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By the time Casey and Derek pulled apart from their kiss, they were both lying on Casey's bed. He was playing with a strand of her hair, and she was resting her head against the mattress, staring at his shirt.

"You know, that's the second time you've kissed me." Derek murmured.

"Yeah, Derek, I can count." She replied, squeezing her eyes shut, trying not to think.

"You know that's the second time you kissed me and you looked like you hated me right beforehand." Derek said.

Casey felt a blush creep across her cheeks. "I don't hate you, Derek." Casey murmured quietly.

"I kind of figured, but just so you know, you're really good at messing with a guys head." Derek smirked.

Casey sat straight up and jabbed a finger into his chest. "Hey, just because I don't hate you, doesn't mean that I like you." Casey said.

Derek propped himself up on his elbows, and then brought one hand to his chest and rubbed the spot Casey had poked. "Yeah, because you go around making out with guys you don't like." Derek said snidely.

"We kissed. We did not make out." Casey said pointedly.

Derek rolled his eyes. "Such inexperience." He shook his head. "That," He pointed down to the bed they were sitting on, "Was making out."

Casey sneered at him. "That," She pointed like he had, "Was hormones." She glared at him, and then began to get off of the bed, but Derek reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her back onto the bed.

"That was not just hormones." Derek shook hid head.

"Like you'd ever admit it if you thought it was anything more." Casey said.

Derek looked at her blankly. "That's what what I was just getting at, Case."

Casey thought about it for a moment, and then sighed, shaking her head. "Fine. So what are you saying?" She asked.

"I'm saying," Derek paused for a moment, biting his lip, which -no matter how hard she tried not to- caused Casey to stare at his mouth. "That we should go out on a date."

Casey burst into laughter, tearing her eyes away from his mouth, and Derek narrowed his eyes at her. "What?" He asked.

"Says the guy who doesn't want to be seen passing down the same hall at school with me." Casey rolled her eyes, trying not to laugh some more.

"Hey, if I enjoyed making out with you that much, might as well try a date." Derek shrugged.

Casey was silent for a moment and the she shook her head. "This is a very bad idea." She said.

"It may not be that bad. I mean, if you're the one who kissed me, you had to have enjoyed it." Derek said, smirking, and giving her a playful nudge with his elbow.


"Come on, Case. For once, don't think about it." Derek pleaded.

"I didn't think when I kissed you." Casey pointed out.

"See! I bring out your inner wild child." Derek said jokingly as his smirk grew bigger.

Casey glared at him and Derek laughed.

"Come on. It's just one harmless date." Derek said.

Casey sighed. Just a harmless date. To her it sounded like something someone would say only to have it become a ginormous disaster later. Like in the movie The Mummy. It's just a book. No harm ever came from reading a book. Yeah, until that book unleashes a whole lot of hell on you. Just a date. No harm ever came from going out on a date. Until it all goes wrong and becomes a lot more messed up than it already is.

Derek watched Casey, and he could see her entire thinking process written all across her face.

"Case. Seriously. Stop thinking." Derek said.

Casey bit her lip, almost afraid of saying anything, but when she looked up and saw him staring at her so gently, as if waiting, actually waiting, in bated breath for her answer, her mouth had formed the word yes before she could stop herself.

Derek grinned and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek.

"I've got to go for hockey practice, but when I come back I will fully be able to tell you when we're going, for then I will know where I will take you." He smiled before getting up and leaving Casey's room.

Casey was in a daze, in between scolding herself for agreeing to the date and being shocked by the caring kiss on the cheek that seemed totally un-Derek-like.

She let herself fall back onto her bed, putting a hand to her cheek until it trailed up to her forehead as she wondered why she had completely lost her mind.

Casey pulled herself off of her bed and turned on her computer.

Dear Diary,

I feel that my trusty royal counselor, Sir Paul and I should look into a mental health facility for me to reside in for the rest of my days. I don't think it really matters if it is before or after Derek courts me. I've already lost my mind, so the results should be the same either way.






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