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Chapter 1

"…-The NPA has been in a lot of trouble since last-weeks statement from the government, what do you have to say about it?" A sigh slipped from his lips. This again? He had received at least ten calls like this the last four days. It was both getting obnoxious and tiring.

"I haven't sensed any sort of complication. It's true that the government's suggestion of cutting down the amount of policemen is worth a thought, but we still have to remember that the police force's work is mainly to prevent crimes from happening. Even though it now by law is decided that Kira's work is the rightful judgement passed on upon those who break the law, we are to prevent it from even happening, if possible." The man on the other side was silent, pondering over his answer. Perfect. "If that was all, I bid you a good day."

He hung up without remorse, leaning back into the chair with something in between a snort and a sigh. It was always about it nowadays. How the police force was no longer useful. Kira's judgement had made it all so much easier for people to live nowadays. Except for Kira himself. Yagami Raito, age 24, was leading the NPA since the year earlier, when he had made the capture of Mello and Near possible. He snorted at the thought. Even though they had been L's so-called 'true successors', they hadn't been able to withstand in the end at all.

True, they had tricks not even the original, L, had used. But they never showed the same challenge as the original. It was almost a pity. "Tsk, what am I thinking?" He shook his head, which caught the other individual in the room, the shinigami Ryuk's, attention.

"Thinking what?" He glanced over at the shinigami, not surprised to find the reason for the slightly muffled sentence to be an apple.

"I was just hit by the thought that it was almost a pity that I made Rem kill Ryuzaki, or whatever his true name now was, four years ago." Ryuk blinked at him.

"A pity?" He echoed.

"Since he was killed, it has been too easy… it has gotten… boring. And I tend to get very… extreme when bored." After all, it was his boredom that had made him start this mission. It was his boredom that had led him to find the Death Note, and use it to kill off the criminals in the world. And after that – the ones who opposed him. In the end, acceptance had been found, and the world was a better place. Though the self-acknowledged god of this peaceful world had not been satisfied by the result.

"Mhm, I know." The god of death nodded quickly, before snatching another apple from his table. "And since Misa died, you don't have anyone to easily find names anymore. You'd have to research everything yourself."

"That's alright, Ryuk." He said, calmly. Misa Amane. There had been rumours that they would get married. After all, they had been living together for four years. And then… sadly - his lips quirked in a small smirk – she had died. All of a sudden, she just hadn't woken up from her sleep one morning. No doctor could explain why. It just was her time, they said.

And that was just what it was. After having done the so-called 'eye-trade-deal' with the Shinigami Rem and the Shinigami Ryuk, she had cut her remaining lifespan in half. And then that halved lifespan in half, too. In the end, she had lasted for four years. But that didn't matter to him. Four years had been enough to 'clean' the world of the scum that had resided there before. The only pity was the fact that if a new threat would arise, he couldn't use her eyes to see the name of the person without having to ask it first.

But she had known it. She knew he didn't love her. She loved him, and was willing to be his tool. Her choice alone. So now he was back to solitude. Without anyone. Living in the outskirt of Tokyo, alone, he barely had any contact with his family. His father had resigned from the police force the year before, Sayu was studying abroad and his mother was just hanging around the house, as she had always done.

And he was fine with that. He enjoyed being alone. The only thing he had ever known enjoying more than being alone, except for killing of criminals with the Death Note, was… "But I really do feel that it was a pity. The most amusing time during my life as 'Kira' was during the time I played that little 'who finds who first' game with L."

"Agreed." The shinigami nodded with finality. "During that time you had the most brilliant schemes going on, as well as the fact that it was amusing to have you both chase each other around in your word battles."

"We were thinking in the same line of thought all the time. That made the chase interesting." He continued, before switching on the TV daintily. He leaned back as the news reports came up. He didn't really listen, but his as his ears most definitively heard the word 'murder', he sat up straight, fixing his eyes on the screen. "Murder?"

It was a female, age 24, they explained. She had supposedly gotten into a fight with her friend, in the end having slammed the other female's head into the concrete wall with a force enough to kill her… Yeah, yeah. That wasn't interesting. He narrowed his eyes but smiled, pleased, when a picture came up. She was apparently sought for by the police, but that wasn't the reason for the picture and the name, Tamaki Ayako. 'L' – at that time meaning himself - had ordered images and names to be erased from news report as of the last year, the year 2009. True, there had been reports that he'd been a fake one - which was the cause – but the government and the majority of the police thought it might still be wise. After the Mello and Near incident, he had 'resigned' from the role of L. Mainly because he had to now act upon L being dead, as had come out. And that wasn't a problem. It was just less work for him. But anyway, the rule of the images and names.

