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Chapter 1.

Hatlawyer: So, how've you been?

Smistress: I've been good. You?

Hatlawyer: I've been good. I've been waiting for you.

Smistress: You have? How come?
Hatlawyer: Coz I like talking to you.

Smistress: I like talking to you too.

Will smiled as he saw that last line. On his birthday a couple of months ago he had gone into the chatroom 40+ just for the fun of it. He never thought that he would start talking for an extended time with someone in there, at least not a woman. Smistress had only let him know that she was a woman and lived in New York. He had told her that he was a man and also lived in New York. He got offline and got out of his bed to get dressed, eat breakfast and go to work. The weather in New York was crisp and clear as fall was there and the leaves were dancing through the air as the wind was blowing through the trees.

He walked to work, whistling a happy tune as people passing by him turned around after him and started to smile.

He got to his office and entered the building with a big smile on his face, making people around him smile too.

"What's with the face Truman?" his boss asked as he entered Will's office.

"What face sir?" he asked and rose from his chair to greet his boss.

"That smiley thing" he answered. "Met someone?"

"Maybe" Will said and sat down again.

"Really? Who is he?"

"I don't know."

"You don't know?"

"No, I met her online."

"Wait a minute? Her? I thought you were gay?"

"I am, but .. I don't know, she just makes me feel good about myself."

"Sounds like you're in love with a woman then Truman" his boss said and left.

Will stared after his boss. 'He must be insane, I'm gay for crying out loud' he thought.

He sat in front of the computer and was very tempted to go online again just to see if she was there. He loved talking to her, he loved the way she made him feel about himself and she was really listening to him when he said something, at least it felt like she did. He wanted to go online but he didn't, he knew he had to catch up on some paperwork so he got right to it. After all, the faster he got through it, the faster he could go online again.

'This is insane' he thought, 'I can't wait to go online just to see if she's there. It both sounds and feels weird, but I like it.'

He started with his paperwork and suddenly it was past lunchtime. He heard a knock on the door and looked up.

"Hey, where have you been? I thought we had plans for lunch" his best friend said.

"I'm sorry Grace, I just lost track of time" he answered and got out of his chair to give his friend a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Work? Or pleasure?" she asked.

"What? I was working" he said.

"Fine, don't tell me, come on, we both gotta eat, take me out to lunch" Grace said and dragged him out of his office to one of their favourite lunchrestaurants.

Grace Adler Interior Design office

"Karen, I'm going out for lunch" Grace Adler said. "What am I saying, you can't even hear me." With that Grace left.

Karen Walker was sitting at her desk, flipping through her thick Vogue magazine. She was restless, she had everything in it and yet she flipped through the pages like she didn't. She wanted to go online to see if he was there.

She had started to chat with this guy in a chatroom for people 40+, just for the fun of it, and suddenly she had met him. The only thing she knew about him was that he was a lawyer and a guy, and that he lived in New York City. She had told him that she was a woman and lived in New York City too. That was the only thing they both knew about each other and they had agreed on keeping it that way too. No more questions about work, livingquarters, names of friends or which part of the city they lived in. They just talked about life in general and things they liked.


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