Title: Fly On

Inspired By: Daddy Long Legs, though this is not quite the same. Also by Daddy Rooster Head, which is a great SasuNaru-fic. I absolutely adore it x3. This is much different from those however, I think only the beginning is slightly the same.

Rating: M for language, and perhaps a lemon later on(?)

Pairings: SasuNaru, NejiNaru, GaaNaru and some side pairings

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

We are all a part of everything
The future, present and the past
Fly on proud bird
You're free at last.

-- Charlie Daniels

A quick note was scribbled on the back of the door to his bedroom. Well, to the bedroom of him and five other boys, to be exact. He read it with mild interest, before he crumpled it up and threw it on the ground. He had never been much of a tidy person and he figured one of the other kids would pick it up. After all, he was the oldest (though not the most respected) child in the orphanage.

Besides, picking up litter was something for the smaller children, who had been brought up there. Not for someone of his stature, who had only been an orphan for a couple of years and had been the heir to one of the most respectable and wealthiest companies in the world.

Not that he looked down on others; oh no. In fact, he was quite humble (according to himself). He would always wipe snot from children's noses, help them tie their shoelaces and he even sometimes bathed them. These things were done, of course, without a frown of disgust or without a sneer or a scowl.

… Yeah, right.

He himself even had a hard time believing that one.

Uchiha Sasuke snorted and sighed at the same time as he made his way through the damp and mouldy hallway of the orphanage, deciding it was best to just visit Miss Tsunade immediately. He usually had a tendency to just show up late, making up excuses as to why, but he didn't feel like doing that today. It would just be too troublesome to hear her yell and moan about her having to do a lot of paperwork and not having a lot of time as it was.

Che, yeah right, he thought as he frowned. That really would explain why she would have enough time to plaster a post-it on his (and five other boys') room and why she always had suspicious ink marks on her left cheek.

As he walked on at a leisurely pace, he decided to take a small detour as it was such a lovely, sunny day and walked through the doors, out into the playground. He figured nothing good would come of it as he hated lovely, sunny days, but wanted to make the detour anyway. And as he walked on, he saw a boy not much older than him stepping out of a black, slick car, having the utmost annoying, humongous grin plastered on his face. The lovely, sunny sun was nothing compared to his blond locks that were sticking out… everywhere and the cloudless, blue sky could never compete with his blue eyes.

Sasuke, for a brief moment, was mildly surprised, mildly irritated and mildly interested in this new person. The boy, who was still grinning like an idiot and thanking the chauffeur who had opened the door for him (Sasuke had only briefly looked this chauffeur over; brown hair tied up neatly in a ponytail and a scar running across the bridge of his nose, dark skin and a nice, black suit with polished black shoes. Everything seemed to be very tidy with this man, so unlike Sasuke), took a brief look at Sasuke and waved at him, before he happily bounced out.

Sasuke didn't know whether to wave back, stick out his tongue, flip him off or just go over there and tackle the blond idiot. So instead he opted for something he knew would both work and wouldn't get him into trouble (or wouldn't make him seem like a childish idiot); he just shot the boy a glare and walked on, stuffing his hands deeply inside his pockets indignantly as he ignored the look of protest on the blond's face. Good, he didn't seem to like his reaction. Excellent.

Honestly; who did he think he was? Waving at a stranger like that, how impolite. And thanking his chauffeur for opening the door? Please, it's their job! They get paid to do it.

So, therefore Sasuke's first impression of the boy he would most probably see more often (it's not really a secret, is it?) was:

A total moron.

And who in their right mind would wear orange? Sasuke shook his head, a small snort escaping from his mouth as he remembered the bright orange t-shirt and the simple faded jeans the boy had been wearing, along with what used to be white sneakers, brown pilot goggles and orange wristbands on each wrist. Had the fashion police been there, they would have died of shock.

Either that, or they would've killed him. Which wouldn't be such a big loss in Sasuke's mind.