Even if Kira had become law, that rule had been applied to minor crimes. But sometimes the news still showed them. And why? He smirked as he reached for his drawer, pulling it open and at the same time finding a pen on his desk. Flipping a page open in the black book, he leaned back and quickly scribbled the name down into the notebook, followed by a small message. Better show them she hadn't just passed away. He smirked and returned both items to their previous location, before returning to the TV. At any moment, someone would have seen the woman come staggering. After all…

"The woman has just been seen near the Aoyama area, where she ran through heading for the back alleys. The local police are now following…" He smiled, waiting. The message should be clear, and a beautiful one at such. "She's been found – and she's dead!" He looked at the watch. Just on time. As always.

He could hear the shinigami laugh behind him as the new woman kept blabbering. C'mon, get to the important point already! He tapped his fingers against the desk while waiting. Anytime soon.

"The message written on the wall in front of the dead woman,Tamaki Ayako, has now been deciphered!" Finally! He smirked still. He had made the woman cut herself – nowhere too vital, mind you – and write the message in her own blood. Only because he was bored, of course. People would already know who wore the trademark of killing criminals with heart-attacks. "I will know cite it! 'The rightful judgement has now been passed out over thee. Let this be a warning for those who come after.' With this information, we might be almost certain that this is a judgement passed out by Kira."

"Bravo. You've read your homework." He mumbled, before turning the TV off. There. Now there was nothing fun more to do. That was it for today, he also guessed.

"Hey, Raito." He looked over his shoulder at the shinigami again. "I'm out of apples."

"…" He narrowed his eyes slightly, but shook his head and pressed the button on the intercom. "Isao-san?"

A smooth, female voice answered. "Yes, Yagami-san?"

"Would you be so kind and bring up some more apples to my office?"

"Again? Dear god, you sure eat a lot of those. That cannot be healthy."

"Just make sure it's done." He said, still calmly with a polite tone, before sitting back again. "Happy now?" The only answer he got was a wide grin, and he sighed. A knock was heard on his door. "Come in."

Isao-san wasn't the only one entering his office at this time, so was a fuming Matsuda. Matsuda was still working with him on the now almost completely put down Kira case. They were the only ones on it. And well, you could say Matsuda was alone. He was almost considering killing him just for that reason, but since that would only be a waste of time, he had pushed it aside.

"He did it again!" Matsuda growled, as Isao-san put down the new basket of apples on the desk. Raito noted that Ryuk probably would want to dig in as quickly as possible, so he calmly faced the other. "He killed that woman!"

"I saw." He nodded. "Most likely because they showed the face and name, despite what we've told them. People out there think he's a living god, Matsuda. And that's what he wants. We have the majority of the world against us."

"Don't tell me you're giving up, too!?"

"Of course not." He gave the other a serious look. "I'm still very much determined to avenge Ryuzaki, Watari and all the other victims. I will solve this case, Matsuda. For their sake."

"…Of course." Matsuda looked down, in shame. "O-Of course I can't forget that, either. I just felt a sudden rush of fear that you might be giving up."

"I won't. So don't worry. Try and find out who was the editor for the news report, and bring him in for questioning in secrecy. Offer money, if needed." The man nodded and then quickly left the office. He picked one of the apples up and then threw it over his shoulder, knowing Ryuk to catch it.

"You're still sounding so serious, Raito," The shinigami said between bites. "You are still as sharp of an actor as always."

"How would I otherwise have survived this far?" He questioned, smiling. "I've relinquished the name L, and the person known as L, as well. I've gained the top position of Japan's police force, and – to boot – I'm worldwide acknowledged as the saviour of the innocent."

"Yes, Kira has become a big name." Ryuk affirmed. "I still hold on to the fact that you probably are the best possible person to have found the Death Note I dropped. And now you have both that one, the one Rem possessed, and the one Misa held. That's three in total."

"So I have one here, one at home and one in my bag." He said, a small smirk pulling at his lips. "The one here and at home won't make anyone see a shinigami. Only the one I always carry around. Safety is a great necessity even if Kira's accepted, don't you agree?"

"Can't say I don't." Ryuk shrugged and grabbed another apple.


