Wrath of a Pissed Off Blond

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Epilogue: Better Off Drunk

For Terra, the fear was crippling. She couldn't even think straight enough to remember that she has powers—though they'd likely be of little use in her current situation. Two of her once friends were, at the moment, in their most vicious forms and quite prepared to end her life in the most bloody and probably icky sounding way possible.

When we last saw her, she was on her back, covering her eyes and tensing in preparation for the inevitable attack.

The inevitable attack that never came.

Slowly and with great hesitance, Terra cracked her eyes open. What she saw hovering above her, however, caused her eyes to fly open in shock. Not more than a foot from her face stood a grinning, blood coated Starfire, a guffawing, momentarily one-armed Cyborg and a perfectly unscathed and smirking Robin.

Needless to say, Terra began to twitch.

Then, when the twitching wasn't making reality make sense again, she began to ramble and stutter incomprehensibly.

"B-but… Rob-Robin… f-f-fight… C-Cy-Cyb-borg… p-pieces… St-Star… BLOOD!"

Upon her shrieking of the last word, she allowed her head to fall as her breathing calmed almost unnaturally. The others actually lost their grins at this point. Robin was about to say something; what, we shall never know, when Terra stood up and made her way swiftly to the exit from the room.

"Ummm…" Robin finally choked out.

"Where ya' goin'?" Cyborg added, deciding that Robin was temporarily out of action and, therefore, he was to take his place as leader for about seven seconds.

Terra stopped and turned her head to face the others. Her eyes were completely dull. She just stared at the trio, not saying a word before, finally, she let out a small sigh and spoke.

"I really don't know anymore…"


At another position in the tower, more specifically eight stories above the previous, Beast Boy and Raven were sitting in a dark bedroom, one laughing raucously and the other unable to hold back the small upward tilt to her lips.

"Dude!" Beast Boy shouted between bouts of laughter. "That was sweet! The look on her face!" He finally began to calm down after saying that and, wiping a tear from his eye, he continued with one more statement. "Nothing could make this day better."

Letting out a sigh, he lowered himself to the floor, panting slightly from the lack of oxygen intake.

Raven was struck by an oddly convenient thought. "I could think of something that could prove you wrong." Beast Boy just stared at her for a moment, slightly unnerved by the seemingly malicious smirk on her face—made all the creepier by the flickering candle light.

"Oh," he said, pretending to realize what she was getting at. Then, he added a much louder "Oh!" when he actually did realize what she was getting at.

At a speed that made Raven's smirk falter, Beast Boy shot to his feet and tore his spandex uniform off in a single fluid motion. He then threw it, not really caring where it landed. Raven, however, just had to ruin his plans—or lack of which.

"How the hell?" Raven asked as she allowed the uniform to drop from her dark powers into her hands. She examined the spandex for quite some time, making Beast Boy grow exponentially less patient before she finally looked up at him and spoke. "Shouldn't there be a tear in this thing?"

"Are you trying to tell me that, had I not defied the laws of physics, we'd be humping like bunnies by now?" Beast Boy shot back, squirming slightly at the manly discomfort.

Raven just stared at him, her questioning look finally falling away. "Y'know what? I'm not even gonna bother." And, with that, she threw the uniform to the side, fazed through her leotard and sent it to join the other bit of clothing.

"Looks like we have one thing in common" Beast Boy muttered as he landed directly on top of Raven, catching her lips in a heated kiss.

As this was the first real—human form—kiss the two had shared since becoming a couple—for the third time—they really didn't want to let it end. But, the human lung can be a real bitch like that.

The two pulled back suddenly, gasping for air, nearly having drowned in their recently discovered nymphomania.

"What might that be?" Raven asked, breathlessly.

"Huh?" Beast Boy asked in return, having completely forgotten his pre-kiss comment.

"The thing we have in common" Raven clarified, still somewhat breathless.

