Hello everyone. I feel that I owe you all an explanation—and no, before anyone even remotely thinks for one second that I've given up on my stories, I have in fact, not. There is a very good reasons why my stories have not been updated.

The upcoming chapter to "Petals" and to "Perdition" were the last ones to those stories. I was in the process of editing the roughly fifty-pager that the last chapter of "Petals" was and just tweaking a few little things for "Perdition"' 's final, 80-page long chapter.

And then my little sister stole my laptop.

Yes, you read that right. My little sister, my flesh and blood, stole my laptop which both of those stories were on. My parents' response? "Oh, well." My parents did not punish her or in any way reprimand her. She stole it because she wanted a laptop, and mines was right there so why not? Forget the fact that my essays, school work, resumes, everything was on it.

I was mad, to say the least. I had no choice but to go and buy another laptop for myself about a month ago. In that time, I will not lie, I was seething.

While I promise that these fics will have their appropriate ending, I cannot guarantee when. Aside from the obvious parental and sibling issues I have, I would have to retype all those pages ( D: ) and I just don't have the energy right now. But they will be finished, mark my words.

Until that time,