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Chapter 4

"What?" Tommy couldn't believe it. So much stuff was happening to him in one day.

"Tommy, yeah I'm serious" Jude looked up into his eyes. Blue meeting blue.

"Have you thought what this would mean for us?" Tommy broke Jude's gaze and looked down. But when Jude answered, he looked up.

"Yeah I have. I think that we should……we should get a better lawyer and actually go through with the divorce"

"What?" Tommy was surprised that Jude would say that.

"Did I not make myself clear?" Jude was annoyed.

"Oh you made yourself perfectly clear. But why would you say that?" that really hurt Tommy.

"Do we actually have to go there again?" Jude was angry.

"Jude, I did not do that. I would never do that to you" Tommy told her.

"Yes you did I saw it with my own eyes!" Jude screamed.

Tommy knew the minute somebody heard Jude scream, they would be running in there.

Tommy took Jude's arm and pulled her into the soundproof studio booth. He locked the door and started talking again.

"Jude, I didn't cheat on you. I would never dream of it"

"Yes you did, I saw you with her! I saw you at that nightclub with her!" Jude yelled again.

"Did you see me kiss her other than on the cheek? Just thinking that way makes me sick to my stomach"

"No. But that really makes you sick to your stomach? How could it? She was beautiful"

"Yeah I know that Jude. I've heard that every single moment of my childhood. It was always 'Julie did this, Julie did that, or look Thomas, isn't your sister beautiful?' She was always the smart one, the nice one, beautiful one, all around goody-goody, and she was good at everything" Tommy confessed.

"Wait, what?" Jude was confused.

"I swear by anything you want, that she was my sister and that I did not cheat on you" Tommy replied.

"Then how come you didn't let me meet her?"

"Jude, you never gave me a chance. I invited you to come with me to the nightclub but you said you didn't want to go. So I went by myself. She was already there when she called me. When I came back home, my stuff was already on the front porch. I went inside to exlain myself but you kicked me out. You didn't give me a chance to explain myself. I wanted you to meet her. When the media found out, you took that as proof that I cheated on you. So you filed for divorce. Jude, I never wanted that" Tommy told her.

Jude let out a frustrated sigh. Then she leaned against Tommy.

Tommy let her do that. Tommy put his arms around her.

"Tommy, what do we do now?" Jude turned to meet his eyes.

"I don't know. Maybe we could uh, try 'us' again" Tommy looked hopeful.

"I think that could happen, but slowly" Jude smiled at him.

"Ok" Tommy smiled back. He knew that was the best chance he had at that point.

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