"Commando" was all Beast Boy said before doing something that Raven hadn't expected. He lowered his head slightly and pulled one of her nipples into his mouth. All she could do was gasp in a mixture of pleasure and discomfort. The fact that she was already quite aroused only made the sensations all the better.

As Beast Boy swirled his tongue about the nub, he found himself growing increasingly aroused himself, and quickly began to think of anything to keep himself calm. 'Heh… nipple's kinda a funny word… nipple… heh.'

Needless to say, it wasn't the strongest of attempts.

Slowly, Beast Boy came to the conclusion that he'd been ignoring the other nipple for long enough and he suddenly switched over, not forgetting to place a short kiss on Raven's lips. Once again, all Raven could do was gasp and moan.

As Beast Boy was working the second nipple, he allowed his hand to pinch and rub the other, as to keep it from getting jealous. By this point, Raven was gasping uncontrollably, throwing her head back and forth with such force that her hair was beginning to mat slightly.

Then, it happened. Raven struck her first orgasm of the night, causing her breath to catch and her eyes to squeeze shut. Every muscle in her body tensed before suddenly relaxing and she fell limp. Beast Boy had released her nipples, not wanting to overwhelm her—yet.

'And to think; that was just the foreplay…'

"You like that?" he asked in a semi-convincing attempt at a seductive tone.

Although he had his suspicions, nothing was ever confirmed as no answer was ever given. Instead, Raven simply flipped him over and pressed her lips down upon his own.

"My turn" came the pale girl's breathless words as she slipped down his body. She quickly eyed his somewhat overly-engorged member before pulling the tip into her mouth.

Beast Boy's head snapped back at finally getting some attention before he was able to compensate and force himself to calm. "That's the spot" he said, voice already becoming ragged again.

The girl had started by simply running her tongue around and over the tip repeatedly, slowly drawing more in as time progressed. Before a full thirty seconds had passed, she had half of the length in her mouth, just about ready to try deep throating it.

Though she did remember the events of the fateful party, she, too, was slightly uncertain on the details of exactly what had taken place in that closet. So, for all she could recall, this could be the first time she'd ever tried it.

But, if such were the case, why was her throat already so loose?

Beast Boy was exercising every ounce of the little will power he held to keep from simply jamming himself down the girl's throat. The pleasure was washing over him in waves, the sucking and licking nearly too much for him to handle.

Then came the coup de grace.

'How'd she know I liked to be poked there?'

He pulled away from her with such force that she nearly fell from the bed. She caught herself, however, and gave Beast Boy a clearly displeased glare.

"What the hell was that?"

Panting heavily, Beast Boy tried to respond as best he could. "Rae… when a… guy comes… it's all… over…"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Raven asked in the same incredulous, though slightly flustered tone as before.

"Guys… have… limits…" Beast Boy replied, trying incessantly to get his breathing under control.

"Then, we're going for the home stretch?" Raven asked, somewhat hesitantly.

"That's the… plan…" Beast Boy replied, finally forcing a coy smirk. Without another second of hesitation, Raven pounced on top of him, pressing her lips to his and holding the embrace and lip-lock for as long as she could.

Beast Boy, however, had one last thing to say.

"Before we… go any further… my safety word… is… cinnamon…"


Cyborg was making his way down the twisting halls of Titan's Tower en route to his room to recharge for the night when he had to stop.

"Cinnamon! Cinnamon!"

Cyborg turned his head slowly to eye the metal door labeled "Raven" for just a moment before shrugging and continuing on his way, beginning to whistle the tune to the A-team theme song.


"Too much?"


"You don't have to make me feel worse…"


"Okay! I get it!"

"Listen Rae," Beast Boy finally muttered after finally recovering from the shock and pain. "I can take two or three no problem—four even, but five's just way too much."

"Like I said," Raven forced out through gritted teeth before releasing her held breath. "I promise I won't do that again.. Okay?"

"Hey!" Beast Boy replied, shaking his arms about wildly. "Don't get me wrong! It wasn't bad at first. But, when you brought in the fifth, it was just too much. I'd be pretty happy with one or two just being left in there 24/7."

