Well this is my first story under a new account, many people know me as heistmaster now I am the reformed bakuto. Now this is not a Sly Cooper story, nor will it ever be, for I am taking an extremely long break from that particular fandom, because frankly, I'm sick to death of the fighting there. Now I've always been a (private) fan of Dragon Ball Z, and my fandom has increased many fold and in accordance with personal tradition that means I make a fanfic about it. Enjoy. Now please Sly Cooper fans bear with me when I make this story, my fandom for Sly will return soon enough. bows. And now…. LET THE STORY BEGIN!

The Ponderings of a Saviour


As the fish made it's way through the murky depths of it's home, it felt right at home squirming through the depths looking for food, nothing could interrupt it's hunt now, it had seen that worm run away and he was on it's trail. Swish! It saw something move in the water, it wasn't what he was hunting, but anything would do at the moment, considering the fish had hadn't eaten since the day before. With its stomach growling the fish pounced. And suddenly he felt himself being pulled up to the surface….

"WOO HOO I GOT ONE!" Son Goku screamed with delight. "It's a whopper too! Your mother sure will be happy!" he said to his son Gohan. Nodding in approval Gohan lay down on the grass, munching an apple pondering the meanings of the universe in his own special way. "Hey Dad" said Gohan nonchalantly, "Do you ever get the feeling that we don't really have a say in what goes on even when we are probably the strongest people in the universe? I mean I've been thinking about how we always seemed to win our battles on our trump card and even then we always win by a fluke, do you really think we have any control in what goes on in our lives?

Goku gave a laugh and ruffled Gohan's hair. It was becoming difficult to do things like that, now that he was getting older. "It's not really my place to say son, if you really want to know what I think, I say we don't really have the right to say how our lives our run, if we had total control, I don't think life would be half as fun! Better head home now anyway, your mom's going to get worried if we stay out any longer, it's getting dark". With that he took off in the direction of the twinkling lights of the Son household.

Shrugging Gohan got up and followed his father; Gohan took flight in the direction his father. Secretly, what worried him was that he and Videl had been slowly drifting apart after the whole catastrophe with Majin Buu. They just had less and less to talk about now that they were in times of peace; they seemed to connect better in a crisis. 'Well…' thought Gohan to himself. 'If I have to I guess I can go out with Videl when I'm doing my rounds as Great Saiyaman. That might help a bit. Feeling a bit better he decided to follow his father into the house.

Little did he know below him a hunched creature was digging away at the ground below him with a shovel. His ferocity with it would have frightened someone, if it were not a pitch black night. Conveniently enough, he had chosen a night with no moon to do his work…. Whatever it is. Soon enough it looked like he had struck gold, large leather bound book with some strange language written on the front. The man had found his prize and all that could be heard for a few still minutes was a maniacal laughter that chilled all that heard it, to the bone marrow. For this book has more to it then it seems…..

Well hope you enjoyed that! Bakuto out!