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Chapter 2

Around the Kitchen Table in Grimmauld Place sat Ron, Molly and Arthur Weasley, Hermione Granger, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and Albus Dumbledore. All were thinking about what they had done to Harry by keeping the truth of Sirius's being alive from him. Molly and Arthur were hoping he'd understand that they did it because they were trying to protect both him and Sirius from danger. Hermione was feeling terribly guilty and knew she should never have agreed to it. Ron was smug and happy that he had this secret from the great Harry Potter and that Dumbledore had paid him to spy on said Gryffindor. Sirius and Remus were both so looking forward to seeing the young man in question again and to be reunited with their cub that they hadn't even considered what Harry's reaction would be. Dumbledore was just ecstatic that his plan had worked and that Harry was now going to be so firmly under his thumb that he could easily take credit for the end of Voldemort and get more of the fame and respect that he desperately craved for. However, what none of them took into account was that Harry had other confidantes than those in the room, other trusted persons who wouldn't betray him like they had and who knew him better than they could ever hope to.

Harry and Draco arrived at Grimmauld Place and were soon joined by Moody and Severus. Moody gave Draco the parchment that told the location of Grimmauld Place so that he could see the building and be able to enter. Harry, as ever, shivered slightly when he saw it, something that wasn't missed by either his uncle or his partner, before taking Draco's hand and walking inside the house.

"Well Dray, welcome to the hell-hole that is Number 12 Grimmauld Place! Come on through to the kitchen, we can get something warm to drink and I can make Uncle Sev a couple of potions to make him feel better." None of them knew who was in the kitchen or they would never have allowed Harry to go in there. Harry walked in and gasped at the sight before him. His beloved Godfather and surrogate Grandfather were sitting there very much alive and well. What was more, it was clear that this was not a new occurrence. Tears started to fall and he squeezed Draco's hand tightly before steeping back into the comforting, hard body of his uncle.

"N-no! I-It's not possible! NO!!! You…you can't…you can't be alive I watched you both die! NO!" Harry cried but then an even more horrid thought came to him. How long had Sirius been alive and how long had everyone else known before telling him? His eyes still brimming with tears he asked coldly: "How long? How long have you been alive Sirius? Merlin dammit Sirius tell me!" Sirius was shocked and furious to see Harry with Draco and Severus but answered his godson timidly.

"9 Months Harry."

"N-Nine M-Months? Oh god no! How could you?" Harry cried brokenly before running out of the door in floods of tears Draco following him. Sirius and Remus went to go after him but Severus blocked the way.

"You will not be going up there! I won't let you!"

"Who are you to stop me? I'm his godfather and guardian I can do whatever I like!"

"Not anymore! When you 'died' his guardianship revoked to him. In all effects he was an emancipated minor but he decided he didn't want that so gave his guardianship to me!"

"YOU? Why the hell would he give guardianship to you over the Weasleys or Dumbledore? He hates you!"

"That's what you think Black! He loves me because I am the only family he has left! I am his uncle. Lily was my twin sister, we were separated at birth but eventually found each other at Hogwarts. We stayed close and when she married James we got close too. Jamie never told anyone the truth and neither did we! I was named as Harry's second godfather and we were very close even when he was a baby. I sneaked around to see him at the Dursley's and what you have all seen at Hogwarts between him, Draco and I is all and act. He knew the truth about the Astronomy Tower two weeks ago because we planned everything about what would happen afterwards. That is until I found out that you two were alive and had hidden from him for so long. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to reassure my nephew that there are still people that he can trust." Severus said before marching out of the door to where he knew Harry and Draco would be, Buckbeak's room, leaving a shocked, angry and upset group of people behind him.