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Chapter 3:
Dear Old Shiz

Help Nessa down
Then jump to the ground
Get the bags down
And gaze all around

It's Shiz! Here I am!
Too good to be true!
With the color I am
Twixt yellow and blue

I'm not the only one staring
Though that's not a shock
This green girl's not caring
In her faded black frock

"Something in my teeth?"
I ask, though it's clear,
It isn't my teeth
That brings out the jeers

I never knew why
I got born this way
Just move on, do I
Just get through each day

Now what's going on?!
Oh this can't be right!
My Nessa is gone!
Vanished from sight

The head's got her chair
Will share room with Ness
But that isn't fair!
Oh, dear! Such a mess

It's here that I lose it
I didn't mean to!
And now I have moved it--
Her chair, and Nessa, too!

Nessa's outraged!
"You promised!" she cries
But Madame's intrigued.
"You've got a talent," she sighs.

She says that my gift
Is what the Wizard needs
At this my spirits lift
I'll use this for good deeds!

I cannot believe it!
The Wizard and I?
This is all that I'll need
Till the day that I die

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