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Chapter 24.

In the limo, Karen sat in one part of the seat while Will sat on another. They were quiet, both nervous of their meeting, though Karen had no idea who she was meeting.

Their silence was a little awkward but not overwhelmingly awkward. They tried to just enjoy each others company, but Will knew that they had to talk about what happened the day before.

They arrived at 9.30 pm, getting out of the white stretched limo and walked into Rockefeller Center and to the room where the ball was going to take place. Karen had her arm under Will's and they looked like the perfect couple together. They got their drinks and someone took their coats they had on since it was winter and very cold outside.

They still didn't talk to each other, but rather stood and watched other couples dance. Will stole a few glances of Karen. She was incredibly beautiful tonight, more so than he had ever seen her and it looked like she didn't know that. Finally after an hour or so he took a deep breath, put his glass down and asked:
"May I have this dance?"

She took his hand without much hesitation as she put her glass down next to his.
The live orchestra was playing some romantic, slow song as they together walked out on the dancefloor. Will took her left hand in his right, placing his left hand on the small of her back, pulling her closer to him as she laid her right hand on his shoulder. Their faces were close first, but a few seconds later Karen turned her head down a bit so she didn't look him in the face. They danced slowly along to the the romantic music which was majorly played by the pianist.

Will tried to push himself to tell her the truth but he decided that maybe he should tell her when he met her as Hatlawyer. Maybe she'll be angry at him but he thought that it was the best so he kept quiet instead and just enjoyed her company. They dance together for an hour before Karen pulled away from him.
"I'm sorry Will, but I gotta go and meet someone at midnight."
"Oh, OK" he said.
"I'll be back in a little while, I promise" she said. "Thank you for a wonderful evening so far Will, I'm glad you came with me."
"Me too" he said and looked at her with love in his eyes.
She looked confused for a second when she saw it but then she smiled at him.

She got her coat from the coatcheckgirl and walked out of the room, out in the icy cold wind. Small, small snowflakes were visible in the air and proclaimed the arrival of winter. She pulled the coat closer to her body as she closed in on the ice rink. Not a single person was there, so she stood and waited all alone. Suddenly she saw someone lay on the ice. She couldn't see if it was a woman or a man, but by the shape of the body it looked like a man. A darkhaired man. He was only wearing a tuxedo, no coat on or anything.
'Lunatic' she thought when she saw that, but then she began to worry. The person didn't move. She waited for a minute more before she decided that she would go and check on the person, if he or she was alive.
She carefully walked out on the ice in her stilettoheels. As she closed in on the person she started to see that it was a man, a man she knew.

"Will, what are you doing here?" she questioned. "I told you I'd be back in a little while."
"I know you did, but I have to meet someone too at midnight right here" Will answered.
"I don't understand" she said and saw that held something in his hands.
In a tight grip, close to his chest he held one red rose and one white rose. The sign. Karen inhaled sharply.
"Will, what is that?" she asked, sounding confused and suspicious.
"It's a red rose and a white rose" he answered. "I'm supposed to hold these as a sign to show that I'm the one she's been looking for."
Karen felt a familiar burning in her eyes as her tears started to fall. She had been so much in love with Will, but she had also been very much in love with Hatlawyer, she realized that. Now she finds out they are one and the same.
"Will" she whispered with a shivering voice as the tears started to fall like a waterfall.
"Don't cry Smistress, don't cry" Will said as he stood up, handed her the roses and took up a Kleenex from his pocket to wipe her tears away.
He wrapped his arms around her waist while looking deep into her hazelcolored eyes that always got him weak in the knees.
"Karen I'm in love with you" he said, making a statement. "I have been for quite some time now. I'm sorry I didn't tell you that I was Hatlawyer, but if I had you would never have told me all the things you did and I wouldn't have fallen in love with you. I know that you're in love with me too. I got so happy when you said that to me and I could hardly contain myself. I'm sorry that I kissed you yesterday without telling you but ..." he was cut off by Karen who pressed her lips against his.
She stretched her arms up and wrapped them around his neck pulling him down and kissed him deeply.
He was surprised first but it didn't take more than two seconds for him to respond to her kiss.
Finally they parted for air as Karen said with tears still falling from her eyes.
"I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly."


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