My crazed aura reaches out

like lightning,

tendrils licking the air around me,

just missing the crowds in the Nest.

Thunder rumbles as I take to the sky,

flying among the rain

like once so long before.

Karma and Acelan are dancing.

So joyous, so in love,

so I leave the clouds to

dance beside them.

Clutching this joy as my own

as Acelan dances with both of us.

Remember this, lovers.

It won't last.

I watch them and smile,

knowing how

they'll stay in love, together,

until their deaths.

The next morning.

I find the news through Ecl.

No tiny third heartbeat,

no laughs,

no dancing.

It takes her so long to realize

the blood on the sheets means death--

Not her fault.

I can hear Karma sobbing from my room

in the dark.

I wish I didn't have

this burden,

this burden of knowing

before anyone else

what was to happen.

I know Acelan understands me now,

knows what I meant by my words...

I am shaking with guilt,

but I don't let it show.

They are going through too much already.

And then Karma falls.

A/N: It has been sooo sorry! This chapter goes through 47. Karma has a miscarriage; Mara knew she would. And then Karma falls to Ecl on purpose. Please review!