Carpe Diem

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Chapter 5

I woke up to the sound of somebody pounding on the door. I slowly opened my eyes and mumbled something like, "come in." The door swung open and Alex skipped in, holding two cardboard cups.

"Starbucks!" She exclaimed, beaming. I took a sip of coffee and looked around.

"Where is Edward?" I asked.

"He went hunting," Alex explained. She started rummaging through the bags from last night and found a simple pair of jeans, a tank top, and some flip-flops. She handed them to me and said, "Get dressed, we're going out."

"Where?" I asked, perplexed.

"It's a surprise!" She was genuinely enthused about our mysterious destination, and I could only think of my horrible experience at the mall.

She looked at me, and, reading my calculating expression, said, "We're not going to the mall, just . . . shopping." Oh boy. Shopping.

I got up and dressed, thankful that today's outfit didn't require death heels. I walked downstairs and sat down at the kitchen table, finishing my coffee. Alex skipped in, looking gorgeous in her jeans and a bright red tank top, but I noticed that she wore her favorite break-your-neck heeled Steve Maddens, and I was again thankful that she hadn't put me through that same torture.

I heard the door open and close, and my angel walked into the room, his eyes the color of honey, and all I could do was stare into his beautiful eyes, and he flashed me my favorite smile, my smile, and all I could do was grin hopelessly back.

He sat down gracefully in the chair next to me, and Alex beamed as well. "Are we ready to go?" she asked. We nodded and all went out to her car.

We hadn't been driving for vary long, but soon Alex pulled into a huge parking lot of a car dealership. "The Ford Dealer?" I asked, perplexed.

"Yeah." She replied simply. She continued, "I've been thinking that its time for a new car. Mines like a 2006 model. Plus, it's a Mustang Dealership! Doesn't this make you happy?" I smiled to myself at Alex, and she started looking at the different models.

An hour later, Alex had a brand new, candy-apple red Mustang Cobra, and she was on cloud nine. "Don't you just love Mustangs?" She asked. Edward chuckled.

"So was this the secret destination?" I asked her.

"Only part of it. Now, we're gonna go somewhere awesome. We're going to watch somebody perform."

I had no clue where we were going, but we started driving again, and this time pulled up at Alex's school. Edward opened my door for me, and then all of us walked around to the football field. "What is it?" I asked.

"A marching band competition!" Alex could barely conceal the glee in her voice. "Phantom Regiment is playing!"

I gave a huge smile, not really sure who Phantom Regiment was. Edward grasped my hand, and we found seats in the stands.

The first band came onto the field, and I figured it was this Phantom Regiment group because Alex inhaled sharply and let out a light squeal. They started playing, and I guess they were really good. Throughout the performance, Alex would say things like, "Aren't they amazing?" and "I heart Phantom!" This made Edward and I laugh at least.

When Phantom Regiment was finished, a few more bands went, and when it was finished, Alex was talking nonstop.

We got into her car and went back to Alex's house. When we got there, Edward and I went up to our room and Alex went off hunting.

We sat on the couch for a little while, and I said, "I think I'm going to take a shower."

I got up and went into the bathroom, found a towel, and showered. I was dressed and toweling my hair dry when my door banged open, and I was suddenly standing face to face with a vampire. He had blood red eyes, and I screamed.

I looked at the vampire again, this time closer, and realized who it was. "Charlie!" I screamed.

"Hush!" He whispered. "Just come with me, Bella. I won't hurt you. I just want to give you a gift. The gift of eternal life."

I shrank back from him, and considered his offer. After all, that was what I wanted, to be a vampire. But, Charlie.

All of a sudden he lashed out at me, and I screamed. I started running down the hall, which was futile because he was in front of me again in a blink.

"Shut up, you foolish girl! If you don't I'll kill you!" I couldn't help it. I let out another scream. Where was Edward?

All of a sudden, I heard a low, unfamiliar growl, and I saw Martin facing Charlie. His eyes were honey, but the rest of his face was drawn, and he was still emitting a bone chilling growl.

Charlie lashed out at Martin, and I screamed. "Get out of here!" Martin yelled, right before he threw himself on top of Charlie. I heeded his advice and ran down the stairs, and right as I reached the second to last step, I tripped over my foot, and was about to fall flat on my face when Edward grabbed me.

"Bella, I'm so sorry, I didn't help you, I- Alice, well-" He stopped short, and a low but fearsome growl escaped from his chest. I knew he had just read Charlie's mind.

"Go outside, no, go take Alex's car and drive somewhere. Anywhere. Just get out of here, go!" With that he was upstairs, and I ran into the kitchen and found Alex's spare set of keys on the table. I went outside and got in the car, but I didn't drive anywhere. I started sobbing, the tears gushing down my face. Charlie wasn't dead, and I thought he was, but he wanted me dead, but I wanted to be dead, but I wanted Edward to kill me, not my dad, and my dad was a freaking vampire! My life is so confusing sometimes.

I continued to sit there, in the driver's seat, and sob for the next little bit, and Edward came outside. I jumped out of the car when I saw him, and ran into the protection of his arms. He held me to him tightly, and was rocking me back and forth lightly before he said, "He's dead, Bella."


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