Everyone knew that there always was a turning point. But who could've predicted that the turning point would be the thirteenth of August the year 2010? On top of that, it just had to be Friday the thirteenth. He had been on his way to leave the office, already looking forward to the weekend. Even though the 'chase' of Kira never ended, it was always a relief to be alone, at home. No one who could bother him.

Those plans were quickly ruined as his cell phone went off just as he was walking through the lobby towards the doors. With an annoyed sigh, he reached into his coat pocket and pulled the device up, flipping it open and held it to his ear. "This is Yagami Raito-…" He paused immediately as Matsuda's voice, with something akin to anxiety, hurriedly started speaking.

"I-I hope you aren't headed home yet!"

"And why is that?" He kept his voice monotonous, not wanting to deal with whatever Matsuda now had found out. But he would be proved wrong.

"Because the woman that Kira killed earlier today… she-… She has reawakened!"

… He stared blankly at the wall; all thoughts of wanting to go home suddenly vanished. "…Reawakened?" He echoed; an obvious trace of shock in his tone.

"Yes! When she was brought to the hospital, she was most certainly dead, but then, just half an hour ago, she suddenly started breathing again!"

"What are you talking about!?" He asked. "Which hospital!?" He was sure he hadn't misspelled the name, and she had done just as told before she died… so how could Tamaki Ayako have returned to the living?

"Why is that important?"

"I want to talk to her as quickly as possible! We need to know more about it."

"…" Matsuda paused for a moment, and he could hear the rustle of papers. "They say here that we can't bring her in for questioning until Monday. So I suggest you wait until-"

"Which hospital!?" He yelled, the lobby suddenly falling silent.

"…To-oh academic hospital…" Matsuda replied, in a tiny voice. Snorting, he flipped the cell phone shut, and then strode out of the lobby, not even bothering to open his umbrella to stop the rain. Heading for his car, he quickly unlocked it and opened the driver's door, sitting down and starting the engine.

As he drove out of the parking lot, he glared up in the rear-view mirror. "Ryuk! What the hell was that about!?"

"Dunno. Don't ask me." The shinigami shrugged.

"She was killed by the Death Note. So how could she reawaken!?"

"I've never heard of something like that happening… so it shouldn't be possible." Ryuk hummed. "The rules state that it can't be undone… maybe it was some other force?"

"Are you kidding me?" Raito growled, stopping for a red light as he glanced over his shoulder at the god of death. "Does there exist a power that can undo the Death Note?"

"Wouldn't know."

"But it's possible?"


"…" He snarled angrily before shaking his head, driving from the intersection and then turning left at the next, heading towards To-oh academic hospital.


"Do you have any idea what you did at approximately eleven AM on Friday the thirteenth?" He asked the woman, who was staring quite blankly at him. The hospital personnel had told him to not meet with the woman, but he had convinced them otherwise by showing his identification and explaining the situation.

"…No." She shook her head, and he sighed. She had no memory at all of her criminal deed only ten hours ago. To be more accurate – she remembered nothing at all of her life. Except her name, age, and basic knowledge that every single person could learn in school – except for that, everything was gone. Everything.

Not to mention the fact that she had woken up after being dead for three hours. This didn't make sense at all. Though, he should be used by it by now – after all, writing people's names in a notebook and thereby making them die isn't precisely your daily piece of cake.

"Excuse me officer, but why are you asking me these questions?" He looked up at the woman again, eyes slightly narrowed.

"Because, Tamaki Ayako, you just recently woke up after being proclaimed dead for three hours."

"That cannot be." She even smiled. "I'm still young, why would I have died?"

"Because Kira killed you."

"The Kira?" So apparently some memory of daily life was left. She knew which year it was, some simple historical happenings during the last year, and Kira. "Why would he have done such a thing?"

"Because you killed your friend."

"Do I have a friend?" This was driving him nuts. This woman was nuts! This wasn't making any sense at all! How in the name of whatever was holy was he supposed to understand where the Death Note had failed if this insolent woman couldn't answer his questions! Something was definitively fishy about this whole ordeal – and Ryuk wasn't helping his temper either, as the shinigami was laughing heartily in the background.

"Okay… so you don't remember getting killed?"

"…No." She shook her head. "Though I do remember collapsing… and I do remember somebody telling me to wake up."

"Telling you to wake up?" That couldn't be right. She was supposed to be dead, and was just waiting for the autopsy… so… "Can you memorize exactly what was said?"