Besides, he mused, wouldn't a rich kid like him (considering he had a black car, his own chauffeur, etc.) be dressed in a nice suit or something more passable than simple jeans? At least, he had worn a suit almost everyday if he didn't go to school. before he came to this dreaded orphanage. Well, he supposed his school uniform could pass as a suit as well.

He shook his head unconsciously as he decided the blond idiot was not special enough for him to dwell on much longer and instead focused his mind on getting to the office.

It was often he was getting called out to Miss Tsunade, who was in charge of the Konoha Orphanage for twenty years now. She may not look like it, but she was most definitely older than fifty, even though she could behave like a twelve year old most of the time. Which was probably why she was rather good with the children. And, after a many facelifts and plastic surgery, she looked like someone in her early thirties rather than her early fifties.

Not that Sasuke was amazed—oh no. His mother had gotten a couple as well, from the same doctor as Miss Tsunade's and they had worked out rather well.

After a five minute stroll through the orphanage, Sasuke arrived in front of Tsunade's office door. He frowned, slightly disgusted by the rotting and dirty wood of the door, before he quickly knocked on it. He heard a crash coming from the inside and figured Tsunade must've been asleep once again.

He smirked. Heh, it was always fun to wake her up. One of the few amusing things in the orphanage.

"Come in," was muttered from inside and Sasuke gracefully took the doorknob and opened the rotting thing, revealing a still drowsy Miss Tsunade clumsily trying to get herself up in her chair. Why there was an empty sake bottle on the floor was beyond Sasuke (honestly, if she wanted to get drunk, why didn't she just do it in her own room? Che.). With a rather dry expression on his face, Sasuke walked up to her desk and sat on the wooden, uncomfortable chair across from Tsunade's.

"You wanted to see me?" he asked, seeming to be rather bored as Tsunade finally managed to seat herself in her more-comfortable-chair-than-Sasuke's, looking rather proud of herself for doing so. She coughed, shuffling some paperwork (Sasuke vaguely noted that the blond woman had, yet again, managed to get some ink on her cheek) as she did so.

"Ah, yes," she muttered. "Right, where to begin?" she then continued to mumble, taking a letter in her hands. "As you might know, I had a meeting with several of our Trustees yesterday and one of them was quite interested in you." An elegant, black eyebrow shot up. "He had seen your grades in school and even I have to acknowledge you are somewhat of a…" she paused, drawing her eyebrows together as if she couldn't say the word without throwing up. "Genius," she finally finished. Sasuke looked quite smug. She cleared her throat briefly again, before continuing to rant on and on about his potential, about him becoming a great businessman one day and other crap like that. Honestly, couldn't she just hurry up, say the Trustee was willing to give him some money for his future and let him go? This was beginning to get rather annoying.

Ah yes, that's one of the many things I forgot to mention. You see, our beloved Sasuke was a genius. He was doing great in all of his subjects, from Math to History, from Latin to German—they were all perfect grades. Unfortunately, seeing as how the Orphanage had little money, they couldn't send him to college anyway. As soon as he would become eighteen (which would be in four months), he would get thrown out of the Orphanage and into the big, bad world with no money and no prospect of a nice future. Sure, he could get a scholarship, but that wouldn't be nearly enough—he also had to get himself a house, a job to pay the rent…

He shook his head, thinking about how his life was just one big mess. None of the other orphans he had known about had a nice life—they were all either store clerks or homeless. Sure, sometimes a Trustee would donate some money, but it wasn't nearly enough—the most part of it would pay for his high school tuition anyway, so it wasn't like there would be much left of it.

Which was also why his few visits to Miss Tsunade's office were rather like a routine; she would go on about how giving and selfless and honourable the Trustees were, declare to him that they had given him fifty dollars (whoop-dee-freakin'-doo) and send him back to his room.

