Title: Fly On

Rating: M for language, yaoi, shonen ai, some angsting, bad humour and perhaps a lemon later on(?)

Pairings: SasuNaru, NejiNaru, GaaNaru and some side pairings

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

"When it snows, you have two choices: shovel or make snow angels"


The next few days were rather boring for Sasuke; Naruto had gone out of town briefly for the weekend to take care of some business. Nobody would tell Sasuke what kind of business or where he was going and were all rather secretive about the whole ordeal, making Sasuke's curiosity reach its peek. Sasuke didn't like being kept in the dark and when everybody knew everything about something while he didn't was rather aggravating for him.

But, on the other hand, Sasuke didn't feel he had a right to snoop around the house to try and find more about the blond Samaritan, so instead decided he should sulk the entire weekend in his room. He hated Sundays anyway—there was nothing to do, just a day where people… relaxed. He disliked that very much.

His stay in the Uzumaki residence had been perfectly dreadful for him though; everyone was friendly and warm towards each other, something he wasn't quite used to anymore. He didn't feel the need for such things either.

There was only one person he could truly stand however, and that person was Haku who was more polite than friendly. Sasuke didn't think Haku truly liked him, but rather pretended to out of sheer politeness, which was rather understandable.

He hated the Hyuuga though. Sasuke couldn't shake the feeling that Neji's last name sounded rather familiar, but he couldn't quite place it yet. That, however wasn't the reason for his hatred. Sasuke actually didn't really know why Neji was such an annoyance to him; perhaps it was the way that, even though he seemed like a very intelligent person, he still enjoyed Naruto's idiotic company. Or perhaps it was the fact that Neji seemed to dislike him very much as well, which wasn't very surprising.

Sasuke wasn't very much of a likeable person.

Unlike Naruto, he added bitterly, gritting his teeth as he stared up at the ceiling from his bed, his hands tucked behind his head. The picture of Naruto, grinning like an idiot, appeared in front of him and Sasuke couldn't help but feel a little resentment towards the blond man. How come Naruto had it all and he didn't? How come Naruto had money, lived a nice life and he didn't?

How come he was happy and Sasuke wasn't?

It seemed to be so unfair in Sasuke's mind, because didn't he deserve happiness as well? But he tried to remind himself that he didn't want anything of those things Naruto had. He reminded himself of crimson eyes instead, flashing with hatred, blood of his parents spilling on the floor. The image of the blond dobe disappeared and made room for the image of his brother, making Sasuke to feel slightly panicked. So fresh, the images were so fresh.

As he shut his eyes so tightly that his head began to hurt, he tried to block the images flashing through his mind, the things people had asked him, the way others would stare at him as he was some sort of poor, caged animal with no way out. He took the hands from under his head and used them to shut his ears, even though he had enough common sense to know it was futile. He didn't care at that moment though; these things happened to him often, where he would be reminded of that faithful day his entire life changed.

That faithful day when he took an oath.

The sounds kept on pouring through his mind and the images became more sharp as the seconds passed.

"…such a shame…"

Blood flowing like a river.

"Poor boy."

Laughter from the shadows.

"Parents killed themselves… only him left…"

Cold, lifeless eyes looking up at him.

And as soon as the sounds and images had come, they were gone once more, leaving Sasuke shivering in his bed from the bad memories, cold sweat running over his entire body. It had only been a minute, but it had felt like an eternity for Sasuke.

He cursed himself mentally for being such a wimp, again taken over by fear like that, but even though he kept telling himself that he was not afraid, that he could handle things, he knew he couldn't. It was highly annoying to him and he praised God that he had his own room now; back in the orphanage, children would have been hanging all over him by now, asking him what was wrong and panicking themselves.

Yes, he did quite hate little children.

And he also couldn't shake the feeling that it was because of Naruto that he had another panic attack. That it was Naruto who had made him remember again.

Yes, it was all his fault.

"Sasuke-kun, it's time for lunch," Haku's muffled voice sounded from the other side of the door. Sasuke scowled briefly, pulling out a towel from his closet and drying his body with it. He didn't want the others to know, after all. He didn't want to be a weakling like them.

He smirked as he walked out of his room, heading towards the dining room where the rest of the brats were waiting for him. His only hope right now was that the Uzumaki-dobe would have already returned to entertain him some more.

"You've got to be kidding me," he stated dryly, his right hand tucked in the pocket of his pants, while the other one held his books tightly. Naruto blinked at him innocently, trying to understand just what Sasuke thought he was kidding about.

