AN: Not part of the AU or Awakening series. Just a bit of solo miserabilism on a stick. Not feeling well, not feeling nice.
Set some time after that line from season 10's
Counterstrike. Hopefully, it's not too abstract.

Warning: Implied character death.


Miniaturization. Taking a room full of machines which flash and beep, and shrinking it to the size of a large book.

"Run," he hissed, as he moved through the crowd, "go quickly, now. Get to the tunnels. Keep it quiet, but take as many as you can."

Miniaturization. Taking something that was big in this world, and making it small.

"Trust me. Believe me, but don't follow me," he smiled, ushering them away. "Run now. And when you hear me roar, don't look back."

Miniaturization is a form of deception. Because we seem so small you think it will take little to stop us.

So you open your defences, and you expect us to die for you.

You open your defences, you expect us to die.

"One man. One thousand men cannot surpass the will of the Ori."

"One thousand Ori are nothing if one man plays by your rules."

"You will burn."

"And the flames will be felt by all those who come after you."

"Your death will be an example to others."

"It will not be an example, it will be more than that. You cannot kill me, because with this thing I am holding, we are already dead."

"Remember me, but don't follow me. When you hear me roar, believe in all of us."

Miniaturization. Making something small, but keeping its power.