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Once upon a time,

There was a lovely teenage girl. And her name was Casey. She had such a wonderful life with her mother and sister. And everything was perfect. Especially since, not only was she just a lovely teenage girl, she was a princess. Princess Casey, daughter of Queen Nora, and older sister to Princess Elizabeth, (who liked to be known as Lizzie.). And together the reigned comfortably in the glorious Kingdom of Toronto.

Until her fairytale life took a fairytale turn for the worse.

Cinderella had her evil stepmother and sisters after her father died. Sleeping Beauty had the curse. Snow White was too pretty for her stepmother's liking.

Princess Casey's problem was that her mother had remarried, and was perfectly, unattainably happy.

'What's so wrong about that?' you may wonder?

Casey was completely happy that her mother was happy. Queen Nora was now joined by King George. And Prince Edwin. And Princess Marti. They were King George's youngest children. Now, Princess Casey didn't mind any of this. She didn't mind that she had to go to a new Royal Academy. And she was even able to accept leaving the Kingdom of Toronto, to move to King George's Kingdom. But that's where the bad started.

Because King George also had another son. A son that was the same age as Princess Casey. Prince Derek was what he should have been called, and even though his father was king, he still fancied himself as the King, more so. And he really acted like it. He called Himself King Derek, and he acted like the whole Kingdom was his. He was filthy, and annoying, and insulting to royal status. And he loved to get a rise out of his new step-sister, Princess Casey herself.

And now Princess Casey's elegant, delicate, poised life was full of bickering fights that were clearly unladylike. Trips and falls, and embarrassments. And it was all because of 'King' Derek.

Casey Macdonald stared at her computer screen, and read through what she had written. She wasn't even completely sure why she had written it. She had been thinking lately that she should start some sort of diary, and she decided to write it on her computer's word document. But when she sat down and started typing, this was what had come out. A diary that was formatted like a fairytale. Well, it's original. She thought to herself.

Casey was about to start typing more, but didn't get a chance to, because she was startled to find that a heavy fist was pounding on her closed bedroom door. Casey sighed, and saved what she had written At least I started an introduction of sorts. Casey turned in her swivel chair and got up to walk to the door, where incessant pounding was still occurring on the opposite side.

Casey swung her bedroom door open only to find a very annoyed looking Derek.

"May I help you?" Casey asked, folding her arms across her chest.

Derek's head was tilted down, and he glared up at his step-sister.

"Dad and Nora are taking Marti to the zoo tomorrow. Lizzie has that ti-kwon-karate thing, or whatever, and Edwin told Dad last week that he was going to climb some tree. So guess who has to stay home tomorrow and clean house?"

"Umm. You?" Casey asked, hopefully.

"Egh. Wrong. Both of us." Derek said.

"By the 'both of us' you know that means both of us cleaning, not you leaving, or sitting on the couch, letting me do all the work." Casey said.

She didn't really mind having to stay home and clean. She usually did that just to relax, especially since no one else was about to whip out the vacuum. And it wasn't like she had plans for tomorrow. Casey was saddened to say that her Saturday probably would have consisted of her cleaning anyway. But it was the fact that she had been appointed to clean with Derek that didn't exactly thrill her to pieces. Even though she had just told him, it was very likely that he'd try and watch t.v. when he was supposed to clean.

"Yeah, yeah. I know Casey."Derek said.

Then he turned around and went to his room, slamming the door. Seconds later, loud music blasted, and strained through Casey's walls. I swear that boy must have PMS. It would explain a lot. Casey thought as she closed her own bedroom door, and sat down on her bed.

When Derek was in his moody moods, music would scream from his stereo, forcing everyone in the house to listen to it. But when he was normal, (which isn't really normal, since it's Derek, and Derek isn't normal. But we're talking jackass Derek normal) he would listen to music on his ipod, which is the practical thing to do. But Derek is rarely practical, especially when he in his 'in need of midol' moods.

Casey sighed as she threw her back down on the bed, and looked up at her ceiling. She could clearly hear the song that Derek was playing so loud. Move Along, by the All-American Rejects. She closed her eyes and whispered the words.

When all you got to keep is strong

Move along, move along like I know you do

And even when your hope is gone

Move along, move along just to make it through

Move along

Move along

Casey opened her eyes again and rolled over on her side.

With the way things are going. Casey thought to herself. I'm not too sure about Princess Casey and her happily ever after.

Casey let her eyes flutter closed, and she fell asleep to dreams of castles and balls, and her nonexistent Prince Charming.


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