"Anyway, this particular Trustee really hardly ever shows up for meetings, so I was rather surprised he was there yesterday. The last time he attended was three years ago, a week before you arrived," she continued, before mumbling something about 'damn brat, should've kicked his ass'. But Sasuke wasn't quite sure, of course. "He has never really shown interest, save for two other orphans who had selflessly," Oh, here it comes, Sasuke thought. "Adopted them and sent them to college." She smiled brightly at the second, thin, black eyebrow that shot up. "One of them is now an artist and the other is a businessman," she continued proudly. "Well, he should be arriving any minute now, so he can fill you up on the rest." Again, she started to mumble something about 'damn brat, always late. Wanna squeeze his throat', but alas, Sasuke couldn't be sure.

Both pairs of eyes shot to the door when it crashed open, revealing the same blond Sasuke had seen in front of the Orphanage not ten minutes ago.

"Old haaaaaag!" he shouted happily, throwing his hands up in the air. Behind him stood the same chauffeur Sasuke had seen, slapping a hand against his forehead in shame. The chauffeur then proceeded to grab the blond by the collar and smack him on the head (Sasuke couldn't help but smirk). Tsunade just rubbed her poor aching head.

"Brat! I told you not to call me that!" The Blond Idiot proceeded to pout (Sasuke couldn't help but think it was rather cute. Before he promptly mentally smacked himself), before he took a seat in the other wooden chair next to Sasuke. "Anyway, Sasuke, this is the Trustee I was talking about. Mr. Uzumaki."

There was only one thought that registered itself in Sasuke's brilliant mind.


"Just call me Naruto, or Daddy if ya want," the Blond Idiot (or Naruto) teased him, flashing the black-haired boy a grin. Sasuke gritted his teeth together.

"I will do no such thing, you moron," he ground out. Naruto blinked once and was about to erupt into a rant, but Tsunade cut him off.

"Uchiha, shut up!" she snapped. Sasuke shut his mouth, as did Naruto, though they continued to glare at each other. "Naruto, please introduce yourself to the Uchiha over there, unless you're backing down on your offer." Naruto immediately grinned and shook his head.

"Nah, I've had tougher eggs to crack than this one," he said. Before Sasuke could reply, however, Naruto continued happily. Sasuke hated him already. "Anyway, I'm Uzumaki Naruto, age twenty-four, parents Ara—" Tsunade cut him off again.

"Naruto, I didn't mean that kind of an introduction," she said tiredly. But then again, wasn't she always tired? Naruto rubbed the back of his head apologetically.

"Heh, sorry," he said. "Right, so I kinda like orphans since I am one myself too and I wanna help them. Since I can't offer everyone a home and a family and all that jazz… I'll adopt only the ones I really think deserve better, like you!" Sasuke rolled his eyes at the sentimental fool. Of course Sasuke deserved better; he couldn't deny that. After all, he was a genius. "Anyway, you're not obligated to come with me or anything, I mean, ya can just stay here and become a store clerk." Eh, how did he know? "Or ya can come with me, live in a real house, have your own room, crap like that. Ya can have a nice future. So, whaddaya say? Huh?"

Sasuke, at first, was stunned. This guy was for real, right? This wasn't some sort of joke, right? He could get out of that hell hole, live in a real house, have at least a small piece of his life back… right?

But then he looked at the blond idiot, who looked back at him expectantly and felt resentment. This Naruto-guy was an idiot, he was happy and cheerful, even though he had admitted he was an orphan himself. How could he be so happy about it? And why would he want to help others?

And why the hell would he think Sasuke would even accept his help?

Sasuke could handle his own life. He could do it on his own—he could get a house again, he could get a family, a job, an education. A small sense of pride made its way into Sasuke's body and stayed there, until Sasuke firmly replied,

"I'll stay here." Both Tsunade and Naruto seemed to be surprised and the chauffeur looked at him disapprovingly. And who could blame him? Here it was, a chance for Sasuke to better his life sitting right next to him and he threw it away like it was nothing. He felt something akin to regret, but ignored it promptly and stood up, holding his head up high. An Uchiha didn't need help—they could do it on their own. "If that is all Miss Tsunade, could you please excuse me?" he said politely. But even when Tsunade sputtered 'Uchiha, sit back down!' and 'Are you crazy?', Sasuke walked away anyway, leaving them behind.

