Pansy Parkinson sat in the corner of the Slytherin common room alone, pretending to be working on a potions essay but failing to hide the frequent, lustful looks she shot at Draco Malfoy. She had been in love with him as long as she could remember and everyone knew it, especially Malfoy. Giving up the pretence, she slipped the unfinished essay into her bag, stood up, and approached the sofas by the flickering green fire where Draco and his cronies sat.

'Evening, Draco,' she purred seductively, leaning on the wing of the regal armchair in which he sat like a king.

'Pansy,' he acknowledged, without looking at her.

The boys he sat with watched the proceedings in silence.

'I was wondering if I could have a word?' Pansy asked.

'Just the one,' Malfoy said seriously, causing his best friend Blaise's mouth to twitch with mirth.

'In private,' Pansy said desperately.

Sighing heavily, Malfoy stood up and followed the girl to a more secluded area of the room. The boys watched as they spoke.

'What are you doing tonight?' Pansy asked.

'I'm going into Hogsmeade with friends, we're going to the three broomsticks,' he said briskly, eager to shake her off.

'Oh right, I thought maybe you'd like to spend some time together.'

'And why would I want to do that?'

'Well every time we have alone time, you seem to enjoy it. I noticed that you look rather tense today, maybe I could help you relieve some stress,' she replied, rubbing his shoulders.

Malfoy shrugged her hand off. 'I haven't got the time,' he said coldly.

'Oh surely you have a few minutes to spare. You know how good I am, we could be finished in half an hour.'

Finally Draco gave in. He nodded once and then strode off back to his friends.

Pansy hurried up the boys staircase and into Draco's dormitory where she put a silencing and locking charm on the drapes around the bed before stripping down to her underwear.

Draco told his friends that he needed to study for half an hour and would meet them in the pub later. None of them believed this excuse and they knew exactly what he was about to do.

He walked up to his dormitory and climbed onto his bed where Pansy was waiting.

'Make this quick,' he said, pulling off his robes and throwing them to the foot of his bed.

Once fully undressed, he leaned into Pansy and kissed her on the mouth, quickly moving forward into a French kiss. Their tongues twirled around each other as he ripped off her bra, breaking the kiss to drink in her full breasts.

They both pulled off the last remnants of clothes they were wearing, completely unembarrassed by the familiar sight. Draco was already hard. He closed his eyes and imagined the girl lying underneath him was the sexy new Slytherin fourth year he had his eye on, and moaned softly when Pansy expertly handled his lengthening manhood. He thrust his hips slowly against her hand to increase the friction, his eyes still tightly shut, focusing on the sensation of kisses on his neck and upper chest.

Stopping before he came, Draco manoeuvred himself so that he was kneeling between Pansy's legs. Without a thought to giving her any pleasure of her own, he spread her legs wider and roughly inserted himself into her warm folds. He lowered his body on top of hers and quickly bucked his hips back and forth as she did the opposite. He could feel his erection fading as he watched her face and he felt no friction against his straining member.

'Fucking hell Pansy, I can't feel anything inside your bucket!'

Pansy looked embarrassed. 'Oh, um, really?' she asked, her cheeks flushing pink.

Draco pulled himself out of her and rubbed his hand up and down his shaft to stay hard.

'Turn over,' he ordered whilst still jerking himself off.

Pansy looked apprehensive.

'I'm not sure I want to do that,' she said nervously.

'I said turn over!' Malfoy said, his voice raised.

'If I do this, will you take me to the pub with you tonight?' she asked.

'Yeah, fine whatever,' said Malfoy, loosing patience rapidly.

Pansy crawled onto her front and propped herself up to all fours, her legs apart. Draco knelt behind her and pushed himself into her from behind. Pansy let out a small squeak of discomfort but managed to hold in the scream she was longing to emit.

Without thought of her feelings, Draco began to pump into her with force, his thrusts increasing with speed as he brought himself to orgasm. He held onto her hips as he came in bursts inside her tight ass.

Silently, he wiped himself off on the corner of the bed sheet and started to pull his robes back on. Pansy lay back on the bed still naked.

'Why don't you stay with me for a while? You're always rushing off. If I didn't know better I'd think you were using me.'

'I can't stay,' he said distractedly, fastening his belt, 'I'm already late for the pub.'

'Oh right. I'd better get dressed too then,' she said, starting to pull her roes back on.

'Look Pans, I'm really late so I'm going to have to fly and you don't have a broom so you can't come.'

'But Draco you promised,' she whined.

