Disclaimer: not mine. rating: 18+ PORN No, really. This is completely plotless (mostly) porn.
SPOILERS: LYDB2, set, er, during the episode.
Note: This was half-written while at work today. And. Dude. Can I say that trying to finish Accounts Receivable crap whilst Kara and Anders are having sex in my head is DAMNED HARD???

Yes. It is.

Fiercest Calm
by ALC Punk!

It's an old argument.

Starts small, builds until they're yelling at each other. Everyone on Galactica knew to stay the hell away from officer country when Starbuck and her man are shouting, and now they're planet-side, the news has spread.

Anders claims he's trying to make her see reason.

Kara says he's just being lazy, stupid, possibly an ass.

"The Cylons are gone!"

"They'll be back!"

"How do you know?"

That question always floors her, but then she remembers 5 days without sleep, 5 days where they never let up until she killed too many innocent people, and she yells back, "I just DO!"

And so it goes.

Later, when they've argued until there aren't words left, she pins him or he pins her and there is sex that leaves them both as exhausted as the words did.

Sated, curled around each other, he feels safe enough to ask her: "What are you fighting for?"

"You," she mumbles into his throat.

You, he thinks, turning and burying his nose in her hair. A grumbly noise from her and he rolls her to her back, moving to kiss her neck, licking and tasting her skin. Salt and dirt, engine grease from playing with Tyrol's new viper design.

She fights for him.

He fights for her.

It's a symmetry he considers as he systematically works his way from neck to ankle and back up again, lips and tongue stroking every inch, making her gasp and writhe until she's needy with want, voice hoarse (or that could be from yelling earlier). And then his tongue slides over her.

He listens to her breathing as he uses his mouth to sure advantage. The way she gasps when he presses just there, the way her breath catches when he flicks his tongue at that spot, and the half-moan she tries to hold in when he moves his lips across her like a feather. The growl when he stops and raises his head to look up at her.

Before she can kick him (and he knows she will), he drops his head back down and gets to work. A moment later, her fingers slide into his hair, tugging closer. He complies, losing himself in her taste and texture, her scent and sound and the feel of her heartbeat against his skin.

Too soon, she's falling apart at the seams, gasping his name and tightening her grip too hard.

It makes him just a little smug that he can do this to her.

And she knows it, too. Pays him back for the smugness with some all her own when she finally tugs him back up and wraps her legs around him, rolling them over. And, yeah. They argue. A lot.

Sometimes, he thinks they argue just so they can do this.