Sasuke asked turning back around and looking out at the night sky.

"So" Naruto replied with a grin, though it disappeared as soon as it had appeared. Sasuke shook his head.

"Loser" Sasuke replied, Naruto sat down beside him. Naruto still wore the same outfit he just looked older and more mature. His blond hair was covered with dirt, his face had cuts.

Naruto didn't replied, he didn't know what to say. Had 10 years really changed them both so much? He wasn't quit sure of the answer.

Sakura and Ino walked into the hospital, one thing or should I say person on there mind. Naruto. They ran down to his room.

"Naruto!" Sakura cried as she opened the door, but was left speechless

"Well!" Ino asked impatiently

"he's not here" Sakura replied

"What!" Ino said pushing past Sakura into the empty room. Sakura followed behind her, both stared around the room looking for any sign that Naruto was still there. Sakura reached into her pocket when she saw a something. Sakura light a cigarette, Ino turned around as she heard the click of the lighter. "Sakura!" Ino said glaring at her

"What?" Sakura asked, putting the lighter back. Ino pointed to a sign that read no smoking. "So" Sakura said and sat on the open window sill. Ino shook her head at her friend. "Ino there's a shirt on the chair behind you" Sakura said Ino turned around to see a bloody dark blue shirt.

"So?" Ino said holding the shirt up to examine it.

"Look at the back" Ino did so.

"What how?" Ino asked walking over to sakura shirt in hand.

"I have no clue how that bastered got back here" Sakura took the cigarette out and blew out the smoke.

"Yea I wonder were Naruto is?"

"What's wrong with Sakura-Chan?" Ino and Sakura turned to see Naruto standing in the door way.

"Naruto!" both girls screamed, and ran over to him and hugged him. Naruto hadn't been in the village much for the past 10 years. He was mostly out training or on a mission with Juryia.

"What are you doing here?" A Naruto asked

"we came to see you" Ino replied as Sakura put the cigarette back in her mouth. Naruto stared in horror at her, Ino noticed and decide to explain. Sakura walked back to the window. "She's hasn't been on them long "Naruto nodded "but that's what happens when people leave" Ino muttered

"What did you say Ino?"

"Nothing Naruto" she replied quickly

"What's he doing here?" Sakura asked pointing, the blue shirt in Ino's hand.

"He brought me back Sakura-Chan he's the one who saved me" Naruto replied Now Sakura stared at Naruto, long with Ino.

"Why?" Sakura asked softly looking at the floor

"What?" he replied

"What does he want?" she said louder this time

"I don't know, though he's on the roof" he replied Sakura put the cigarette out and threw it out the window. She walked out the door heading towards the roof. Ino shook her head again.

"I'll go make sure they don't kill each other" Ino said throwing Sasuke's shirt on the chair

"Hey Wait Don't Leave Me!" Naruto cried

"we'll come on" she replied

Sasuke stared at the ground, moving the bottle in his hand. What did Naruto mean by that? 'People change Sasuke, people change'.

"So it's true the A-hole really is back from hell" Sasuke turned around to see Sakura. There were faint rings around her eyes, she looked tired. Then again anyone would be at 2 A.M. Her pink bubblegum hair looked orangish, though she had black baggy pants and a black shirt on.

"So we meet again wicked witch of the west" Sasuke replied Ino and Naruto appeared behind Sakura, both said nothing. Sasuke and Sakura were in a stare down.

After 5 minutes of them staring each other down Ino had enough, and whispered into Naruto's ear. Naruto went next to Sasuke and Ino next to Sakura. Naruto and Ino hit Sasuke and Sakura on the head, causing both to blink ending the stare down.

"Damn it!" Naruto yelled clutching his side in pain.

"Ino, get a nurse to Naruto's room " Ino nodded, and ran down the stairs. Sasuke put down the bottle and put Naruto on his back. Sasuke walked down the side of the building careful to make any sudden moves that would cause Naruto more pain. Sasuke stepped down on to the window of Naruto's room and on to the floor. Sasuke put Naruto on the bed, seconds later Ino came in with a nurse. Who gave Naruto a shot to ease the pain. Now that Sasuke was in the light of the room, you could see the bandages around his ribs.

"was he walking again? " the nurse asked , Sasuke shook his head no .The nurse left and Sakura came in almost running into the nurse , but the nurse stopped her from entering . She looked up at her.

"Am sorry miss but visiting hours are over you too "she said pointing to Ino who was going to protest, but Sakura shook her head. The 2 left in silence.

"Young man were is you're room?" she asked

"301" he replied the nurse nodded and left. Sasuke left out the window and returned with the bottle of sake he had on the roof. Sasuke's room was right next to Naruto's 300.