Summoner Wars

A Card Captor Sakura/Yu-Gi-Oh crossover

Episode 12: Soul of Darkness.

By Razor Knight

Last update: January 5, 2007

Syaoran smiled. The Soul was making one critical mistake. While in a duel, Sakura had to adapt, to rely on luck and strategies to defeat a monster. Outside those duels, she was in her element, she'd fought monsters before, and she'd always won.

"Eriol, protect everyone."

Yugi, Syaoran, Jou and Kaiba walked to Sakura as Eriol formed a force field around the others. "We'll help, we already said that."


Syaoran silenced her with a kiss. "Don't be stubborn, that's my thing."

Sakura blushed. "Okay, just... Be careful."

"I wanna help too," Rebecca said.

Mai sighed. "I'm a damn good duelist and all, but I know I'm not up to fighting THAT thing."

Anzu nodded. "We're helping, just being here supporting them."

Honda growled. "No dueling, tho... How are they going to fight?"

"Monsters are real in this dimension, and they all have very strong creatures," Eriol noted.

"Like those three Gods..." Mai said. "Yugi has them with him, right?"

"Of course. He even showers with them," Anzu joked.

"And just how do you know that?" Mai teased.

"Uhh... Okay, let's shut up and watch this battle," Anzu winged rapidly.

Back to the other side of the forcefield, the massive bird was looking down at the summoner and her friends the same way a hungry wolf would look at a pack of sheeps.

"Ready to die, little girl?"

Sakura was looking at it emotionlessly, but suddenly smiled. "Here's my answer." As she said that, her cards floated off her pocket, and each spirit freed itself, all surrounding the fiery bird. "Attack!"

The spirits all lunged at their foe, managing to actually knock it down to the ground. The Soul growled and floated back up. "Impressive... But just as I thought, you're not strong enough. Now die!"

Sakura frowned as the bird shot a massive fireball at them. "Time to play defense. Shield, Lock!"

"Big Shield Garna!" Yugi said producing a card. The monster stood right behind Sakura's forcefield.

"Labyrinth Wall!" Kaiba summoned his own defense, and a tall wall rose in front of them.

"Mirror Force," Both Syaoran and Jou said almost in unison.

The combined strength of the barriers managed to stop the attack. The Soul growled again. "Impossible..."

Yugi frowned. He and his 'other half' were thinking alike, it was time to let that monster meet their best weapons. "Rah, Obelisk, Slifer, attack!"

Kaiba wasn't about to stand there and watch the battle. "Blue Eyes White Dragons, appear and fuse!" as the three dragons fused into Kaiba's ultimate monster, he smiled. "Now, show that thing what power means."

As Kaiba's pet joined the fray, Jou smirked. "I may not have monsters that strong, but I can still do this. One Red Eyes, one Summoned Skull and Polymerization, and you get the Red Eyes Skull Dragon!"

The monsters attacked the bird, which was even larger than the Winged Dragon or Obelisk. As the battle raged on, Sakura noticed the monsters were going higher and higher up. "We should follow them, " she said. "Fly, Power."

Jou gasped as they all started floating up. "Wow..."

Yugi looked up and winced. "Damn it, that thing's winning."

"We need more power," Sakura said, as her own cards renewed their attack. "Yue, Kerberos, take care of that Soul!"

Yue simply nodded and fled up, but Kerberos frowned. "Stay away from the battle."

Sakura didn't say a thing, so Kerberos just followed Yue. "Sakura?" Syaoran asked.

"I have a bad feeling about this battle," Sakura said without turning to him. She saw Kaiba and Jou's dragons falling down to the ground, raising large clouds of dust upon impact, and frowned. "This won't work..."

"Never give up hope," Yugi said. "You told us that before, right?"

Sakura nodded. "But... Your monsters are stronger than that evil thing as a group, but their individual strength isn't enough to defeat it. Not even my..."