"…Well… it was a very soothing voice…" She mumbled, frowning softly. "And it was as if a warm feeling spread throughout my body… and then I woke up."

"…But what did that voice tell you?"

"…" She frowned again, looking at the wall. Then her expression went blank again. He sighed; this wasn't going to lead him anywhere.

He stood up with a shake of his head, lifting his briefcase up and pulling his coat on again. It was already half past nine, and he really ought to get home now. He went for the door and reached for the doorknob, when her voice was raised again, halting him immediately.

"Once is once – but everyone gains a second chance."


"Once is once… huh." He snorted softly, driving out into the pouring rain again. Somehow that sentence had a familiar tone to it… something he just… couldn't place… "Once is once… but everyone gains a second chance…" It was eerie. Somehow…

"Seems to me like she was contacted by another dead soul or something…" Ryuk mentioned lazily.

"How could that be possible? And how could that 'dead soul' bring her back to life? It just doesn't make sense!"

"Try killing her again?"

He growled. "No. Not until I've gotten some sort of information on all of this. I don't want to let this slip, Ryuk. It's impossible. I want to get to the bottom with why someone I killed with the Death Note suddenly awakens again! I've been using it for seven years. It shouldn't be possible!"

"…" Ryuk shrugged, and returned to looking out the window. Or maybe staring off into space. Whatever it was, it didn't matter to him, as he kept driving. It would be at least a ten-minute drive home to his residence, so he could as well take this time to think.

So… what did he have? A woman, age 24. She murdered her friend, and he killed her. So far so good. The heart-attack ended her life – and she was declared dead. Then, three hours later, she wakes up at To-oh academic hospital, without memories and that cryptic sentence.

Once is once – but everyone gains a second chance. No matter how you looked at it, it was strange. And awfully familiar. In fact, it was so familiar he couldn't remember wherefrom it was familiar.

He must've gotten paranoid. There was probably a reasonable excuse. Let's just exclude the Death Note for now. She got a heart attack, her body went into suspended animation, and she reawakens three hours later. Whatever she heard or felt during that time should've been a dream, theoretically.

Not a bad thesis, is it? Though there was something wrong with it. For now he had used the Death Note, and she should've died. Yet… why didn't she? Okay… Now was the time to calm down… not to do anything hasty. Calm yourself, Raito. This was… just a small complication – is all. Just a small complication – nothing to worry about.

And it was Friday the thirteenth.

The rain was still coming down in heavy drops as he arrived at his dark residence. Since he lived alone, no one was home when he returned, and no lamps were turned on. It was a rather sad sight for the normal human being. But it was his own private place, so it looked as welcoming as anything could at times like these. At least he knew that he'd be able to think things over in peace here. He stepped out of the car, still without shielding himself from the rain with the umbrella, and locked the car, before heading up the small pathway to the house. Yeah, a cup of coffee and some time to think would definitively be in place…

Or maybe not.

He stopped, eyes widening slightly. On the small veranda, seated on the settee he hadn't used since end July; was a figure veiled in the dark of the shadows and the night. He blinked a couple of times, before his eyes got used to the dark slightly.

First thing that his him was the utterly familiar feeling he got. Even though the person in fact had a hooded sweatshirt on, shielding his face, there was this feeling that… He frowned and walked up the steps, the figure not moving an inch.

And… that way of sitting… he knew someone who had nagged him for ages with that… Biting his lip, he put his briefcase down and walked over, the wood of the veranda creaking slightly. Still no movement. He came to a halt in front of the person. "Hey." He tried, slowly. The only thing that showed that this person was awake and listening was the slight nod of the head, how faint it now might be.

Narrowing his eyes, he kneeled down a little, in order to see the person's face. Even though half of their face was veiled, one dark eye focused on his, in a slightly piercing glare that sent a sudden chill up his spine, another twinge of familiarity hitting him.

Shakily, he reached one hand out, determined to just see if his feared suspicion was right. The person didn't flinch, nor did he break their still connected gaze, as he grabbed the material of the sweatshirt loosely, before pulling the hood back.

The same second that short and messy raven black hair was revealed, he widened his eyes, the mixed feelings of anxiousness and fear came crashing down with the familiarity, and he staggered one step backwards. Those deep, black eyes, which were impossible to read, and had always been, looked calmly back at him. He took a shaky breath, voicing himself to confirm his own sudden realization.


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