'No I didn't.'

'As good as. Please Draco, your friends won't mind if you're a little late.'

'I said no Pansy,' Draco insisted, irritation in his voice.

'Are you ever going to let me come out with you and your friends?' Pansy asked, annoyed. 'I mean all you friends bring their girlfriends along.'

'You're not my girlfriend.'

'Well we might as well be, we always sleep together.'

'Yeah but you sleep with half of Slytherin and don't class them as your boyfriend do you?' snapped Malfoy, fastening the last button on his robes.

He pulled back the drapes around the bed and strode to the door. He held it open for Pansy who slowly walked through it.

Once on the staircase, Malfoy strode off without saying goodbye, leaving a miserable Pansy behind.

'What are you doing here?' Blaise asked her moments later as he walked up the staircase to the dormitory they had just vacated.

'I was with Draco but he had to rush off,' said Pansy, 'aren't you going to the pub with the boys?'

'Yeah but we're not meeting till eight.'

'Draco said he was already late. He must have got the times wrong.'

'Uh, yeah maybe,' said Blaise shiftily. 'Look, Pansy don't get your hopes up with Draco. I know you two have something going on and I know you feel more for him that your other, ah, 'friends', but it's just a bit of fun for him, don't get too involved.'

'I think I know what Draco wants,' she said and walked off into the common room.


In the Gryffindor common room Ron sat at a table with a hard working Hermione and a loved-up Harry and Ginny.

'I'm just sick of being the only one!' Ron said heatedly, 'it sucks. I'm seventeen, nearly eighteen. Most people lost their virginity when they were about sixteen.'

'Oh Ron stop going on about it,' Hermione scolded, 'it'll happen when the time is right so stop worrying, everyone blossoms at different rates.'

'That's easy for you to say, miss I-lost-it-at-fifteen-to-a-Bulgarian-sex-god. You have no idea what it's like, any of you.'

'There are worse things in the world than being a virgin Ron,' said Ginny, 'besides can we stop talking about this, it's not healthy for me to hear about my brothers sex life, or lack of it.'

Ron scowled at her.

'C'mon mate, it's alright. Sex isn't all it's cracked up to be anyway,' said Harry.

Ginny glared at him.

'No I don't mean it like that honey, it's fantastic with you,' he cajoled, 'I just mean, it's not that big a deal once you actually done it.'

'Yeah but I haven't, so it is a big deal,' Ron moaned.

'Well you could always ask Pansy Parkinson for a favour,' Harry smirked, 'I heard she's taken thirty three boys' virginities and she does it for free. It might not be pretty but at least you would be rid.'

'Harry don't be so stupid,' snapped Hermione, 'he should wait for someone he loves and cares about.'

'Yeah but this is Ron, Hermione. He's not likely to find the love of his life any day soon, he's the most fickle guy I know when it comes to girls.'

'You know Harry, that's not such a bad idea,' said Ron, his eyes lighting up. 'Pansy would do it with me, she'd do it with anyone!'

'Don't you dare Ronald!' said Hermione, looking up from her work for the first time. 'You can do so much better than that slut, you'll only regret it.'

'Oh yeah, you think I can do better do you? Well I don't see anyone asking me out so it turns out I can't, and as for regretting it, I don't care, it's what I want. Having the memory of losing your virginity to Pansy Parkinson is much better than being lumbered with the burden of being 'pure' any day.'

'I don't care what you say now. Once you've done it you'll regret it. Please Ron, don't ask her just yet, just wait a few weeks, something might come up.'

'Stop trying to rule my life Hermione, you're not my mother.'

Hermione sighed as she packed up her books and went to bed without another word.

'I think I'll go to bed too. I need to think about this a little more,' Ron said and left the room.

Five minutes later, when Ron was lying in bed, staring at his drapes and thinking about whether he should ask Pansy or not, a giggling Harry and Ginny fell into the room together.

Harry hastily cast a locking and silencing charm on his drapes that was muffled by Ginny kissing him on the mouth as he spoke. After a while it became evident to Ron that the charm hadn't worked as he listened to the rhythmic squeak of Harry's four poster and the soft moans of his younger sister.

He tried desperately to block out the noise by pressing his pillows to his ears but he started to feel the familiar warm tingling sensation in his crotch as Ginny's moans of ecstasy grew steadily louder.

That's it, he thought, I'm definitely asking Pansy. Anything is better than this. Then he got up and went for a cold shower and didn't return to the dormitory until much later that evening.