Hello. Okay, so, today, I had this...I don't know what you'd call it...a poetry blast? Anyway, I had this idea, I'm gonna see where it goes. Basically, I'm gonna put the thoughts of the characters throughout the play or book into...poetry. I'm calling each poem a chapter. I'll let you know whether it's book or musical before each poem. This one is musical.

Disclaimer: Don't own Wicked. But...do I own the poem?

Chapter 1:
The Birth of a Witch

"It's coming."
The midwife has said
"Your baby is coming!"
She turns to the bed.

I rush to my wife
Who then grabs my hands
And sqeezes for life
The pulse from those hands

Screaming and sweating
She struggles to birth
A child who, I'm betting
Can fill her with mirth

The midwife then screams
"Sweet Oz!" "It's obscene!"
But it must be a dream
For babies aren't green!

And yet, it is true
"Oh, take it away!"
I see her strange hue
As plain as the day

The child must be cursed!
That's sure what it is
But I see her lips purse
And doubt that it is

This cannot mean well,
Whatever the cause.
This surely bodes ill
For the whole land of Oz.

Okay. So what do you guys think? Heh, yeah, it might have been terrible. But I liked it, and I don't care. Be honest when you review. Oh, and by the way, I wrote this at 3:30 this afternoon. It is now 1:35 in the morning. Oh, and I've already gotten the next poem written. I'm holding it hostage until I get at least 1 review. That's all I'm asking.