"What's wrong with it?" he asked finally. Sasuke stared at him for a long time, before shrugging and heading into the gate. Which was almost completely wrecked.

"This place is a dump. You expect me to prove myself in a place like this?" he shot back, though he looked rather bored. A 'dump' was an understatement however; this school did not seem like something rich kids would go to. Not that he was a rich kid, but the one who had adopted him sure was, so why did Naruto send him here? The walls were covered with graffiti, the school seemed to be one very, very small earthquake away from crumbling apart and… well. He quirked an eyebrow at the people who were to be his classmates; they were all rather… undefined. Which, again, was a very big understatement.

They also all seemed to be smoking, a rather disgusting habit in Sasuke's eyes. Sure, his late father would smoke a cigar on occasions, but that was nothing compared to the awful fumes coming from the disgusting cancer-stick these children were holding. Also, they all looked at him, some with curious glances, others with full out glares. They weren't used to seeing such a fancy black car, nor a regular schooluniform. Sure, they had it too, but either they had added some of their own things to it, or didn't have their ties on, or other small things like that. Sasuke seemed to be perfectly dressed however, all according to school rules.

Not to mention that he had the entire attention of all the females. Which only fuelled the boys' hatred.

Naruto grinned however, not seeming to take notice of the children who were glad to skewer Sasuke alive. "Don't worry, I graduated here too! Besides, it's only for a year Sasuke. After that, you can go to college. Besides, if you need anyone to look out for you, Inari and Konohamaru will help ya with it, even though you're their sempai now." Sasuke sighed, rubbing his temples. It wasn't like he didn't go to this sort of a school before in the orphanage, though he had hoped for something more classy.

"Whatever dobe," he muttered, ignoring the fact that Naruto started to yell at him once more. Sasuke really didn't feel much like arguing at the moment and he figured it would be alright as long as he kept to himself. Not like he needed friends anyway.

After a couple of hours, Sasuke found out that this school was perfectly dreadful. Not only were the teachers as mad and crazy as they could get, but the girls were too.

I suppose you are all wondering what was so dreadful about the school. Well, let me just explain it to you.

First of all, his P.E. teacher was an idiot. His name was Maito Gai and Sasuke couldn't keep his eyes off of him. Not that he was hot—no, the guy had the biggest eyebrows known to man. Really, the young Uchiha even wondered if those were just very big caterpillars and when they would start to crawl around. Not only that, but he had been wearing the most hideous green spandex Sasuke had ever seen.

Well, he had figured that perhaps, even despite his appearance, Gai-sensei would be a very adequate P.E. teacher. Unfortunately, after about halfway into the lesson, Sasuke found out that that really wasn't the case. Gai was weird, obnoxious and loud, constantly exclaiming that they were in their 'springtime of youth' and that if they couldn't run one hundred laps, that they should do two hundred push-ups.

I'm sure you get the idea right about now.

Secondly, his biology teacher was… creepy. That was the only word Sasuke knew that would describe this particular teacher; creepy. His name was Orochimaru and according to the young Uchiha, the name fit perfectly with his appearance and personality. He had squinted and yellow eyes like a snake and was even paler than Sasuke was. His low and soft voice made Sasuke shiver in a not-so-good way, especially when he used it while talking to him. There was something in his eyes that Sasuke didn't trust.

Thirdly; the girls. Now, not all of them were bad—some were just too chicken to even talk to him and instead made googoo-eyes at him and shyly blushed whenever he spared them a glance. But, there were also those who would cling to his arms and who would ask him out over and over again, despite the glares he shot them. These girls were named Sakura and Ino.

Sasuke thought they both were rather pretty, but quite annoying and demanding. He didn't have any interests in females however and tried to make that quite clear to them, but it was to no avail. These girls were simply living in their own little world.

And forthly; his homeroom teacher, Hatake Kakashi. The guy had been half an hour late, made up a stupid excuse that nobody believed and then proceeded to sit behind his desk, tell his class that they should read page whatever, before he took out a book called 'Icha Icha Paradise'. Sasuke snorted to himself; yeah, that was such a subtle title for a pornographic novel.

Disgusting pervert.

Sasuke thought about how he was supposed to last another year in that school and scowled; it was all Uzumaki's fault. If he hadn't sent him there, but instead to a private school with normal teachers and classmates he might have liked Naruto a little bit better, but no, the blond idiot just had to put him into a school full of crazy people.

Disgusting moron.

