Title: Kiss Away the Pain
Disclaimer: If I owned Naruto, Sasuke and Hinata would actually have a bit of interaction in canon. As it is, they don't, so I guess I don't own Naruto.
Rating: PG ( K+ ) – for a bit of cursing and Sasuke being a meanie.
Spoilers: If you haven't read past the first volume of Naruto, you're in for a few surprises. Additionally, you're a total idiot for reading fanfiction in the Naruto section. Shoo!

Summary: ThreeShot. "N-nothing heals w-without a k-kiss..." SasuHina. (Prequel to "Speak Up")

Written in honor of Riceesquared, my newest accomplice.

Part One: No

"Where'd he go? I swear, he just turned down this way!"

"You lost him, Ino-pig!"

"Shut up, Bilboard Brow! I did not!"

'This is stupid,' Uchiha Sasuke thought, careful not to speak his thoughts aloud lest he give away his location to the mob of heartthrob-hungry schoolgirls. 'Why the hell am I hiding from a bunch of girls?'

"Maybe he stopped to pee somewhere...?"

"Ooh, I hope so! If we move fast enough, we can 'accidentally' walk in on him!"

Sasuke grimaced and ducked lower behind the bush he was using for cover. 'Oh yeah, they're psychotic.'

Eight girls from his class – all of various shapes, sizes and social status – were congregated for the simple task of catching the slippery Uchiha, intent on doing...something with him. Sasuke didn't think that even they knew what they wanted to do with him if they caught him, but he shuddered to think of things they could come up with. He knew that Sakura and Ino, at least, had...vivid imaginations about their relationships with him, all without any encouragement from their prey.

Twelve-years-old and already the source of constant sexual harassment; this was Uchiha Sasuke's life.

"Eee! I see him, I see him!"

"Shit," Sasuke muttered, finding his shelter suddenly useless. He leapt out of the bush, bounced off the head of the nearest Uchiha-chaser, and took to the rooftops of the quiet suburban neighborhood. The troupe of girls squealed as he made his quick escape.

"After him!"

"I hate girls," Sasuke growled, suspiciously checking his blind spots for any hint of his zealous admirers; nothing. He narrowed his eyes and sped up, wary of the absence of any pursuers.

He bounced from rooftop to rooftop on feet light with desperation, zig-zagging back and forth to avoid establishing a pattern that his hunters could follow. With his intentional lack of predetermined direction, Sasuke was smugly confident that the hormone-driven pack of she-wolves on his tail would never even come close to catc –

"GOTCHA!" a shrill voice trilled as Sasuke's left ankle was pulled out from under him. The Uchiha avenger collapsed, face-first, and felt himself dragged across the rooftop to the ledge, chin bumping and scraping against the uneven tile as he slid. "I've caught you, my love! What a quick little cupid you are!"

Sasuke peeled his face away from the red clay tile as vomit began to rise in his throat. '"Quick little cupid"...?'

With deliberately drawn out motion, the Uchiha avenger turned his head to send the one who had managed to catch him a frosty glare. It was Ino, smiling and winking at him in triumph from over the edge of the roof.

"Let go," Sasuke intoned with a dull, hard edge to his voice.

Ino thrust her lip out in a derisive pout. "Don't be so cold, Sasuke-kun. You don't have to pretend that there's nothing between us now that forehead-girl isn't around to get in the way."

Sasuke's already narrowed eyes reduced to sharp slivers as he attempted to shake his leg free of Ino's desperate grasp. She held fast. "Let go," he repeated.

"You're shy! How cute," Ino cooed, arriving at the first convenient justification as to why Sasuke could possibly want to squirm out of her clingy hands. "Just hold still for a moment, honeybunch, and I'll climb right up and – "

Out of nowhere, a shiver climbed up Sasuke's spine as the atmosphere darkened and the temperature dropped several degrees. Simultaneously, the air became muggy and thick, nearly drowning him in a dark, oppressive fog. It was rather like being trapped in a cold August day.


The entangled preteens turned their heads with cautious procrastination to confront the source of conflicting weather patterns. Beads of sweat rolled down Ino's face as she forced a smile. "Sa-Sakura-chan..."

Sakura stood on the crest of the roof, enshrouded by a roiling cloud of miasma. Lightning crackled against her ghastly-white skin as she glared across the sloped expanse of weather-beaten tile at her one-time friend and ensnared love interest. Her lips were curled in unnatural smile that twitched when she spoke, "Ino...what are you doing to Sasuke-kun?"

At some point during the confrontation, Ino seemed to have reclaimed her courage. She clutched at Sasuke's leg defiantly and flashed her tongue at her pink-haired rival. "None of your business, that's what! Now show some class and give us a bit of privacy."

Sasuke's eyebrow started to twitch. 'Here we go...,' he thought, resting his chin in the palm of his hand while the two obsessive kunoichi squared off on top of him.





The two girls pressed their foreheads together and allowed sparks to mingle between them. Sasuke remained trapped underneath them, impatiently waiting for one of them to let their guard down enough to give him a chance to escape. In the meantime, he tapped his fingers against the rooftop and avoided attracting their flighty attention.

"As if Sasuke-kun would lay a hand on your flabby body!" Sakura screeched, holding her middle finger aloft between herself and her adversary. "He doesn't even like pork!"

"Oh yeah?" Ino broke her hold on Sasuke to threaten Sakura with both fists. "Well, he doesn't like scrawny chicken legs or limp noodle breasts, either! The only thing oversized about you is your forehead!"

"Why, you – "

Sasuke didn't hear the rest as he slipped away from the bickering fangirls, leaving a convenient weather vane behind in his place. "Feh!" the Uchiha snorted, landing with smooth grace three rooftops away. "Stupid girls."

The avenger turned to look behind him, just in case his decoy was already discovered. He squinted hard at the two shaded figures that were his two most zealous admirers and smirked. The weather vane was already melted between them.

The Uchiha stood, turned, and –

"HEY! There he goes!"

– fell off the roof.

— — —

Authors Notes: That's right. I've been holding out on you all! I wrote the bulk of this fic about a month before I even started "Speak Up."

Not to worry, though. There will be a surprise in the last chapter of this fic that'll make the wait worthwhile n.n

Expect another update approximately a week from now.


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