There was a shriek, and the Soul unleashed a large wave of fire in all directions, and her summons rained all around them. "Well, that makes things easier, doesn't it?" Jou muttered.

Even though his three strongest cards were still fighting, along with Sakura's two guardians, Yugi knew she was right. "So, what's the plan?"

"This isn't a duel," Syaoran said. "Maybe it's time you show that thing what you can do."

Sakura gasped. Of course, this wasn't a duel, so she wasn't limited by any rules. "I get it. Hope, Despair!" The two spirits fled to her side. Despair was much like Hope, although her face was sad and her wings demon-like. "Help me defeat that monster once and for all. Fusion Chain!"

Everyone covered their eyes as a blinding light surrounded Sakura. It only lasted a few seconds, and there was one thing the others noticed as it dimmed. "Uhm... Dude, where's my dragon?"

Kaiba looked around, half-ignoring Jou. "My Blue Eyes is gone too. "

"And the three Gods," Yugi noted.

'Holy... Yugi, take a look at Sakura!'

The person floating up to meet their foe was indeed Sakura, but her clothing had changed drastically. She was wearing a gold hued, diamond-like full plate armor, and holding a bluish-black shield in her left arm, as her right readied a reddish-black longsword. "What the..." Honda muttered. "What the hell did just happen?"

"No idea," Mai said, "but she looks like something I wouldn't like to face in a duel, or outside a duel for that matter."

"She looks soooo cute in that suit of armor," Tomoyo said as she filmed her friend. Most of the group inside Eriol's protective barrier looked at her for a second before turning back to the battle.

Jou's brain finally registered what was happening. "Wait a second... Is Sakura's new suit what I think it is?"

"Hard to believe," Kaiba said, "but she's using our monsters' powers. "

Yugi just nodded. He could feel the power of his three cards in Sakura. "Now she's at least as strong as that monster."

'But, just in case,' the Pharaoh noted.

Yugi smiled as he saw a card in his mind. 'It could work.'

The creature saw Sakura approaching and shrieked again, sending a focused beam of fire in her direction. Sakura shrank behind her shield, which deflected the monster's attack easily. "You're not going to win, evil spirit."

Without a word, the monster tackled Sakura down. She hit the ground hard, raising a cloud of dust, but stood up rapidly, dodging another fire beam. The armor-clad girl then leapt back up, sword ready to strike, dodging a couple more beams as she ascended.

"How can someone so harmless-looking be such a good fighter?" Honda pondered.

Meiling frowned. "She must be using all her cards' power too."

Eriol nodded. "But there's risks to what she's doing."

"What do you mean?" Anzu asked, diverting her attention from the battle up high in the black, starless sky.

"She's strong, but summoning the powers of that many cards can be dangerous for her life. And she's also using monsters that aren't her own, which takes a lot more magic power than her own."

"Are you saying she could die if she keeps her actual form?" Mai asked.

Eriol shrugged. "It's a risk."

"You take everything too calmly," Honda muttered.

"Because I trust Sakura," Eriol said. "She's the one I chose to inherit my powers, after all."

Meanwhile, back up in the sky, both sides were taking a short break. Sakura eyed the monster as she recovered her breath. The Soul had several black lines running across its wings and chest now, consequence of several hits she'd scored. However, her own armor had burnt marks, and her shield had a crack near its top courtesy of the bird's beak. It wasn't easy to fight this creature, specially due to their size difference.

Size difference? Of course, she just had to use one card to solve that. Sometimes Sakura managed to surprise herself with those dumb blonde moments.

Yugi noticed the stalemate and decided to act. "Okay Sakura, here's some help. I call forth my Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl!"

"They're too weak for that thing," Kaiba noted.

"They're not going to attack," Yugi said. "I activate Ragnarok!"

Sakura gasped as she saw a swarm of monsters rushing up, circling the Soul and attacking it as one. The massive bird flailed wildly to get rid of the attack, and succeeded after a minute of punishment. However, its fire had gone from blue to yellow, which Sakura took as a sign it was starting to tire down. "Thanks, Yugi, now it's time to end this."