So that was why Sasuke, on a beautiful, sunny Monday afternoon, entered the house with the word 'irritation' written all over his face as he dumped his bag unceremoniously on the disgusting piece of dark orange furniture in the family room. He didn't care when Haku looked at him slightly worried, nor did he care when Neji just looked rather smugly; he only wanted to forget that the entire day had ever happened and just… wake up in the orphanage again.

Or anywhere else for that matter.

There was a knock on his door five minutes after he had come back from school, followed by a happy chirp from Haku. "So, how was it?" Sasuke scowled and for a second opted to let Haku stay outside, but quickly dismissed that thought. Haku was one of the few normal people he had met ever since he arrived, so Sasuke figured he should at least be friendly to him.

He opened the door for Haku, who gave him a small grin. "I bet you weren't expecting that school, huh?" Sasuke snorted; of course he didn't. He expected a neat private school with normal teachers and perhaps an all-boys school for that matter… females were so annoying. "Don't worry, it's a good school once you get used to it. Does Gai-sensei still teach there?" he asked conversationally, settling himself in one of the blue chairs.

"You mean the crazy one with the huge eyebrows?" Sasuke asked, making the other chuckle lightly.

"That's the one. He might seem weird, but he's a good teacher." The young Uchiha shrugged, not really seeing the point in this conversation. He instead immediately asked what had been on his mind all day;

"Why the hell did Naruto send me to that school?" he blurted out. Haku one time blinked, before a knowing smile spread across his face.

"He went there himself as well," Haku replied. Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "And, I suppose it's because Naruto doesn't want to give us too much luxury such as a private school. He doesn't want us to be handed everything on a gold platter, since that's not the way it works in real life either." Sasuke looked at him for a couple of seconds before he muttered a small 'whatever', not understanding it at all.

Silence washed over them after that; an uncomfortable one. Haku had hoped he would manage to get at least something out of the Uchiha—maybe how his entire day was, or even something about the weather, but no. This guy just stared up at the ceiling, his face as blank as always. Haku shifted uncomfortably in his chair for a moment, getting the attention of Sasuke, who in turn raised an eyebrow at him.

"You're still here?" he asked, very impolitely. Haku gave him a small glare, though it didn't really fit with his girlish face, so Sasuke was hardly impressed. He sighed, wondering why this boy was so intent on talking to him. "I'm not much of a talker," he then admitted. Well, whoop-die-doo, smartass, Haku thought, rolling his eyes. Like he hadn't noticed that already. "But if you want to talk to me so badly, why don't you tell me something about yourself. You said a couple of days ago that everyone 'had stories' here. I rather dislike not knowing things," he continued.

It was partly true; he actually was more curious about Naruto's past, but figured Haku wouldn't be the one telling him that. Sasuke would have to ask Naruto himself, but he didn't feel keen on doing that either, for some reason. Anything that involved the dobe was bad.

Haku stayed silent for a while, before he glanced at his watch. "Well, I suppose we do have time before dinner," he finally said, smiling a little sadly. Sasuke wondered… whether it really was such a sad story. "But, I will only do it on one condition," he continued. The young Uchiha blinked once. "That you will take Naruto out for a day." Sasuke's eyes widened.

"What!" Haku in turn smirked mischievously and Sasuke wondered whether or not he was all wrong about him; he suddenly didn't seem to be so 'gentle' and 'kind' anymore, now that he was smirking.

"Naruto has been working non-stop for the past few months and nobody can get him out of there, not even Neji who is his best friend."

"So what makes you think I can?" Sasuke asked, raising an eyebrow at him. Haku shrugged.

"I think you're someone who doesn't give up," his eyes suddenly sparkled with mischief. "And I bet you'll end up dragging Naruto out of his office too. Anyway, just take him out somewhere. He likes the movies and ramen a lot… but he'll tell you all about it. Get to know him a bit better; I'm sure you wouldn't think so little of him once you do." Sasuke snorted.

"I highly doubt that. But sure, I suppose it couldn't hurt," he said, shrugging. Haku smiled in triumph, barely refraining himself from pumping a fist up in the air.

"Alright then, where should I begin?" he pondered, tapping his chin with his index finger. Sasuke took his eyes off the ceiling and instead looked at Haku, who began talking almost instantly.

He remembered that it was snowing.

It was always snowing there, where he lived. And always cold too. He remembered that his mom was always sick, because she coughed a lot and was often lying in bed with fever. It seemed so silly to him then; having a fever while it was so cold. But he didn't know any better back then; after all, he was only eight years old.

His father was a catholic and was best friends with the priest of their village. They believed his mom was possessed by the devil, because she often talked about him. They also believed he was possessed, but he didn't understand why. He didn't feel possessed, at least.

