Hey Everyone.

This story was the first fanfiction I'd had ever wrote and it means so much to have had all your support. I began writing this story when I was 12 years old and I can barely read it now because I find the writing shocking.

Thus I have decided to rewrite the story. It will be the same storyline but be more indepth and descriptive and possibly more of a storyline.

I'm taking on this project at the maddest time of m life, which is probably very stupid of me but I'm just like that :P

If you like my writing and you enjoyed reading this fanfic, then I hope you read the revised version of this story and support me in this mad endevour.

Your reviews, comments and feedback mean the world to me and make me a better writer and I hope you take interest in it :D

Love always,

Moonlight Honeysuckle