It's her fault.

I see that blonde hair waving in front of me, as I'm forced to follow her around as if I'm stupid.

I didn't cut LVAD wires and kill a patient.

I didn't fall in love with a patient.

I fell in love with an attending. Big difference.

Huge difference.

But I'm still getting the same treatment she once did.

And I know she's loving it.

I just want to yell at her.

I want to rip her ponytail out of her head.

I want to scream and hurt her.

If it weren't for her?

If it weren't for the fact that she cut those LVAD wires, that she'd fallen in love with that stupid patient...

Burke wouldn't have ever been shot.

He wouldn't have ever had the tremors.

He wouldn't have ever had to hide them.

I wouldn't have ever had to help him.

We wouldn't have grown apart.

We wouldn't have fought.

We wouldn't have said those things.

We wouldn't have ended it.

If it weren't for her.