They said it was because of his mom though.

His dad had said that if his mom would get an exorcism, she would get better again and if he didn't get one, he would end up like his mom, sick in bed. He thought that was very scary at the time; he didn't want to get sick. He wanted to play with his friends, though he didn't have them anymore; they thought he was evil too. He didn't understand any of it, but he figured his dad was telling the truth so he agreed on it.

He said it didn't hurt him. He had said everything was going to be alright. He said they wouldn't kill his mother.

Yes, he had said that; but now that he looked back on it, he figured he should've known that something bad was going to happen. Because he had somewhere known it, deep in his heart, that his father was lying. That it was going to hurt him deeply. That it wasn't going to be alright.

That they would kill his mother.

But even though he felt this, his dad was trying to talk him into it. "You'll have friends again," he had said. "Daddy will love you more if you do," he had said. "If you don't, we'll have to kill the evil demon inside of you by killing you," he had said as well.

He didn't want to die just yet.

Right before the exorcism would be taking place, on a Sunday afternoon it was, his mom called for him from out the bedroom. He had been playing with some toys that his dad had given him for being such a 'big boy', after agreeing that he would do it. He walked in curiously, wondering why his mom was calling for him. She wasn't supposed to talk to people, especially not to him, his dad had said. Because then the devils might be stronger, he had explained.

"Yes, mommy?" he asked, smiling lightly at her. She seemed to be so weak; how could she be possessed? And her eyes were so sweet…

"Don't do it, don't," she murmured, before lifting her upper body up by using her elbows. She reached underneath her mattress and took out a small, white envelop. She gave it to him, noticing the questioning look on his face. "Listen to me; I'm too weak to run away," she continued, and he noticed the way her voice was shaking. Was she trying not to cry? "But you can still run. I'm giving you all the money that I own. Be a big boy and take care of yourself, okay? Don't use this money for toys, but for food and a trainticket out of here. You know every shortcut there is through the woods, right?" He nodded, giving her his full attention. Leave his father? Don't do the exorcism? Maybe she really was possessed… He quickly stuffed the envelop into his pocket for safe keeping, just in case though. "Use those," she said, stopping briefly to cough. It didn't sound too good. "And leave. You'll be killed otherwise," she said. "They want to kill you. They say they don't, but they do. They want it to make it look like an acci—"

His eyes widened when his father stood behind him, hitting his mother. She hadn't done anything wrong, why was he hitting her?! He felt two strong hands on his shoulders, squeezing them in anger. It hurt, for he was still fragile and his dad was obviously mad about something.

His mom… his dad had hit his mom.

Maybe he was the bad guy after all.

When he looked at his mother, who was now squirming on the bed, groaning in pain, he began to doubt his father. What kind of a man would hit a woman who was sick and fragile? That wasn't right… even if she was possessed. Which led him to the next thing; how can she be possessed when she was worrying over his safety, when she looked so sweet and on the verge of crying?

How could she have a devil inside of her?

He began trembling when he heard the deep voice of his father behind him. "Haku," he said, releasing his shoulders and walking over to the door. He reached out a hand for him. "It's time for the exorcism. You go first," he continued.

Haku looked at the hand, then to his mother and then to the open window behind her bed. His mother looked at him, pleading eyes which silently begged him to leave.

Clutching the envelop in the pocket of his pants, he turned away from his father and jumped on the bed, quickly climbing out the window. His mom… she was the good one. Because she would never hit and she would never hurt anyone. His dad had hurt his mom and was trying to hurt him.

He heard his father yelling out the window, his mother screaming in pain and the villagers telling him to stop and come back. But as he entered the woods where he knew no one would find him, all the voices faded, leaving only the voice of his mother, telling him that she loved him and that he needed to get away.

Haku briefly paused to look at his watch. "Dear me, it's that late already? I should set the table." He smiled at Sasuke, who, for the first time in his life, found himself speechless.

"You're stopping there?" he asked finally, disbelieving. He knew that couldn't be where the story had ended; after all, he was much too young to have come across Naruto.

"I'll continue after dinner," Haku said simply, smirking lightly. "Unless you'd like to help me set the table. I could tell you more while we're working."

Sasuke fell out of his bed; this guy definitely wasn't that sweet. He was… rather manipulative.

The Uchiha followed Haku to the dining room, wondering what more could have happened to him.

An: Well, that was part of Haku's story. It will continue in the next chapter x3. I hope you liked it though O.o