The next morning Ron woke late. He didn't want to get up and face the day, he didn't want to get up and have to tell his friends the horrible truth. Eventually, however, he had to get up. He was thankful that the common room was fairly quiet, and save for a few others, only Harry, Hermione and Ginny were in there.

As he approached the group Hermione shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

'Hermione told us what happened last night,' said Harry.

Ron nodded and flopped into an armchair.

'No wonder you slept so late last night, you left here at about midnight, what time did you get back?' Ginny asked.

Ron gulped. They all thought he'd had sex with Pansy. How was he going to tell them that his world was shattered last night? That the only girl he'd ever wanted to be with told him that she did too and then went and shagged another bloke.

'I got in at about two,' sad Ron.

'Long night then mate?' Harry said, winking at his best friend.

'So come on, details!' said Ginny, 'although not too graphic, I'm still your sister.'

Hermione shifted again.

'Oh sorry Hermione. Maybe we should talk about this another time,' said Ginny.

'No, honestly, it's fine. I'm really happy for Ron, he should be with Pansy.'

'Well I'm not,' said Ron miserably.

'What?' said Harry. 'But you left Hermione last night to go and see her. We all assumed you two got it on.'

'Well that was the plan until I found her in bed with Blaise fucking Zambini.'

'Oh,' said Harry quietly, unsure of what else to say.

'I need some air,' Ron said and he got up to go outside.

'I'll come with you,' Harry said, also standing up.

'No thanks mate, I'd rather be alone right now.'

Harry nodded and sat back down with the girls.

Ron strolled slowly around the grounds. The air was mild and fresh and people were enjoying the break in rain. He sat down under the tree in which he had sat with Pansy on the night that they found themselves in the bathroom together. He watched three boys play Frisbee for a while, contemplating his situation. He now realised that Pansy didn't really want him, he was just going to be another notch on her bedpost, or else one of the guys she planned to sleep with in order to make Malfoy jealous. She was just like everyone said she was. He had been so sure that she was misunderstood and that he had found a whole new side to her, but now he felt like a fool.

In the distance he could see a large group of girls come out of the entrance hall. They were moving towards the lake, laughing and chatting. As they moved to the opposite side of the lake he saw that they had been obscuring the fact that Pansy was walking directly toward him. He got up to leave but she reached him before he had a chance.

'What happened last night?' she demanded.

'What the fuck do you think you're talking about?' he shouted, 'You tell me you like me and then I realise I like you too but in less than a few hours you're shacked up with someone else. That's real devotion Pansy. You know you're just a filthy little slut like everyone says you are. You and Malfoy deserve each other.'

'How dare you speak to me like that! You know nothing of what happened last night. First of all you showed no sign of liking me. Do you know how hard it was for me to watch you leave to go and shag Hermione and not me? And second of all I didn't shack up with Blaise, not even close.'

'Oh so he was just lying practically naked on your bed for a chat was he?'

'It's none of your business why he was there.'

'I think you'll find it is!'

'No it's not. I'm sworn to secrecy as to why he was there, but if you trusted me then it wouldn't matter.'

'But I don't trust you Pansy, not any more. I can't believe I thought I loved you.'

'I can't believe I thought I loved you either! You of all people know I've turned over a new leaf. You know that I'm not like how I used to be and yet you still don't trust me.'

'Leopards never change their spots,' said Ron angrily and stormed off back to the castle.

'So what are you going to do now girl-wise?' Harry asked him at dinner.

'I'm off women for life mate. I'll be glad if I never lose my virginity, saves me the hassle,' he said.

'Don't worry. This kind of thing happened between me and Cho. It rips your heart out but you get over it and find someone else. One day you'll find someone to love as much as I love Ginny.'

'That's the thing though, I really did love Pansy. I don't want to let her go but I can't get over what she did to me.'

For the next three weeks Ron and Pansy didn't talk to each other. They avoided each other in the corridors and didn't look at each other if they happened to pass. As hard as he tried, Ron couldn't get over her, but nor could he forgive her. He had been asked out by a cute Ravenclaw girl in the year below to whom Harry had insisted he go out with but he blew her off. He didn't want anyone if he couldn't have Pansy.

One potions lesson, Snape started to pair people up to make a complex potion and the remaining two people were Ron and Blaise. Grudgingly, they set to work on their potion in silence, only talking when they needed something passing to them.

After and hour, they took a break in which their potion had to simmer for ten minutes.

Breaking the silence, Blaise began to speak. 'She still loves you, you know.'

'I don't really care,' said Ron bitterly.

'Yes you do. You love her too.'

'No I don't. She lost my love when she fucked you.'

'She didn't fuck me thank you very much.'

'Oh sure. You just happened to be half naked in her bed.'


'Yeah well she told me she couldn't' tell me why you were there which screams guilt to me.'

'She couldn't tell you because I asked her not to. Pansy's one of the most trustworthy people I know, that's part of the reason I was there that night.'

Ron didn't say anything to this.

'It's none of your business and I don't really like you, but I do like Pansy and she's helped me out a lot lately so I'm going to tell you something on the condition that you get back together with her. I hate to see her miserable and I know once I've told you this you'll want her back.'

Ron shrugged non-committedly.

'Well the reason I was there that night was because I needed to tell someone something private about me. She's the only person that knows this thing, like I said, she's trustworthy and didn't tell a soul. She didn't even tell you, even though it would have saved your relationship. So I told her this thing and she helped me through it, and then she offered for me to stay the night because I was upset and vulnerable. I was in my boxers because it's more comfortable that regular clothes, you know that.'