"No matter how strong you are, you'll never destroy me!"

Sakura ignored the bird's taunt. "Big."

Anzu could swear she'd see Tomoyo's pupils go heart-shaped for a second as Sakura grew up to a couple dozen meters high, however impossible either event seemed. "Those cards sure are useful," the brunette commented.

The large firebird found itself facing an equally tall summoner girl, and its foe was still wearing the same armor, and holding the same sword and shield in her hands.

Right now, however, the sword seemed a lot more dangerous than before.

"Don't you get it? I can't be destroyed."

Sakura lunged forwards, bringing her sword down on the monster, but it dodged her. "If you can't, then why are you dodging?"

Syaoran frowned. Sakura attacked one, two, three times more, but the result was always the same, as her foe moved out of the way faster than they'd think possible for something that big. What was worse, he could feel Sakura's energy, and it was running out, fast. "And here I thought this one card wouldn't have a real use..." he mused as he looked at one card he'd picked off his deck.

Yugi looked at the card Syaoran had picked up, and nodded. That was one of his favorite spells. "Might be just what she needs."

"Swords of Revealing Light!"

The Soul squeaked much like a duck as the swords fell around it, freezing it in place. "This isn't possible!"

"No matter how invincible you say you are, you're still not immune to some traps and spells," Sakura said with a half-smile, then turned serious again. She had nothing else to say to the monster, and as she rose her sword to strike, she was smiling again. The sword came down diagonally, cutting through the monster effortlessly, and it shrieked one last time before exploding violently.

"Sakura!" Syaoran saw her falling head-first, unconscious, her form and size back to normal, and produced a small piece of paper. "God of Wind, go!"

Jou gasped as he saw a funnel of wind slow down, and eventually stop, Sakura's descent. "What the heck's that?"

"I'm a magician too," Syaoran said. Sakura calmly floated inside the funnel until she was at ground level. "Wake up, slacker."

Sakura opened her eyes and looked around as she stood up. "Hoe? Is it gone?"

Jou looked up as two small pieces of paper fell towards him. He caught them and laughed. "I don't think anyone'll have to worry about it anymore."

Sakura looked at the papers. Two halves of the same card, cut diagonally. It was, or had been, Suzaku's Soul. Eriol came walking to them and took the two halves in his hands. "With the last of the Suzaku dead, and this card destroyed, there's no threat from the Suzaku Cards anymore."

"But that card could be repaired and used, right?" Kaiba asked.

Eriol shook his head. "No, the spirit inside was destroyed, what's left is just a piece of paper with no real power."

"Can we get out of here, please?" Mai asked. "This place brings bad memories to me."

Eriol nodded. "Let's leave the shadows and return to light."

"So he's leaving?" Sakura asked as she rushed down the street, Syaoran keeping up with her as they run.

Syaoran nodded. "He said something about Egypt and searching for the Pharaoh's memory." Sakura sighed. "I hope I can see him before he leaves."

"Now, now, I'm gonna be jealous."

One month had passed since the Soul card was defeated, and Sakura's life had pretty much returned to normal. Or at least, as normal as her life could be. She was glad Suzaku had showed up, though. Otherwise, she would've never met Yugi and her friends, they were quite a strange yet fun group.

"Who knows, maybe I'll ask Anzu to share, since there's two Yugi... "

Syaoran flinched. "I don't even want to know how that'd work."

Sakura giggled. "We're almost there. "

Even though things were calm right now, Sakura couldn't help but feel things were about to complicate once again. But that is another story, for this one, it's

The End

A/N: Will there be a sequel to this? Not sure. Maybe when I get to watch the Dawn of Duels arc again (and see if Sakura could be added to that,) I'll start thinking about an actual sequel to this thing.
Disclaimer: I own neither Card Captor Sakura nor Yu-Gi-Oh, I'm just using the characters of those shows for my own little story.