Summoner Wars

A Card Captor Sakura/Yu-Gi-Oh crossover

Episode 1: First Encounter

By Razor Knight

Last update: June 6, 2006

"Good morning, monster."

The brunette teen glared at her tall brother. "I'm not a monster!"

"Then why are you trying to fry me with your eye lasers?" The guy said as he shrugged and resumed eating his breakfast, which only caused the girl's glare to turn darker.

"She has no eye lasers, unless she already created a card for that," the small plushie-like yellow creature standing on the girl's shoulder commented. The guy simply nodded.

"Sakura, you better eat your breakfast quick, if you don't want to be late for school," a voice said from the kitchen.

Sakura nodded and sat on a chair next to her brother, her mood lightening fast. "So, Touya, enjoying your new job?"

Touya, her brother, nodded. "I can get used to this one." For once, he'd found a job he didn't get bored of in a few days. He was helping an old man who'd set a card shop in Tokyo a few weeks ago. Touya had mentioned the man's name a few times but Sakura couldn't remember. All she knew was, the man used to own one of the best card shops in Domino, and was seemingly trying to expand the business.

Sakura had asked Kero about the cards, but her guardian had said he didn't detect any magic in them, and Yue had agreed. She was glad her cards were still the only ones with magical powers, although she remembered the one time monsters, quite similar to those in the cards she'd seen, had appeared around the world, a few years ago. She had to fight against a few of them to protect her house, and that had been the first time her father had seen her in action.

"Sakura, snap out of it, you're gonna be late," Kero warned.

"Uh? Oh!" Sakura remembered she was already quite late and bolted up, leaving the half-eaten breakfast in the table. "Thanks for the food!" She said as she put on her skates and rushed out of the house.

"She'll never change," Touya muttered.

"Isn't that a good thing?" Fujitaka Kinomoto asked poking his head out of the kitchen.

"It is," Kero agreed as he finished his breakfast and eyed Sakura's leftovers. "Hmmm..."

"Like we could stop you, glutton," Touya muttered as he stood up. "I'm leaving too, dad, I told Mr. Motou I'd open the store for him today."

"Have fun," Fujitaka said from the kitchen.

"Sure will," Touya said before walking out. He had to agree with the others, though. It was good that despite all the fighting Sakura had gone through the last five years, she was stil the same. For some reason, she seemed to attract magical creatures, as they always attacked those around her. It'd been a few years since the last time, but Touya still remembered those monsters invading Tokyo. Monsters like those in the card game Mr. Motou had as main income source, which had appeared and vanished swiftly and misteriously. He had tried asking the store's owner about them, but something always came up. Today he would try again, since he was curious about that coincidence.

"You made it in time. Amazing."

Sakura glared at the brown-haired guy for a second, then smiled. "Hi Syaoran," she said as she hugged him, giving him a soft kiss on the lips.

"Isn't he a gentleman, waiting for his girlfriend before entering the school?" Tomoyo asked as she walked to them.

Syaoran shrugged. "I try." The bell rang just then, and he sighed. "Let's go, we don't want to be late for Mrs. Dragon's class."

Sakura chuckled at the nickname Syaoran had for their new history teacher. A woman she could almost see as being the villainess type.

She sighed. So far, she'd found no worthy opponents, nobody she saw as useful for her master. All duelers she'd seen in the city were rookies, devoid of skills and magic power.

She stopped as she walked past a school. There were two magicians there, one of them being powerful enough to make her uneasy, but the other one... Her power was incredibly high. If she managed to defeat both in a duel, she could have them join her master's ranks.

"Well, Seraph, today might just be your lucky day," she told herself as she leaned against a tree, waiting.

Sakura frowned. She was on her way back home, her two friends walking by her side. It was too bad Mei Ling had been sent to detention for fighting once again, because Sakura was almost sure she would need her help in a minute. Looking at Syaoran, she could see he had felt the magic too. Tomoyo looked at them and nodded knowingly, the pale-skinned girl had been around Sakura long enough to know when she was sensing a magical threat.

The brunette turned around, glaring at the red-haired woman who'd stopped as soon as she'd turned. "Who are you, and why are you following us?"

The woman's reddish-brown eyes seemed to sparkle as she chuckled. "For the last question, I was just trying to see how long it'd take you to detect me, mage."

"I've sensed you since you stopped outside the school. I was just waiting for you to leave on your own," Sakura said. Syaoran stood ready, holding her hand in his, the other hand ready to produce one of the spells he had used time and again in the past to protect her.

"I see... For your first question, I'm Seraph, and I'm here to make you an offer."

"Offer?" Sakura blinked confusedly. "What kind of offer?" She looked at the woman's attire. A plain red blouse and black jeans, nothing too showy or complicated. Maybe she'd been late to the Villainess Outfits store's discount sale.

