A/N: Well this is my new story. I hope you like it. All that has happened in the show happened, but Tommy never left. Jude was 20 and Tommy 27 when they got married. Ok, this chapter explains everything else that is going on. This chapter is a prologue. Enjoy!

Prologue/ Chapter 1

About 16 years ago, Tommy and Jude had gotten married from being together for 2 years.

They had a daughter, but after a year together with their daughter, they split up because of the media. They couldn't handle it.

They talked to each other and saw each other from time to time but, only to take Emily to either of their houses.

It wasn't a very good choice but they thought it was best if their daughter had equal time with her parents.

They never were closer than that.

Jude didn't even call Tommy, 'Tommy' anymore. He was Tom now.

Their daughter's name is Emily Carly Quincy.

Ever since they came up with this arrangement, the media left them mostly alone.

But since Emily started singing, she has been attracting attention.

But Jude and Tommy didn't get much media attention anymore, other than a picture or two, since Jude stopped singing.

The media even forgot that Tommy and Jude were Emily's parents. She never used her first name for her CDs, only her middle and a different last name. Carly Reese.

No one knew who her parents were other than Emily's best friend, Jana McKinley.

Emily was only called Emily and only responded to that, by her parents and Jana.

Tommy was still a producer at G-Major so he produced Emily's album. But he never called her Emily in G-Major, only Carly, because none of the other artists knew Emily as Emily. They only knew her as Carly.

Jude on the other hand, had enough money to live on from when she was singing, so she was at home all the time or hanging out with Kat and Jamie.

Tommy and Jude both thought that they should still be friends after everything they've gone through, but neither one knew that they each thought this.

Both of them still had a flame burning for each other but neither knew it either.

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