'So what's this big secret then?' Ron asked.

'I'll only tell you this because I know it will help you and Pansy. If you tell anyone, I swear I'll hunt you down and kill you. I'll tell people in my own time.'

Knowing what was coming, Ron said, 'I swear.'

'I'm gay,' said Blaise simply.

'For real?'

'For real.'

At dinner Ron ran over to the Slytherin table where Pansy was dining alone.

'I need to talk to you,' he said breathlessly.

'I don't want to talk to you,' she said.

'I spoke to Blaise, he told me everything,' Ron carried on regardless.

'It doesn't stop the fact that you don't trust me.'

'No you're right it doesn't, but now I know I can trust you one hundred percent and I was stupid and thoughtless, but you can see how it looked to me right? We both thought each other had hurt us that night but we didn't.'

Pansy smiled, 'yeah I suppose that's right.'

'Please Pansy, I really do love you. Can't we just start again? These past few weeks have been agony.'

'Alright, but from now on we're completely honest with each other ok?'

'Deal. So I've got an essay to do this evening, but how about you come over at about eight and we can become a real couple.'

Ron grinned. 'Yeah, I'll meet you there.' He kissed her on the lips and then hurried back to Gryffindor tower to tell his friends the good news.

Eight o'clock rolled around and Ron stood outside the Slytherin common room waiting to be let in. At ten minutes past Pansy opened the door wearing a short black dress. It was sleeveless with a plunging v-shaped neckline. It gathered under her bust and then the material flowed delicately over her slim hips and rested at the middle of her thighs. She beamed at him and pulled him into the room.

Before anyone could complain about him being there, she dragged him up to her dormitory which was empty.

'I've been dreaming about this moment for months,' said Pansy.

'Funnily enough, so have I,' said Ron, who was feeling a lot less nervous that he had been with Hermione.

'But you were with Hermione then.'

Ron had the grace to look guilty.

'Oh it was like that as it?' Pansy grinned at him.

She grabbed a red scarf from her trunk and put it over her lamp so the room had a romantic dim glow to it. They sat on the edge of her bed and jut looked at each other in silence until Pansy started to giggle.

'Ron, you're making me nervous! I've never been with a virgin before. In fact I've never been with anyone who really cares about me before,' she said sadly.

'I care about you,' Ron said simply, and he kissed her softly on the mouth, one hand stroking her cheek and jaw line, the other propping himself up on the bed.

He pushed her gently back onto the bed so that she was lying with her head on the pillow and he was propped on top of her, their legs still hanging off the bed in an odd angle. He didn't want to put his full weight on her but his arms were getting tired from supporting himself.

He rolled over her so that they were lying next to each other, slowly wrapping their lips over each other, his hand roaming about her face and hair, hers roaming about his lower torso and back.

'You're beautiful,' he whispered, pushing her hair back from her face and catching the few strands that had stuck to what was left of her cherry flavoured lip-gloss.

Pansy smiled, basking in his affection.

As they resumed their kiss and a faster pace, Pansy slid her hand up his t-shirt. She stretched one leg over his and he ran a hand up her smooth thigh.

After a few minutes of gentle kissing Pansy rolled her body over Ron's so that she was straddling him. She sat up, pulling him with her, their lips still entwined, and unbuttoned his shirt. The fabric fell apart to reveal his pale, bony chest once again and he shrugged the sleeves off to leave him topless.

He caressed her bum as she ran her hands over every inch of his naked torso and slowly began to grind her crotch into his. She could feel his erection underneath her and she felt a tingling sensation in her own private region.

Lifting herself up, she allowed him to pull off his own trousers to make his straining member more comfortable. He lay back, now dressed only in his boxer shorts and expelled a shaky breath.

Pansy leant forward on top of him and sucked at his neck and collarbone, sending shivers down Ron's spine.

Knowing he wasn't capable of lasting much longer, Ron rolled Pansy over so that he was propped up on top of her again. He gathered her dress at the hem and pulled it over her head in one fluid motion so that she was in her underwear. He smiled, glad she was wearing white cotton panties and a pink lace bra. He had expected her to be in sexy underwear but this turned him on more. She really wasn't the Pansy of the past anymore.

She unclasped her own bra and let it fall to the ground. At the same time, they both awkwardly pulled off their underwear so that they were lying on each other completely naked. Pansy giggled and kissed him again.

'Ready?' she asked.

'Never been more sure,' Ron replied, and he spread her knees with a hand whilst moving his legs between hers.

With an awkward struggle, and a helping hand from his lover, he finally entered her. He pushed forwards, concentration etched on his face. Pansy watched him lovingly as he slowly moved inside her, his slender hips grinding against hers.

After a couple of minutes he gave in to his first orgasm with a woman. Pansy beamed at him and kissed him as he withdrew himself and he lay back in her arms.

'I'm sorry,' he began to say, feeling guilty that he hadn't brought her to orgasm.

'Don't be. No one gives the girl an orgasm the first few times, just relax, I don't expect miracles.'

Ron sighed, relieved and started to relax, a huge smile across his face.

'It should be me apologising,' continued Pansy, 'Malfoy told me how loose I am. It can't be much fun for you.'

Ron chuckled. 'Well I must be a lot bigger than Malfoy then, because I didn't find you loose at all!' and they both laughed.


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