"My master is recruiting people with power, like you, people who'd help him achieve his goal."

"Let me guess," Syaoran said with a half-smile. "Your master wants world domination and ultimate power. It's either that, or destroying the planet, or cleaning it of human life."

Seraph was surprised by the comeback, but shrugged. "My master only wants to unite the world under his holy power."

"I can't accept that," Sakura said.

"I see... Then, let's have a duel," Seraph said producing a pack of cards from her jean's pocket. As she rose her hand, a strange scythe-like blade appeared. It had ten rectangles drawn in it, which looked just the same size as the cards. "I know you have magic of your own, and I want to test it."

Sakura frowned. "What if I refuse?"

"We'll follow you around until you accept. I'm not the only servant to my master, and sooner or later you'll be one of us."

"I see..." Sakura sighed. If anything, this'd be a change from the boring normal days she'd been having lately. She produced her own cards and smiled. "Let's fight then, and if you lose, you'll leave me alone."

Seraph smirked. "If you lose, however, you'll join us."

"Sakura, don't," Syaoran said.

Sakura looked at him. "Trust me, I can beat her."

"Where's your duel disc?" Seraph asked.

"I don't know what you're talking about. Ready?"

Seraph nodded, and her scythe-like weapon - if that was a weapon - lit up as she introduced her cards in it. The space between them lit up as well, forming some kind of battlefield with rectangular spaces divided in two 'sides,' ten blocks total on each side. "Since you don't seem to know how this goes, let me show you." She took five cards out of her 'deck,' then a sixth one. "Hmmm... Since I can't attack in my first turn, I set a face-down monster on the field, and also two face-down cards. With that, I end my turn." And if this works, I'll psyche her down, she thought.

Sakura looked at the man-sized cards that had appeared into the 'field.' Those were cards like the ones sold at Touya's new shop, only... These ones had magic in them. A strong kind of magic she'd never...

"Sakura, be careful!" Tomoyo said.

"Damn it, we're late."

She turned to the voice and saw Kerbeross and Yue flying to her. "You're not, we just started," Sakura said.

"This is no joking matter, Sakura. Clow told me about these cards." Yue said. "They were used by the rulers of the world, eons ago, to decide the outcome of wars. They hold a magic that could be stronger than that of the Clow Cards."

Sakura nodded. "I see." She had already guessed, from the woman's power and the cards, this was no simple game. But she wasn't worried. "I'll play along, I'm sure my 'monsters' can beat hers."

Kerberos frowned then nodded. "I know you can do it... But don't underestimate her."

"Good advice, kitty," Seraph said. "However, if any of you interferes with the duel, your friend'll lose."

Syaoran frowned. That left Sakura alone in this fight. He wasn't happy just watching, but there was nothing he could do right now.

Sakura smirked. "Oh but my two Guardians are also summons in a way. "

"We are?" Kerberos and Yue asked in unison.

Sakura chuckled and took five cards out of her own deck. She then shrugged. "Let's see if I got this right... I'm supposed to take a sixth card then play those I can into the field."

"Only one summon per turn," Seraph said.

"I see... Then instead of a sixth card... Summon: Kerberos."

Kerberos blinked as he vanished then reappeared into the field, in the first spot to the left of Sakura. "What the heck..."

"It worked," Sakura said with a smile. She then blinked as some numbers appeared hovering over Kerberos'form. "Four thousand and two point five thousand... Hoe?"

Seraph's eyes widened. "Impossible... That monster's too strong to be summoned directly."

Yue smirked. "If it was, it wouldn't have worked. I know most of the rules from Clow's stories." The grim angel then turned to his 'master.' "Sakura, don't attack just yet. I'm sure those two face-down cards she has behind her monster are meant to turn the tide against you."

"I said no interferences..." Seraph growled.

"I'm one of the summons, and I'm not attacking you, just offering some advice. Again, if it wasn't allowed..."

Seraph growled again. That angel guy had a point, no matter how much she hated to admit it. "So if you're not going to fight..."

Sakura smiled. "Maybe my own 'trap' cards will work here." She'd seen some of the cards, as Touya had shown her a deck he'd built. "Mist, destroy those face-down traps!"

Seraph blinked in disbelief as her Michizure and Magic Cylinder cards were destroyed by a wave of mist. "Uhhh..."

"And now, Kerberos, destroy her face-down monster!"

Seraph's mouth opened in shock as her Prevent Rat joined her two trap cards. She recovered from the shock and smiled. "Fortunately, since the card was in defense mode, I lose no life points."

Sakura blinked. Life points, what the... Only then she noticed the numbers floating over Seraph's head. Four thousand... If she played things right, Kerberos could defeat her opponent in one hit. "Okay, then, I put two more cards face down and... End my turn."