And all he could see were Naruto's blue eyes looking at him with both worry and sadness, before he shut the door.

Because he didn't need anyone. Not anymore.

"I'm very sorry about this Naruto," Tsunade said, shaking her head in annoyance. Stupid Uchiha's.

"That's okay, old Hag," he said, flashing her a grin. "He'll change his mind, they always do." She gave him a small smile.

"Just like you, huh?" He nodded.

"Yeah. Just like me."

"So, how are Neji and Gaara anyways? You still talk to them or what?" Naruto nodded enthusiastically.

"Yeah! They're still living with me actually," he grinned happily. "Well, not all the time of course. Gaara has to make business trips all the time, since he's really busy. And, well, Neji has his art so he's usually really busy too. He asks me to pose sometimes though." Tsunade gave him a sly smirk.

"Nude?" she asked him. Naruto sputtered, turning red as he did so.

"Ew! Of course not, who do you think I am! Well, he asked me once—but no! I didn't do it! I know I have a God-like body, but I don't wanna show it to the rest of the world. Ya know, I don't wanna give them something to masturbate to," he finished.

Tsunade just laughed and ruffled his hair.

"Kid, you're still the same as twelve years ago."

As the two of them shared moments, Sasuke was outside and had already safely settled himself up in a maple tree. His tree, to be exact. You see, Sasuke was a slightly anti-social being and couldn't stand being in the company of other humans too long. And whenever he had to think things through, or just needed some space, he would go outside and sit in that tree—his tree—and think or cool off, or whatever it was.

The warm sun couldn't reach him there, for the leaves gave him just enough shelter from it. Which was a good thing, because the sun was rather bad for his complexion.

…Right. Anyway.

Whatever it was that he was thinking about, it certainly did startle the younger children, who were scared beyond wits by the sour mood that was emitting from Sasuke's body. Little did they know it was not them he was mad at—rather, a certain filthy rich, blond orphan.

Unfortunately for their small amount of play-time, Sasuke wouldn't stop radiating the hatred and vengeance for the other and the poor, little orphans decided it was best to go inside and hide underneath their little beds for the rest of the day until the angry Uchiha would start acting normal again. Or at least, as normal as an Uchiha could act.

He growled as he remembered the annoying grin. The face full with emotion. The blond hair, the chirping voice, the marks on his cheeks that looked like whiskers, but were in fact scars. Who was he exactly? How did he become so successful? Why was he so happy, without a family or parents, or whatever?

So many questions and yet Sasuke found he didn't want them to be answered. A voice in the back of his mind told him that he was scared for the answers, scared that his new life of brooding and angst was not the only way of living; that he could be happy, that he could have a perfectly wonderful life again. Even without his parents.

That he, in fact, really did need somebody.

He shook his head and placed it into his hands, rubbing his temples as he tried to forget the memories that flood his mind. His mother, his father.

His brother.

And as he continued to sit there, on the verge of crying for the second time since his parents' death, he thought about Uzumaki Naruto's offer more and more.

A home.

A future.

And suddenly, those things didn't seem so bad anymore. As a lone tear slid over his cheek and halted near his thin lips, he jumped out of the tree and went back to Tsunade's office, to say 'yes, I want to leave this place, I don't want to be a store clerk for the rest of my life'.

And as he walked inside that office, three pairs of eyes fixed themselves upon his and they all smiled at him encouragingly. But the only one he looked at was Naruto, who grinned at him happily, and he nodded at him. Sasuke felt relief wash over him, because now he had something to look forward to.

A home.

A future.

A family.

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