"Maybe," Raven replied hesitantly. "But that would probably be a bit distracting in a fight."

This vaguely awkward conversation was followed by a long period of silence. Finally, Raven spoke. "So…"

"So…" Beast Boy replied in an identical tone.

"Killed the mood?"

"Not even close."

With that, the green boy tackled his pale girlfriend to the bed. "Ready?" he asked, already losing control over his breathing rate.

"You know it" the girl beneath him answered tensely. Without a second thought, Beast Boy shoved himself into her opening with the vigor of youth. There was a split second of the two laying, one planted firmly in the other, both with eerily similar thoughts.

'How is he so big?'

'How the hell is she fitting me?'

The two exchanged a look that seemed to confirm their vague, unworded suspicions. "Magic?" they both asked simultaneously, each responding in the exact same way—with the exact same word.

Raven, however, had a tiny bit to add. "I would tell you not to steal any more of my books, but if this is what you do with them, I'd be a hypocrite to complain."

"Remember that part where you were too busy moaning and twitching to talk?" Beast Boy asked, quickly becoming uncomfortable with the lack of motion.

"Yeah?" Raven replied hesitantly.

"Let's do that again" Beast Boy supplied shortly before pulling himself back before slamming himself back down. He quickly followed these motions by a set of identical ones, finding himself in a quick and simple rhythm.


It was at about this time that Robin and Star had decided to go to bed themselves. It had been quite the day with all the drama between Beast Boy, Raven and Terra.

As they were passing the door of one of the previously mentioned Titans(guess which one), however, they were forced to stop and listen to the shouting from within.

"Come on!" came one voice. "Gimme' some dirty talk!"

"You want dirty talk?" came another. "You got it!"

Robin and Starfire couldn't stop the identical blushes painting their cheeks. Nor, however, could they force themselves to start moving again.

"I'm gonna make you scream! I'm gonna fuck you 'til you bleed!"

"That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!"

"I'm gonna piss all over you! I'm gonna shit on yo' face and fart in yo' mouth!"

Everything was silent for a time. Not even the earlier sounds of rhythmic bed springs could be heard.

"Too dirty?"

"A bit…"


Having recovered quickly from the shock towards Raven's overly exuberant dirty talking, Beast Boy had resumed his previous rhythm, the sweaty, pale beauty beneath him already beginning to arch into his thrusts. If not for the pause, the two would have reached orgasm in a mater of seconds.

But, all things considered, they were getting there.

Not another minute of fierce thrusting and Raven's head snapped back, the now familiar sensation of tensing muscles taking hold. Beast Boy also tensed as he felt the pulsating walls of the girl's hole tightening and loosening around him rhythmically. Only a second of this made him lose control as well, collapsing on top of the girl before he'd even ceased coming.

As the afterglow took hold and the semi-new couple laid in one another's arms, still attached at the crotch, they could only bask in the memory of the emotional spike. As it faded, however, one pulled from the other, but only enough to settle beside her.

There was a long period of silence before either spoke.

"Y'know," the green boy began. "All I wanted to do was do it with the sexiest superhero in the tri-state area and then I had to go and fall in love."

It was awhile before Raven was able to gather her own wits to reply. "It happens" she said finally, turning to give the boy next to her a small, weak smile. "Believe me…"

The exhausted boy looked the exhausted girl deep in the eyes before an exhausted equivelant of a mischievous smile spread over his face. "Rae?"


"I've been wondering—when'd you become such a nympho?"

"Eighty percent of victims of childhood sexual abuse become sex addicts in their teen and adult years" Raven replied in a blunt and eerily calm—especially for the situation—voice.

Beast Boy, for his part, just rolled his eyes and bent his head forward in order to steal a kiss from the girl he was convinced he'd never figure out.

Raven, for her part, simply positioned her head to accept the kiss from the guy that she was convinced she'd never figure out


"Dammit!" came the simultaneous chorus of two voices.

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