"You learn fast," Seraph said and took another card off her deck. "Perfect. I play Monster Reborn, to bring my Prevent Rat back from the graveyard, and place it in defense position. And next, I put another monster face-down on the field. Your turn."

Sakura frowned, looking back at Yue. "Summon: Yue." She looked at the readings. "Two point five thousands and three point five thousands."

"Still strong enough to take on most low level monsters, and with enough defense to protect you from most high level ones," Yue commented. "What am I supposed to do next?"

Sakura frowned. "Let's risk it. Attack her face-down card."

Yue nodded, attacking the face-down monster. As soon as it flipped, however, he groaned. "Not that card..."

Seraph chuckled. "You destroyed my Penguin Soldier, activating it's effect. I can now return two cards to your hand, so... I can't help but choose your two monsters." As she said that, Kerberos and Yue vanished, and Sakura noticed two more cards appearing in her hand, with the figures of Kerberos and Yue drawn in them.

'Don't worry, Sakura, we're okay,' Kerberos voice said in her mind.

Sakura sighed. "Okay then, I end my turn."

"Not as easy as it seemed, is it?" Seraph asked.

Sakura nodded. "And I gotta admit... This is fun."

"Fun... It'll be funnier when you join us."

"Gloat after you defeat her," Syaoran snapped.

"Right. My turn," Seraph looked at the field and then drew another card. "Hmmmm... Guess this will do. I play the Goblin Attack Force in attack position, and activate my face-down Final Flame, hitting you for six hundred points."

As Seraph said that, a flame shot out of the one face-down card that had just been flipped, heading straight for Sakura. She put her arms in front of her face to protect herself, but the flame struck her in the chest, causing her to fall back, a yelp of pain escaping her lips. "Sakura, are you okay?" Tomoyo asked.

Sakura nodded. "Been hit harder..." She muttered as she stood up. "That wasn't nice, Seraph. But let's see what else you've got."

Seraph chuckled again. "Okay, then. I activate Dragonic Attack, increasing my Goblins' attack by five hundred. Also, I summon Cyber Falcon."

"Those two monsters have more attack than Sakura's life points," Tomoyo commented.

Syaoran looked at Sakura, and saw she wasn't worried at all. "I think she'll be fine."

"Goblins, attack her life points directly."

Sakura smiled. "Not so fast. I activate my Mirror card, which deflects your attack back. Your Goblins hit themselves, and you receive those two point eight thousand damage points."

Seraph winced in pain as the Goblins' attack bounced back, hitting her. The green-skinned troops vanished as her life points dropped to two point two thousands. "Okay then, Cyber Falcon..."

"I wasn't done yet," Sakura interrupted. "I activate my other card, Arrow, which destroys your Cyber Falcon, dealing his attack points to your own life points."

Seraph blinked in disbelief. "I lost?"

"Indeed," Kerberos said as he reappeared besides Sakura, the battlefield vanishing as the match ended.

"Now leave as promised," Yue added.

"Okay kid, I'll leave you alone... But there's more like me out there. Don't think because you beat me you'll have it easy against everyone else." After saying that, Seraph snapped her fingers and vanished.

Syaoran smiled at Sakura. "I knew you could beat her."

"It was mostly luck. If these guys are coming after me again, I better learn how to play, and fast."

"How did you know what each card would do?" Tomoyo asked.

"They told me," Sakura simply said.

Syaoran shrugged. "Let's go to that shop your brother works at. For what I've heard at school, the owner's grandson is one of the best players of that game."

Sakura nodded. "Didn't know that, but I guess that's my best option right now."

Yugi looked at the tall, bald man standing in front of him. "Who are you?"

"Name's Zenit, kiddo, and my master's interested in you, Yugi Motou. "

Yugi frowned. "What is it this time. My soul, my cards or the world's sake?"

Zenit blinked confusedly. "I'm just here to make an offering to you. My master would like you to be a part of our clan. Help him achieve his goals, and he'll reward you greatly."

"I'll pass," Yugi said.

"Then, I challenge you to a duel. If you win, I'll leave you alone. If you lose, however, you must join us."

'I'm not so sure about this,' Yugi thought.

'Then let me handle him,' The Pharaoh suggested, standing by his side. Actually that was only a projection of Yugi's mind, since the Pharaoh's spirit was always within him.

'No, I can beat him. He may even be fun enough to make the duel worth playing it.'

The Pharaoh nodded. 'If you need my help, I'll be right here. '

"I accept your challenge," Yugi said and produced his cards.

"Good," Zenit smiled coldly. "Let us begin."

A/N: As you may've guessed, this one's set several years after Card Captor Sakura's ending, and a year after Yugioh's ending (ignoring Dawn of the Duel, that is.) As for who this new foe is... Not telling yet.

Disclaimer: I own neither Card Captor Sakura nor Yu-Gi-Oh, I'm just using the characters of those shows for my own little story.