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Chapter 1: New Mate the Muggle


To me, Regulus's birthday is the second worst day of the year. All our relatives come from all over the world to give him all kinds of gifts and praise him on how well he is living up to the 'Black Family Name'.

However, the worst day of the year is MY birthday, when all of the relatives come and nag me on 'Why can't you be more like your brother, Regulus??'

Thankfully, today is only the second worst day of the year. Sick of listening to all his praises on how he will be a 'fabulously dark wizard one day',

(I mean how would they know? This is only his fifth birthday!) and being forced to play with my cousins Bellatrix, Narcissa and Andromeda

(Andromeda isn't that bad to play with but Bellatrix and Narcissa make life hell for me!)

I finally get the chance to escape out of the front door without waking my mother's portrait.

Once outside, I have no idea what I'm going to do. Today is quite hot and muggy and for once it is actually sunny with only a few clouds in the sky.

The muggle girl from across the road is playing a game with a big orange ball and trying to through it through the hoop.

This game reminds me of Quidditch except without broomsticks. I decide to go over and say hello.

If my parents find out I had been talking to a muggle, they'd probably skin me alive, but I don't care. I don't think muggles' aren't that bad.

I approach her while she finishes shooting her 17th goal while I was watching.

"Hi! My names Sirius" I say. She turns around and faces me. She is gorgeous! She has long, wavy red hair that reaches her waist and lovely green eyes.

She smiles at me and I see she has a small dimple on her left cheek.

"I'm Lillian" she says and to me, her voice is the voice of an angel (A nice difference from the scratchiness of Bellatrix's voice, I must say)

"Would you like to play basketball with me?" Lillian asks me

"What's basketball" I reply. She looks at me with a mixture of shock and disbelieve.

"You don't know what basketball is?" she asks. I shake my head

For the next 10 minutes she explains to me how basketball is played. I must admit, basketball isn't as much of an exciting sport, like Quidditch, but I'm thankful for her company so I play it anyway.

We sort of stopped playing the actually game of basketball after about 15mins and started just throwing the ball to each other.

Whoever had the ball got to ask the other person a question.

"How old are you" she asks me.

"Seven" I say. She throws the ball to me. "You?" I ask

"I'll be seven in two weeks" she replies and I throw the ball back to her.

"Have you been on any holidays?" Lillian asks me for the second time

"You've asked me that one before" I say

"Oh well" she says "I'm tired" She plops herself on the grass. I join her. We lay down and look at the sky.

"You know, I'm really glad I met you" I say. She doesn't say anything. I start to panic, thinking I said something wrong.

Then, slowly, she reaches for my hand and we hold hands under the summer sun.

Suddenly, I realize that the sun is setting and I must leave to go home and endure mother's yelling, asking where I had been. I sit up and carefully slip out my hand from hers.

"What's wrong?" She asks, and sits up as well

"I have to go home. It's getting late"

"Okay" she says. We both stand up.

"Will I see you tomorrow?" Lillian asks me

"Maybe. I want to but I don't know if I can," I say

"Alright," she says "But I will see you again won't i?". I give her a big toothy grin.

"Of course!" I say. She smiles at me and walks up to her house. I walk back across the street to my house and turn around. She is staring at me from her front door.

She smiles and waves. I wave back and she goes inside.

I hear popping noises from inside so I know that some of the relatives had finally disapperated.

I go inside, trying to keep quiet but the wind slams the front door shut. My mothers portrait starts screeching and the real life version joins in.

"Where have you been?" she yells

"I got bored. I went for a walk," I say calmly

"Its your brothers birthday! You should have been here u filthy mudblood!" she is screaming now. My brother Regulus and Bellatrix come out to watch.

"Whenever I'm here when the relatives are here they nag me!"

"You wonder why??" yells my mother

"Whatever," I say and storm past her and run up the stairs to my room.

My mother and my mother's portrait keep yelling but stuff them. I go into my room and lock the door so Kreacher doesn't come in and I lay down on the bed.

Wow, I think, I have my first real friend

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