Wrath of a Pissed Off Blond


Author: El Queso de Malicioso

Series: Teen Titans(Animated Series)

Genres: Comedy/Romance

Rated: M for strange sexual situations, a cat fight and mentionings of death.

Pairings: BB/Rae, BB/Ter, Rob/Star, Aqua/Spe

Disclaimer: All relations to existing proper nouns are entirely coincidental… unless they aren't. In which case, I don't own them.

A/N: Okay, we're starting at the Titans South Tower with Terra and all the things she learns there. It's pretty short, and does a light hearted version of bashing Terra. I like her, but am just as willing to make fun of her as I am with all the others. So, as I was saying, even if you don't particularly like Terra, you should still enjoy this chapter.

Prologue: Pantha's a Chick?!

Terra came out of her new room in the Titans South Tower, having finally unpacked. She made her way through the much less confusing maze of hallways to the quazi-new structure's common room.

She entered to what she could only assume was a normal day in the building. Argent was spreading exorbitant quantities of vegemite over Ritz crackers for a quick little snack. Kolowatt and Wonder Girl were playing some sort of fighting game on the GameStation. The odd thing was that Pantha and Wildebeest were nowhere to be found.

She stepped up next to the gaming pair and asked "Ummm… where's Wildebeest?"

"Probably doin' it with his fiancé" Wonder Girl replied, shuddering noticeably from the thought.

"Fiancé?" Terra asked, feeling her heart sink.

"Yeah" Argent jumped in. "Didn't you hear?"

"Should I have?" Terra asked, feeling a mixture of disappointment and embarrassment.

"The crazy bastard proposed to Pantha" Argent nearly shouted at Terra who looked simply dumbfounded.

"Wait" Terra said suddenly. "I didn't know gay marriage was legal in this state."

"What the hell does that have to do with anything?" Wonder Girl asked, finally putting her game on pause.

"Well… if they're getting married… wouldn't one of them have to be a woman for it to be legal?"

Everybody was staring at the embarrassed girl by this point. "One of them is…" Kilowatt muttered.

Terra's eyes went wide. "No frickin' way!" She looked around at the others as if to try and find the joke in their statements. "Wildebeest's a chick?"

Every single Titans South regular groaned and slapped hands to their faces.

"No…" Argent forced out upon recovering from the initial shock at Terra's cluelessness.

"Then… are you saying that… Pantha's a chick?"

"Didn't her voice give it away?" Wonder Girl asked, holding back a laugh at Terra's expense.

"Well…" Terra began awkwardly. "I kinda thought she was another… Mike Tyson or something…"

All the others exchanged glances before shrugging and saying various derivatives of "I guess I can see it…"

As everybody had been exchanging their glances, however, Terra had made her way out of the room, just to slam face-first into an oddly firm surface.

She was about to stand back up on her own, when she was yanked harshly to her feet by an unusually large fist. She found herself face-to-face with an extremely angry looking Pantha.

"Why were you asking about my Wildebeest?" she asked in an unquestionable tone of authority.

"Ummm…" was all Terra was able to get out before being jerked even closer to Pantha's enraged visage.

"Listen up bendejo(bitch), if I ever see you near my Wildebeest, I'll tear your intestines out through your throat and hang you with them. Do we have an understanding?"

Terra tried to nod, but found such actions quite difficult in her current position and simply said "Yes ma'am…"

"Good" Pantha growled, throughing Terra like an extremely aerodynamic javelin straight down the hall.

A/N: Okay, there you have it. The Terra haters got to see her be an clueless and get the shit beat out of her in quick succession and all the others get the beginning of another wonderful story from me. So, everybody wins. I'll get the next chapter up in around three days.


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